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High or Low Bed Frames: What is the Right Bed Height? - Megafurniture

High or Low Bed Frames: What is the Right Bed Height?

By nature, an average person spends 227,760 hours sleeping in their bed. That is equivalent to 26 years.

If a person does not use the right bed frame within those years, that will weaken their immune system. As a result, they will be suffering from different kinds of illnesses, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, etc. Also, they will have a hard time getting in and out of bed. 

However, people often overlook the factor of height whenever they buy a bed frame in Singapore. They always consider its cost and design but never thought about why the bed frame's height is also crucial.


What is a Bed Frame?

It is the base where the mattress is. Due to its size, it tends to be the main focal point of the bedroom. This piece of furniture has a head, foot, and side rails that support the mattress and the person sleeping. For a bigger mattress like queen or king size, its bed frame has a centre support rail to bear much heavier weight. 


Pros and Cons of Each Bed Frame Height

Standard Profile

Standard Profile Bedframe

This type of bed frame includes traditional, rollaway, and canopy beds.


  • Its height should be knee-level, around 13 to 15 inches, which is high enough for the feet to reach the ground and leave the bed with the knees bent.
  • Store fewer and smaller items underneath.


  • It can strain the body and create joint pain for taller people.

Low Profile

Low Profile Bedframe

The bed frames with this height profile are bunk beds, daybeds, and futon frames.


  • Because of its small structure, it makes the room look bigger. It is perfect for smaller bedrooms.
  • Easier to reach the ground, especially for seniors and children.


  • Since it sits close to the ground, this is not suitable for tall people.
  • Unable to store anything under the bed.
  • Tall people would also develop body and joint aches when using this bed frame height, especially if the knees are bent.

High Profile

High Profile Bed Frame

Examples of high profile bed frames include platform beds and storage beds.


  • Its height is taller than 15 inches, which makes it suitable for taller people and those who want to store items under the bed.


  • Since it has a large structure, the bedroom should have a high ceiling. Otherwise, the room would look smaller than it is and feels stuffy inside. 



How to Choose the Right Bed Height

Your Age

If you are already in your senior years, you should pay more attention to the best bed frame in Singapore. More often than not, older people tend to have body aches if their bed frame is way too high or low for their legs. It happens if your legs cannot reach the floor whenever you need to get out of bed to pee at night. The same goes for when you go back and get into the bed to sleep again.

For kids, this one does not really matter. Just ensure that there is enough space before the ceiling if you chose a bunk bed with storage. Otherwise, your kids might bump their head into the ceiling when they try to stand up and jump on their mattress.



The height of the bed frame is the trick if you want your bedroom to look bigger.

For example, if you have a room with a high ceiling, choosing a tall bed frame. It makes the bedroom look more sophisticated and showcases a minimalist vibe. 

On the other hand, choose a low bed frame if your bedroom is a bit smaller. Doing so makes it more spacious than it is.



That is more than enough reason why you should pay more attention to the height of your bed frame. If you don’t, that will strain your body, especially when you wake up in the morning. 

Therefore, before you purchase a storage bed you found on sale in Singapore, it is recommended to try lying down the bed to see if it suits your comfortability. Get in and out to feel if it is comfortable using that bed frame.


Depth of the Mattress

The thickness of the mattress has something to say about what kind of bed frame you should have. For a thicker mattress, opting for a lower bed frame is a good idea. Do the opposite if you prefer a thinner mattress. Get a taller bed frame so there will be a storage part underneath.


Feng Shui

Many people turn to Feng Shui to increase their luck in life. Besides home interior design, furniture placement is vital to have good health and joyful life.

Consequently, where your bed is and how high or low its bed frame matters since it creates a harmonious flow of Qi energy. That means if you find the right bed frame furniture for you in Singapore, expect to have a good night’s sleep.



3 Quick Tips for Finding Out What Bed Height Is Right for You

  • Sit up straight and ensure your feet are not dangling off the bed. If so, then that bed frame is too high for you.
  • If your knees reach the stomach area when you sit down off the edge of the bed, that means it is a bit low for you. Get a few inches high of that bed frame the next time you buy in Singapore.
  • The right bed high should make your legs look at the right angle or 90° degrees when you sit up straight.

Final Thoughts

In the end, finding the right height for your bedroom furniture in Singapore helps you get in and out of bed without a hassle. Consider this as a matter of importance when you buy your next bed frame in Singapore!

In case you need a hand, contact Megafurniture. We guarantee to help you until you find the right bed height that suits you and your family the most! Check out our storage bed for sale collection in Singapore!

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