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4 Tips to Help You Maximise Your Small Living Area - Megafurniture

4 Tips to Help You Maximise Your Small Living Area

The obsession with storage space is a reasonable one, considering how much clutter we would have at home without it. Storage allows us to stow away things properly in a neat and tidy fashion, freeing up more space in our homes so they don’t appear so narrow and claustrophobic. New homes in Singapore are getting smaller, and our need for decent storage space is greater than ever. Not to mention, efficient storage solutions can significantly improve your home's interior design.

As living rooms are often already occupied with sofas and other large pieces of furniture, smart utilisation of space is needed to keep it beautiful and inviting. With that in mind, here are 4 simple tips that use furniture in Singapore to maximise your living room space.

Opt for Multi-purpose Furniture

Home furniture Singapore Opt for Multi-purpose Furniture

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As its namesake suggests, multi-purpose or multifunctional furniture are built to serve a variety of purposes. These pieces of furniture include the commonly used sofa bed, to coffee tables that can be converted into a workspace, or an armchair with a built-in bookshelf attached to it. The possibilities are endless with these pieces of home furniture in Singapore, and each piece of multi-purpose furniture you own helps you save valuable space in a tidy and elegant manner. Purchasing multi-purpose furniture in other rooms could also help you neaten your living room. For instance, a storage bed in Singapore or a bed frame with storage allows you to stow away extra cushions that you’d normally only take out for guests in your living room.

Utilise Shelves and Racks

Home furniture Singapore Utilise Shelves and Racks

Some living rooms are just too small to set aside floor space, even for extra storage units. The good news is that there is an equally classy way to declutter your living area in the form of shelves and hanging racks. These pieces of furniture in Singapore are often well-designed and allow you to store or even display items without taking up valuable floor space. Coupled with the right lighting, shelves and racks could add a touch of aesthetic style to your living area whilst keeping it tidy.

Mount Your TV

Home furniture Singapore Mount Your TV

This doesn’t really require actual home furniture in Singapore, but is just as effective in saving space. Instead of leaving your TV on a bulky console, consider mounting it on a wall as it not only helps keep your living area neat; it also adds a modern, minimalist touch to your living room aesthetics. Moreover, if you don’t really need a TV console, you no longer have to buy it just for the TV’s sake, and even if you do, your TV console will look so much neater without an actual TV sitting on it and taking up most of its space.

Buy Exposed Leg Furniture

Home furniture Singapore Buy Exposed Leg Furniture

Whilst not exactly a storage solution, where exposed leg furniture really shines is its ability to give any area a more open feel, and the spaciousness of your living area is as much psychological as it is functional. With exposed leg furniture in Singapore, your living room will no longer feel heavy and suffocating; the airiness underneath your furniture goes a long way in brightening up your living area and giving it some breathing space.

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