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How to Make Your Living Room Appear Classy and Child-Friendly - Megafurniture

How to Make Your Living Room Appear Classy and Child-Friendly

Starting a family often means sacrificing many things, from dreams that you could only pursue without the responsibility of raising a family, to time, and even sleep. Sometimes, even style takes a backseat as you trade your flashy car in for a larger, family-friendly MPV. When it comes to styling your home, your priority should be to keep it safe and child-friendly; however, the good news is that you do not necessarily have to compromise on stylishness to child-proof your home. In this article, we will explore 4 simple tips that, when combined with the right home furniture in Singapore, can help you create a classy yet child-friendly living room.

Opt for Round Tables

Home furniture Singapore Opt for Round Tables

Families with active children can attest to the frequency of which their kids run around the house tirelessly. When it comes to the living room, one of the most hazardous items there is a sharp-edged piece of furniture, be it the TV console, the side table, or the coffee table. Kids aren’t always aware of the dangers around them and can be prone to running into these sharp edges, cutting themselves in the process. To minimise the risk of a potential accident like a bad fall or even a serious head injury, opt for round tables that can cushion the impact when kids bump into them. Style-wise, round tables carry their own unique appeal, just like our Azeriel Sintered Stone Coffee Table that adds that classical polished stone aesthetic to your living room without taking up too much space, giving your kids slightly more space to be active. You may also buy similar furniture online in Singapore here at our online store.

Utilise Soft Rugs

Home furniture Singapore Utilise Soft Rugs

Before they can learn to walk, toddlers spend most of their time crawling around the house. However, doing so extensively on cold, hard floors might not be ideal for their fragile bodies. To give them a more comfortable environment to crawl and play in, consider using soft rugs that serve as additional padding, giving your child somewhere soft and comfortable to sit and play on. Rugs also help make your living room appear more inviting and homely, perfect for having friends over to unwind and chill out. Sometimes, you don’t need to buy large, expensive furniture to spruce up your living room; you can also buy simple but effective furniture in Singapore to achieve the same objectives.

Buy Comfortable Chairs and Sofas

Home furniture Singapore Buy Comfortable Chairs and Sofas

Keeping in line with comfortable home furniture in Singapore, it’s worth noting that kids prefer comfortable and soft furniture to play and lie on. To that end, comfort should be your priority when you’re buying furniture — for instance, opt for fabric sofas and padded chairs that are generally softer and more comfortable to sit on. One of the advantages of shopping on our online furniture store in Singapore is that you’re able to browse our full range of furniture, including chairs and sofas, giving you more options to style your living room the way you want to. Additionally, if you’d like to test your earmarked chairs and sofas, simply head down to our physical store to get a feel of it.

Ensure Your Furniture is Durable

Home furniture Singapore Ensure Your Furniture is Durable

Under heavy usage, especially when kids play on it, your furniture may wear out more easily. It is therefore important to ensure that your furniture is made from high-quality materials, under the scrutiny of professional workmanship. This not only ensures that your furniture lasts longer, it also minimises the risk of your children breaking something and hurting themselves in the process. This saves you unnecessary expenditures replacing furniture, as well as potential headaches and worries about your children picking up an injury. Here Mega Furniture, we take pride in providing households with affordable and reliable furniture in Singapore.

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