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Air Conditioner: What is a Dry Mode? - Megafurniture

Air Conditioner: What is a Dry Mode?

Have you ever tried all the features of your air conditioner? When looking at the remote control or display screen, it can be confusing to identify what some functions mean and how they can improve your air quality.

Aside from regulating the indoor temperature, an air conditioner is also effective at removing unpleasant humidity. So, in addition to our favourite "cool" mode, we can also benefit from the air conditioner's "dry" mode. 

In this guide, we will talk about the dry mode and how it levels up our comfort and air quality.

Air Conditioner Dehumidifier: What is Dry Mode?

What is Dry Mode?

The dry mode is often represented as the teardrop symbol on a remote control. This is generally used during the rainy season or humid days when moisture levels are high while the temperature remains hot. In other words, the dry mode works as a dehumidifier that removes the moisture from the air. This does not only make the air fresher but also safer from mould and allergen build-up.

What are the Benefits of Using the Dry Mode?

What are the benefits of Using the Dry Mode?

  1. Dry mode lowers the moisture content of the air, making it more comfortable.
  2. This feature can help prevent mould buildup, which can affect one’s health.
  3. Dry mode is a good choice if you want your air to be comfortable without extreme cooling.
  4. It is an air conditioner energy-saving feature that allows your unit to consume less electricity.

What Is the Difference Between Dry Mode and Cool Mode?

What Is the Difference Between Dry Mode and Cool Mode

The cool mode that we usually use is great for hotter days when we need to regulate the temperature to a comfortable level. On the other hand, dry mode is ideal for humid, but not too hot, days. If your home is not too cold or too warm but too humid, the dry mode is a good solution to keep the levels more appropriate.

How Does the Dry Mode Work?

How Does the Dry Mode Work?

Like changes in temperature, humidity is also an important factor to consider when using the air conditioner. When there is too much moisture in the air, it becomes sticky and stuffy. This is where hot days feel hotter and relatively cool days are less comfortable. Also, it causes mould to build up in your area, which can potentially harm your health. You can press the teardrop symbol on your air conditioner remote control to regulate the humidity level. However, please note that the aircon dry mode is not completely the same as a dehumidifier, as it only works to a more limited level.

The aircon dry mode should not be run constantly to remove all the moisture because if the air is too dry, it can also be uncomfortable. Also, use the dry mode in your aircon when the temperature is at a comfortable level. If the weather is too hot, the cool mode is the best choice.

If unsure, you can ask yourself these questions to understand which mode to use:

  1. Is the humidity level high? 
  2. Does the air feel sticky or uncomfortable today?
  3. Is the temperature cool enough?
  4. Is there heavy rainfall? How about a storm?
  5. What will my room feel like if the humidity level is lower?
  6. Do you want a temperature that is not too hot or too cold?

    Is Dry Mode Healthy?

    Is Dry Mode Healthy?

    Humidity does not only make your air uncomfortable, but it also causes possible repercussions, like allergies, bacteria, viruses, and other particles that thrive in a humid environment. An air conditioner's dry mode can help you tackle this issue. However, if you have asthma or have household members who have asthma or allergies, as previously stated, breathing too much dry air is not advisable because it causes dryness of the eyes or a sore throat. 

    Looking for Efficient Air Conditioner Units?

    Looking for Efficient Air Conditioner Units?

    Megafurniture presents a collection of innovative and energy-efficient air conditioners from the best brands in Singapore. Our friendly team will help you bring the best air conditioner home through our thoughtful and convenient shopping process.


    Special Tip: 

    In the humid Singapore climate, maintaining a comfortable indoor atmosphere isn't just about cooling. We need to strike a perfect balance between cooling and maintaining the indoor moisture level. We need an aircon dehumidifier to do this.

    That's where the Daikin dehumidifier mode and Mitsubishi aircon dry mode come into play, offering innovative solutions to reduce excess moisture, ensuring your home stays cool and comfortably dry.

    To make the most of these features, try using the dehumidifier or dry mode during the cooler parts of the day or night. This strategy allows your unit to focus on humidity control without the extra energy cost of cooling.

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