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16 Ultra Stylish Sofas for Any Living Room Design - Megafurniture

16 Ultra Stylish Sofas for Any Living Room Design

The sofa carries so much weight as the centrepiece of any living room. It has to be aesthetically appealing and comfortable. To create a cosy and inviting conversational area, here is a straightforward list of 16 sofa styles that go well with every HDB or BTO living room theme. From minimalist pieces, playful modern to Scandinavian, we hope you find a style that suits your liking.

Tufted Modern Casual Sofa 

Tufted modern casual sofa  - Morris Dark Grey Fabric Sofa

This stunning fabric sofa highlights the fusion of a dark base colour, neutral silhouette, and playful accent detailing that can suit any modern HDB living room. Its handsome splayed leg design makes this piece more remarkable and provides the illusion of space in every small area. Made with high-density foam and polyester reflex fibre filling.

Add Some Pop of Colours

Add some pop of colours - Heather Red Fabric Sofa

Presenting its welcoming profile and expressive colour, this 3-seater fabric sofa turns a mid-century modern living room into an elegant conversational space. Experience additional comfort with the combination of similarly coloured side throw cushions and two accent chevron throw pillows. Available in red, aquamarine, blue, light brown, grey, and black colours.

Elegant Velvet Sofa

Elegant velvet sofa - Weslin Blue Velvet Fabric Sofa

Enjoy a luxe-quality living room experience with this Weslin Blue Velvet Fabric Sofa. This sophisticated sofa highlights its soft velvet texture and plush comfort. Its cosy look is balanced with its sled-base metal legs. Insert a homey feel into your modern living space with this elegant piece!

Tufted Tuxedo Sofa

Tufted tuxedo sofa - Bastien Fabric Sofa

This mid-century modern tuxedo sofa anchors a living room so well with its neutral colour, welcoming configuration, and unprecedented comfort. Its tufted back works well as a statement in a minimalist conversational space. Add comfort to your lovely living room with this sofa's high cushion setup.

Modern Sofa with a Plush Feel

Modern sofa with a plush feel - Lupin Dark Grey Fabric Sofa

Lounge on this uniquely designed sofa. This tufted cushioned piece highlights luxury and comfort in a modern home. Its metal legs make this fluffy piece less bulky. Experience the embrace of its fully cushioned build and tall back and armrest configuration. Create a cosy living room sanctuary with this lovely sofa.

A Notably Welcoming Piece

A notably welcoming piece - Ruth Grey Fabric Sofa

Express your home's warmth with this Scandinavian fabric sofa. Made with high-quality fabric and a robust wood structure, this cosy piece is definitely made to last. Its dramatic detailing and cool colour choice make this sofa very pleasing to the eye. Add some decorative throw pillows of your own choice to express your personality. Perfectly combining the beauty of contemporary minimalism and the comfort of mid-century modern design, this sofa is a must-have in every modern home in Singapore.

Go Unconventional

Go unconventional - Hemlock Pink Velvet Fabric Sofa

This dramatically designed piece makes lounging more exciting. Its modern style is contrasted with its soft, velvety texture and notable comfort. Its platform base configuration completes the playful and cosy appeal of this sofa. Throw in some patterned accent pillows to level up your living room's aesthetic. This exquisite piece is available in black, grey, and pink colours.

Looking for a Multi-Purpose Piece?

Multipurpose piece - Fontine Sofa Bed

Not only is this sofa elegant, but it also offers multiple purposes for your small living room. This double-duty futon sofa provides an appealing surface for lounging and a cosy space to sleep in when converted. Its lightweight and elegant design makes a small space look more sizable. Made with stylish velvet fabric and tough metal materials.

Maximise Your Storage

Maximise your storage - Alice L-Shaped Brown Storage Sofa Bed

A modern home should be both beautiful and functional. Now that spaces are getting expensive, making the most of what you have is important. This multi-functional L-shape sofa does a great job of maintaining the beauty and functionality of your living room. This piece does not only provide multiple storage options but can also be converted into a spacious sofa bed! Its easy-lift mechanism makes this sofa easy to convert and assemble.

Smart Aesthetics

Smart Aesthetics - Bellamy Genuine Leather Sofa

How about a smart piece for your minimalist space? This handsome genuine leather sofa highlights its unconventional design and exquisite modernity. Its tall backrest provides efficient back support while lounging and resting. Its neutral colour perfectly fits any palette that you want to inspire in your interior design. Expand your choices with various genuine leather colour choices.

Get a Luxurious Sectional

Get a luxurious sectional - Galileo Sectional Genuine Leather Sofa

How about this spacious sectional for your precious living room? This designer genuine leather sofa levels up the modern feel of your conversational space with its additional seating option, sleek design, curvy configuration, and bold colour combinations. The combination of a hand-stitched genuine leather cover, feather filling, and durable metal leg structure makes this sofa stand out from the rest. Include a variety of coloured and patterned plush throw pillows to up the luxe factor.

Mix and Match Colours and Patterns

Mix and match colours and patterns - Alexzander Houndstooth Check Leathaire Sofa

Another homey sofa variety to look forward to is this cosy leather sofa with patterned back cushions and side pillows. Its playful design works as a striking focal point in your small living room. Complement this piece with an exquisite double coffee table to create a comfortable place for lounging.

Beauty in Symmetry

Beauty in Symmetry - Liscio Genuine Leather Sofa

Mindfully designed, this leather sofa features a symmetric configuration with its luxurious cushion headrest and contemporary armrest. It offers firm seating support and a lightweight metal leg design for a clean and lightweight look. Enjoy its genuine leather quality and upgrade the beauty of your living room!

Comfortable Soft Curves

Comfortable soft curves - Lincoln Emerald Green Leathiare Sofa

Cute curvy sofas are on the rise in the furniture industry with their lightweight design and comfort. This welcoming 3-seater sofa is as comfortable as it looks. Inspired by modern minimalism and Scandinavian design, this sofa is perfect for flat owners who want to focus on simplicity, comfort, and functionality. 

Your Personal Buddy

Your personal buddy - Grey Fabric Recliner Armchair Sofa

It is important to create a simple space in a living room where you can enjoy your me time with your favourite books or television series. A plush reclining armchair is the perfect lounging furniture for a dedicated personal space in your flat. Elevate your personal time with an armchair that provides neck, back, shoulder, and arm support. Available in grey, brown, and blue colours.

Luxury Velvet

Luxury velvet - Fern blue velvet chair

Speaking of me time, this luxurious single-seater, when partnered with your favourite coffee table or placed beside your bookcase, creates an amazing reading nook. Its scalloped design and luxurious colour choice make this piece look naturally charming and inviting.


Your sofa is the powerhouse of beauty and comfort in your living room. Getting the right sofa will help you anchor all other furniture pieces and accessories in your space. Do not be afraid to search and explore various styles when buying a sofa for your HDB living room. In the end, it should provide you comfort and reflect your personality.

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