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8 Bedroom Styling Tips to Reflect Your Personality - Megafurniture

8 Bedroom Styling Tips to Reflect Your Personality

Your bedroom is your ultimate personal space, where you sleep, rest, and keep the items you treasure the most. Surely, you want to go home to a bedroom that keeps you warm and cosy. Here are 8 ways to turn your lovely bedroom into a place you can proudly call your own. 

Know Your Needs

Know your needs

Your personality should play a big factor in organising your bedroom. This is to make sure that you create a space that gives you comfort while supporting your lifestyle. When deciding on a layout, think about what you often do in your area. Since you spend most of your hours in bed sleeping, it is vital to get the right bed frame and mattress for a more revitalised rest. The right mattress supports your back based on your sleep position. A bad mattress greatly affects your comfort and might cause you to experience body pain or sleeping disorders.

If you love to read, you need the right lighting and a cosy chair. For those who work from home but are short on space, a multi-purpose office table can help you make the most of your bedroom without taking up much of your personal space. 

Since your bedroom is more of a personal space than a place that you reveal to your guests, the person for whom it should function is you. 

Update Your Bedding

Update your beddings

A good mattress should be accompanied by cosy bedding to ensure a good night's rest. It is also important to get the right bedding for weather changes to give you the right comfort. A quilt can work during the colder seasons, but if it is too thick to be used in the summer, you need to switch to a more breathable variety. You can also invest in specialised pillows, like those with aromatherapy properties, to increase your comfort during sleep.

Know Your Style

Know your style

When you browse online, watch television, or read through some lifestyle magazines, you will see a myriad of interior styles that you can adopt for your bedroom. It is good to do your research and compile some design elements that make you say, Wow. You can go with a mid-century modern bedroom, a contemporary space, have fun with an eclectic style, or follow a refreshingly minimalist approach. You can also mix and match styles as you wish. Express your creativity by creating your bedroom layout. You may come up with something based on design inspiration from Pinterest or design websites. Decorating your room is almost limitless.

Experiment with Your Furniture 

Experiment with your furniture

Your furniture choice plays a big role in creating a comfortable and functional bedroom space. Your furniture can also reflect your personal style. If you love a more traditional or rustic design approach, go for a wooden bed frame. To achieve a transitional or industrial design, try looking for a metal bed frame. For a modern bedroom, get a bed frame made with fabric or leather material. 

To create a clutter-free bedroom, choose a storage solution that fits your lifestyle. Are you big on organising? Get a modular wardrobe that can be customised based on your needs. A chest of drawers is good for those who have less floor space. If you want elegant one-stop furniture where you can do your day and night beauty skincare products, choose a beautiful dressing table. You can also display your clothing collections by getting an open clothes rack where you can hang your favourite pieces. Utilise your under-bed storage for extra bedding and seasonal items.

Add Some Colour to Your Space

Add some colour to your space

Using colour is a good way to express your personality. Want to go bold? Choose fun, solid colours like reds, tangerines, and yellows for your room. To effectively use these colours, be sure to create a balance by incorporating them into accent walls. 

Calm yellows, blues, and greens are very refreshing to the eye. You can also follow the more neutral side of the palette, like whites, creams, and wood textures. The choices are endless. 

When adding a splash of colour to your room, you do not need to limit yourself to those four walls. You may incorporate colours into your bedding, accessories, decorations, and even your floor. Adding some coloured throw pillows to your lovely bed makes it look more cosy and inviting.

Play with Your Decorations

Play with your decorations

Aside from colours, one of the easiest and most effective ways to express your style is by adding decorations. Your own accessories, art pieces, mementos, books, and all sorts of collections perfectly carry your personality when incorporated into your design. To successfully achieve this, you may set up a small display unit or a bookshelf in your room and arrange your collections. You can also build a gallery wall filled with framed art prints or photos. Art pieces bring an effortless warmth to your room. If you have drawing or photography as your hobby, use your room as an outlet to showcase your favourite pieces.

Use hooks or basket containers for your jewellery and dedicate a space for your ornaments. To avoid overdecorating your space, prioritise focal pieces and add smaller ones to balance the look.

Choose Lighting that Sets Up Your Mood

Choose lightings that sets up your mood

Your choice of lighting is vital to creating the mood that you want to achieve in your space. Aside from your overhead lighting, other light fixtures can complement your interior style and give you a better look at all areas of your room. A warm-light lamp on your bedside table helps your eyes relax while reading your favourite book or if you simply want to rest your eyes after being exposed to your cellphone or computer screen the whole day. Pendant lights are trendy and remarkable. A ceiling fan with a built-in light is perfect for those who have medium-height ceilings. 

Create a Room that Works for You

Make your room work for you

When designing your bedroom or any room in your home, you have to keep in mind that your space should work for your needs. Create a reading nook or set up your personal grooming space. When you fill your room with decorations, make sure to take note of your traffic allowance. Designing is not just about the aesthetic appeal of your area. It shall balance beauty, comfort, and function. 

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