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AIRLEO Mono Eco Air System Frameless Sale

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AIRLEO Mono Eco Air System Frameless - Piano Black


How is AIRLEO so effective?

AIRLEO uses a proprietary system where its internal blades point-and-shoot a cooling 3D sphere around the user.
So you can enjoy cold, sanitised air in a little bubble of comfort.

But that’s not all! With an ultra-low Global Warming Potential (GWP) of only 4 (compared to the average aircon’s
GWP of 1,924), plus its powerful in-built refrigerant, you get high energy efficiency and low cost.

Beat the heat, and the bills

Enjoy ‘aircon-like’ cool air even with the windows open.

Whether you’re WFH, studying or taking a nap, you’ll have an instant cooling zone with clean, cold fresh air, without the bills.

Why should you trust us?

We value your hard work. We value your time. We value every single money from your pockets.

At Megafurniture, we want you to get the best sleep without breaking the bank.

Plug and Enjoy

No installation or ugly exhaust vents

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