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Crafted to elevate any kitchen's functionality, our upright freezers stand tall, offering spacious interiors and innovative organisation systems that ensure your frozen treasures are never more than a fingertip away.  They blend harmoniously with your lifestyle, providing whisper-quiet operation and energy-efficient performance.

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1 Result


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EuropAce 85L Compressor Upright Freezer EFZ 3081T Singapore
EuropAce 85L Compressor Upright Freezer EFZ 3081T Singapore


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Premium Upright Freezers in Singapore For Efficient Storage and Freshness

Imagine the ease of organising your frozen goods without the deep dive into the abyss of a chest freezer. With eye-level shelves and bins, every steak, berry, and ice cream pint is at your grasp, no bending required. Upright freezers not only save on floor space, fitting snugly into your kitchen's design but also reduce energy costs with its advanced insulation technology. It's not just about keeping food cold; it's about embracing a lifestyle where convenience meets cost-effectiveness. 

Benefits That Buyers Can Reap From Upright Freezers

Space Efficiency

Upright freezers have a small footprint, taking up less floor space, which is ideal for urban homes with limited square footage.

Organisational Convenience

With shelves and compartments at eye level, upright freezers make it easy to organise and find food items, reducing the need to dig through piles of frozen goods.

Energy Savings

Many upright freezers are designed with energy efficiency in mind, featuring insulation and energy-saving modes that can help lower electricity bills.

Frost-Free Options

Select upright freezers offer frost-free technology, which prevents ice buildup, saving the time and hassle of manual defrosting.

Modern Features

Equipped with LED lighting and digital temperature controls, upright freezers blend seamlessly into contemporary kitchen designs.

Improved Food Preservation

Upright freezers are designed to maintain consistent temperatures, which is critical for extending the shelf life and freshness of food.


The vertical layout of upright freezers means less bending and physical strain when loading and unloading items, which is especially beneficial for those with mobility issues.

Aesthetic Appeal

Upright freezers often come in various finishes and styles, adding a touch of elegance to the kitchen environment.

Common Types of Upright Freezers

Manual Defrost Upright Freezers

These require periodic manual defrosting to remove ice buildup. They are often more energy-efficient and cooler than their frost-free counterparts and are usually less expensive.

Frost-Free Upright Freezers

These models use a fan to circulate the air and prevent ice from forming inside the freezer, eliminating the need for manual defrosting. They're more convenient but slightly expensive and may need to keep food shorter due to temperature fluctuations.

Compact Upright Freezers

Ideal for small spaces, compact models provide the benefits of an upright freezer but in a smaller package. They're perfect for apartments, offices, or as a secondary freezer.

Commercial Upright Freezers

Designed for businesses like restaurants and grocery stores, these are larger and built to withstand frequent use. They often have heavy-duty components and glass doors for easy viewing of contents.

Medical and Laboratory Upright Freezers

These are specialised for medical and scientific settings, designed to maintain extremely low temperatures required for sensitive materials like vaccines and biological samples.

Convertible Upright Freezers

Some upright freezers come with the ability to function either as a refrigerator or a freezer, offering flexibility for changing needs.

Energy-Efficient Upright Freezers

While energy efficiency can be a feature across various types of upright freezers, some are specifically designed with advanced features like extra insulation and efficient compressors to minimise energy use.

Common Size Categories and Capacities of Upright Freezers

Compact or Mini Upright Freezers

These are the smallest, with capacities ranging from about 1.5 cubic feet to 5 cubic feet. They're suitable for personal use or for small families that need additional freezer space.

Small Upright Freezers

A step up from the compact models, these offer capacities ranging from 6 to 9 cubic feet. They can serve small to medium-sized families comfortably in most kitchens or garages.

Medium Upright Freezers

With a capacity ranging from 10 to 18 cubic feet, medium upright freezers can accommodate the needs of larger households or those who like to buy in bulk and freeze portions.

Large Upright Freezers

These are for serious storage needs, with capacities ranging from 19 to 25 cubic feet. They are ideal for prominent families, those who hunt or fish regularly, or for small business use.

Buying Tips For Upright Freezers

Size and Capacity

Assess your household's needs and the physical space you have. Ensure the upright freezer can store your typical frozen goods at a manageable size for the area or your usage patterns.

Energy Efficiency

Look for upright freezers with good energy ratings. An energy-efficient model may have a higher upfront cost but can save you money on your electricity bill in the long run.

Defrosting Mechanism

Decide between a manual defrost or a frost-free model. Frost-free models are more convenient but may use more energy and can be noisier. Manual defrost units require more effort but usually keep food longer and are more energy-efficient.

Temperature Control

Opt for a model with adjustable temperature controls, preferably outside, to ensure easy access and precise temperature management.

Safety Features

Consider models with safety locks and alarms that alert you if the temperature rises or the door is left ajar. These are essential features for homes with children and for ensuring food safety.

Interior Layout

Look for adjustable shelves and bins to accommodate large or awkwardly shaped items. Clear drawers and shelving help with visibility and organisation.

Build Quality

Check the gasket seal, door alignment, and the overall build of the freezer. A well-constructed upright freezer will last longer and operate more efficiently.

Brand Reliability and Warranty

Research brands for reliability and customer service. A good warranty can provide peace of mind and protect your investment.

Noise Level

Some upright freezers can be loud. If the freezer will be placed near living spaces, look for a model with a low decibel rating.

Price and Reviews

Compare prices across retailers and read customer reviews to gauge satisfaction and performance. Look out for sales or rebates on higher-end models that could decrease the price.

Additional Features

Consider extras like an ice maker, quick-freeze shelves, or smart technology integration if these features align with your needs and lifestyle.

Why Shop at Megafurniture?

When considering where to purchase an upright freezer, Megafurniture stands out as a compelling option. Shopping at Megafurniture for upright freezers offers you a blend of variety, quality, and service excellence. You’ll find a carefully curated selection of upright freezers that cater to diverse needs, from compact models for smaller spaces to larger units for extensive storage requirements. Our commitment to providing options that are both energy-efficient and stylish means you can find a freezer that not only fits your space but also your aesthetic and budgetary needs.