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Monitor Arms in Singapore

Monitor Arm

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Are you still wrestling with the limitations of a static monitor? Discover the liberating advantages of using a monitor arm. Adjust your screen to eye level, bid farewell to neck strain, and embrace a healthier posture. Upgrade your workspace today!

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Single Monitor Arm


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The Ergonomic Dilemma

Hey there, desk dwellers of Singapore! Let's talk about a common problem we've all faced: that stiff neck and achy back after hours at the desk. The culprit? Our monitors are stuck in one spot, not caring about our comfort. .  Enter the underrated hero of office ergonomics - the monitor arm.

Did You Know? Fixed Monitors Making Life Hard

Ever felt like your neck was doing a limbo dance after a long day at the computer? Fixed monitors are to blame! They don't budge, forcing us into weird positions and causing all sorts of discomfort.

Monitor Arms Are Your New Best Friend

Bye-Bye Discomfort

No more neck and back drama! Monitor arms let you play magician with your screen – adjust the height, tilt, and swivel to find that sweet spot. It's like a personal comfort upgrade, making your desk a happy place.

Declutter Your Workspace

In space-starved Singapore, every inch of your desk counts. Monitor arms lift your screens off the desk, giving you more room for important stuff. It's like a magic trick for a clutter-free zone.

Your Workspace, Your Rules

Big office or tiny home setup – monitor arms are chill with whatever space you've got. Customise your monitor setup to fit your vibe. No more one-size-fits-all, just tailor-made comfort.

Easy Collaboration

Singaporeans love teamwork, right? Monitor arms make group work a breeze. Swivel and tilt your screen for easy sharing during team meetings. No more awkward chair adjustments – just smooth collaboration.

Future-Proof Your Setup

As tech evolves, so does your workspace. Monitor arms are like the superheroes of adaptability, fitting all monitor sizes and models. Invest in one, and you're basically future-proofing your setup.

Types of Monitor Arms

Fixed Monitor Arms

  • Features: These arms are stationary and do not allow much movement. They are ideal for a set, ergonomic position.
  • Best for: Users who prefer a stable and fixed monitor setup without the need for frequent adjustments.

Articulating Monitor Arms

  • Features: Articulating arms provide a wide range of motion, allowing you to adjust the height, tilt, and swivel of the monitor.
  • Best for: Those who require flexibility in positioning, especially if they switch between tasks or use multiple screens.

Gas Spring Monitor Arms

  • Features: These arms use gas springs for smooth height adjustments. They make it easy to lift or lower the monitor with minimal effort.
  • Best for: People who frequently change their working positions and need a monitor arm that facilitates effortless adjustments.

Dual and Triple Monitor Arms

  • Features: Designed to hold two or three monitors, these arms maximise screen real estate and help create a multi-display setup.
  • Best for: Users who work with multiple applications simultaneously or require a seamless workflow across multiple screens.

Monitor Arms with Cable Management

  • Features: These arms come with integrated cable management systems, keeping your workspace neat and organised.
  • Best for: Individuals who want to reduce cable clutter and maintain a tidy desk.

Desktop and Wall-Mounted Monitor Arms

  • Features: Desktop arms clamp onto the desk, while wall-mounted arms attach to the wall, saving valuable desk space.
  • Best for: Those with limited desk space or who prefer a clean and uncluttered look.

Monitor Arms with Quick Release Mechanism

  • Features: Some arms have a quick-release mechanism for easy removal of the monitor.
  • Best for: Users who occasionally need to detach their monitors for presentations or other purposes.

Ergonomic Monitor Arms

  • Features: These arms are designed with a focus on ergonomic principles, promoting a comfortable and healthy viewing posture.
  • Best for: Individuals who prioritise ergonomic setups to reduce strain on their neck, shoulders, and eyes.


How to Properly Set Up Your Monitor Arms

Proper installation of monitor arms ensures not only a comfortable viewing experience but also contributes to a more organised and efficient work environment. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you set up your monitor arms correctly:



Gather Your Tools

Before you begin, make sure you have all the necessary tools, such as a screwdriver, in hand.

Check Compatibility

Ensure that your monitor arms are compatible with your monitors. Check the weight capacity and the VESA mount specifications to avoid any issues during installation.

Choose the Right Location

Decide on the ideal position for your monitors. Consider factors like eye level, distance from your seating position, and the angle that suits your work requirements.

Mount the Base

Start by attaching the base of the monitor arm to your desk. Use the provided screws and follow the manufacturer's instructions for a secure fit.

Attach the Monitor Bracket

Once the base is securely in place, attach the monitor bracket to the back of your monitor. Make sure to use the correct screws and align the VESA mount holes accurately.

Connect the Arm

With the base and monitor bracket in place, connect the arm to the base. Most monitor arms have adjustable joints that allow you to position your monitor at the desired height and angle.

Secure Cables

Organise and secure the cables to prevent tangling and maintain a tidy workspace. Many monitor arms come with cable management solutions, so take advantage of these features.

Test and Adjust

After installation, test the flexibility of your monitor arms. Ensure that you can adjust the height, angle, and rotation smoothly. Make any necessary adjustments for the optimal ergonomic setup.

Double-Check Stability

Confirm that your monitor arms are securely attached to the desk and that the monitors are stable in their positions. This step is crucial for preventing accidents and ensuring the longevity of your setup.


How Much is a Monitor Arm in Singapore?

In Singapore, you can find efficient monitor arms at Megafurniture starting at just $119! Feel free to reach out to our team for more details on discounts, free deliveries, and flexible payment methods. Happy shopping!