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Modern Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets in Singapore

Modern Contemporary Kitchen Cabinet

Shop Modern Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets in Singapore

"Transform Your Kitchen: Sleek Modern Cabinets for a Timeless Look!"

Crafted to complement Singapore's urban lifestyle, these modern contemporary kitchen cabinets offer ingenious solutions for space constraints without compromising on elegance.
Choose from a range of materials, including sleek wooden finishes and cabinets with glass doors that reflect your taste while meeting all your storage needs. Shop now and transform your kitchen into a modern masterpiece – where style meets practicality.

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Lavi Kitchen Cabinet Singapore
Lavi Kitchen Cabinet Singapore

Lavi Kitchen Cabinet


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The kitchen is the heart of your home. This is where you share hearty meals and create memories with your loved ones. But what if your kitchen, instead of being filled with memories, is filled with clutter? Yay!

This is where an efficient kitchen storage solution comes in- your kitchen cabinet. For many modern contemporary homes, kitchen cabinets present minimalist designs that are brimming with functionality.

Modern Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets

What Sets Them Apart?

Modern contemporary kitchen cabinets are characterised by clean lines, sleek designs, and a perfect marriage of style and functionality. These cabinets bring a fresh, sophisticated aesthetic to your kitchen, making them ideal for those who appreciate a minimalist and chic look.

How Can They Solve Common Kitchen Problems?

Space Constraints

In Singapore, where every inch matters, modern kitchen cabinets are designed to maximise space. When buying, make sure to look for innovative storage solutions such as pull-out shelves, built-in organisers, and vertical storage to make the most of limited space.

Organisation Woes

Bid farewell to clutter with cabinets that offer customisable storage options. Adjustable shelves, dividers, and pull-out trays ensure that every pot, pan, and utensil has its designated place, making your kitchen a model of efficiency.

Style Meets Functionality

Modern cabinets aren't just about looks – they are designed to streamline your cooking experience. Soft-close doors and drawers add a touch of luxury, while integrated lighting options illuminate your workspace, enhancing both style and functionality.

What Materials Are the Best for Modern Kitchen Cabinets?

  1. Wood

    • Timeless Elegance: Wooden cabinets bring warmth and timeless charm to modern kitchens.
    • Versatility: Oak, walnut, maple, and other wood types offer diverse design possibilities.
    • Durable: Properly finished wood cabinets can withstand the test of time with minimal maintenance.
  2. MDF (Medium-Density Fibreboard)

    • Affordability: MDF is a cost-effective alternative to solid wood.
    • Smooth Finish: Its dense composition allows for a smooth, paintable finish.
    • Stability: Less prone to warping compared to natural wood, making it ideal for modern designs.
  3. Metal

    • Sleek and Industrial: Metal cabinets contribute to a modern, industrial aesthetic.
    • Durability: Resistant to wear and tear, providing longevity.
    • Stainless Steel: Popular for its hygienic properties and contemporary appeal.
  4. Laminate

    • Affordable Modernity: Laminate cabinets offer a modern look at a budget-friendly price.
    • Variety: Available in a wide range of colours and patterns.
    • Easy Maintenance: Resistant to stains and easy to clean, making it ideal for busy kitchens.
  5. Glass

    • Transparency: Glass cabinet doors create an open, airy feel.
    • Showcasing: Perfect for displaying stylish dinnerware or decorative items.
    • Variety: Frosted, clear, or textured glass options cater to diverse design preferences.
  6. Acrylic

    • Contemporary Aesthetics: Acrylic cabinets provide a sleek and glossy finish.
    • Reflective Qualities: Enhances natural light, creating a bright atmosphere.
    • Easy to Clean: Resistant to stains and easy to wipe down for quick maintenance.

Modern Contemporary Kitchen Cabinet Maintenance Guide

Daily Cleaning Routine

Make a habit of wiping down cabinet surfaces daily to prevent the accumulation of dust and grease. A mixture of mild soap and water is usually sufficient for regular cleaning.

Periodic Deep Cleaning

Every few months, give your cabinets a more thorough cleaning. Remove all items, clean the interior surfaces, and check for any signs of wear or damage. This is also an ideal time to polish wooden surfaces.

Handle with Care

Be mindful of heavy-handed usage, especially with handle-less designs. Soft-close mechanisms are an excellent addition to prevent slamming doors and drawers, ensuring longevity.

Ways to Organise Your Kitchen Cabinet


Begin by removing everything from your cabinets. Discard expired items, duplicate utensils, and anything you no longer use. This creates a clean slate for reorganising.

Categorise Items

Sort your kitchenware into categories such as pots and pans, baking essentials, utensils, and dry goods. This step helps you visualise how much space each category requires.

Assess Cabinet Space

Take note of your cabinet layout. Consider the size and accessibility of each shelf or drawer. This will guide you in assigning specific categories to different areas based on convenience.

Utilise Vertical Space

Make the most of vertical space by using shelf dividers or stackable shelves. This is especially useful for storing plates, baking sheets, and cutting boards.

Invest in Organisers

Purchase cabinet organisers such as pull-out trays, lazy Susans, and drawer dividers. These tools maximise space and make it easier to access items, preventing clutter.

Group Similar Items

Store similar items together. For instance, keep all baking tools in one section and group canned goods or spices. This makes it simpler to find what you need while cooking.

Consider Containerisation

Use clear containers or baskets to corral smaller items like snacks or spice jars. This not only keeps them contained but also makes it easier to see what you have.

Label Containers

Label containers or jars to identify contents quickly. This is especially useful for items like flour, sugar, or spices. Labels streamline the cooking process and maintain order.

Reserve Prime Real Estate

Place frequently used items within easy reach. Reserve the most accessible spaces for pots, pans, and utensils you use daily.

Regular Maintenance

Schedule regular maintenance sessions. Every few months, go through your cabinets to ensure items remain organised, discard expired goods, and adjust storage solutions if needed.

How Much is a Modern Contemporary Kitchen Cabinet in Singapore?

Looking for a modern contemporary kitchen cabinet in Singapore? At Megfurniture, prices start as low as $1000, offering both style and affordability for your dining space.

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