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Bottom Mount Freezers Singapore

Bottom Mount Freezers

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“A perfect blend of convenience, style and functionality.”

Our exceptional collection of bottom-mount freezers is designed to revolutionise your food storage experience. It boasts cutting-edge features and innovative designs, offering a perfect blend of convenience, style, and functionality. With a freezer compartment at the bottom, these refrigerators provide easy access to your frequently used refrigerator items. Enjoy ample storage space, customisable organisation, and enhanced food preservation technology that keeps your perishables fresher for longer.


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1 Result


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Toshiba 323L Bottom Mounted Freezer Refrigerator GR-RB405WE-PMX Singapore
Toshiba 323L Bottom Mounted Freezer Refrigerator GR-RB405WE-PMX Singapore

Toshiba 323L Bottom Mounted Freezer Refrigerator GR-RB405WE-PMX

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Sleek Exteriors, Energy-Efficient Operation and Intuitive User Controls|Marvels of Bottom Mount Freezers

In kitchen appliances, one standout offers an optimal combination of convenience, style, and functionality - the bottom mount freezers. These design innovations have captured the hearts of homeowners and chefs alike. With the freezer compartment thoughtfully positioned at the bottom, these refrigerators provide easy access to frequently used items, eliminating the need for constant bending and rummaging. But it's not just about accessibility; bottom-mount freezers offer ample space, customisable organisation, and advanced food preservation technology.

Advantages of Bottom-Mount Freezers

1. The refrigerator section is at eye level, making viewing and accessing fresh food easier without bending over. This is particularly beneficial for people who use the refrigerator more often than the freezer, as it reduces the need to stoop or bend to reach items.

2. Bottom-mount freezers are often more energy-efficient than side-by-side models. Cold air is denser and falls to the bottom, so when you open the fridge section at the top, less cold air escapes, and the unit doesn't have to work as hard to maintain its temperature.

3. These models typically offer more freezer space compared to top-mount models, and the space is often more usable with pull-out drawers that make organising and accessing frozen items easier.

4. Bottom-mount freezers can be a good choice for kitchens with limited space. The design often allows more expansive fridge and freezer openings in a smaller footprint, which is ideal for narrow kitchens.

5. They come in various sizes and styles, including those with French doors, which can offer even more storage flexibility and aesthetic appeal.

6. Since most people use the freezer less frequently than the fridge, having it at the bottom means less bending and squatting. This can be a significant ergonomic benefit, especially for individuals with mobility issues.

7. Some models come with advanced features that help preserve food in the fridge section better due to more consistent temperature maintenance.

8. Many people find the design of bottom-mount freezers to be more modern and aesthetically pleasing compared to traditional top-mount models.

Key Considerations When Buying Bottom-Mount Freezers

  • Consider both the external dimensions and the internal capacity. Think about your household's food storage needs – larger families or those who like to buy in bulk may need more space. Measure the area where you place the refrigerator to ensure a proper fit.

  • Look for models with good energy efficiency ratings. An energy-efficient refrigerator can save you money on utility bills and is better for the environment. Check for NEA tick ratings or similar certifications.

  • Since the refrigerator section is at eye level in bottom-mount freezers, accessing frequently used items is more accessible. However, consider if you're comfortable bending down to access the freezer. This is an important ergonomic consideration, especially for people with back problems or limited mobility.

  • Consider what features are important to you. This could include adjustable shelving, frost-free technology, humidity-controlled crispers, ice makers, water dispensers, intelligent technology capabilities, and more. Prioritise the features that will be most useful in your daily life.

  • Bottom-mount freezers come in various styles, including those with French doors or single doors. Consider which type best matches your kitchen's aesthetics and preferences.

  • Some refrigerators operate more quietly than others. If your kitchen is close to living areas or bedrooms, you might want a model known for quiet operation.

  • Research different brands and models. Look for customer reviews and ratings to gauge reliability, satisfaction, and the quality of after-sales service.

  • Bottom-mount freezers can vary significantly in price. Set a realistic budget, but consider investing in a higher-quality model that might offer more excellent durability and efficiency in the long run.

  • Check the warranty provided with the refrigerator. A good warranty can offer peace of mind, ensuring you're covered in defects or problems.

  • Decide on the colour and finish (such as stainless steel, black stainless steel, or classic white) that fits your kitchen's decor.

  • Some models come with advanced technology for preserving food longer and fresher. This includes features like multi-air flow cooling, dual evaporators, and others.

  • If you're interested in smart home technology, consider a refrigerator with features like Wi-Fi connectivity, which allows for remote monitoring and control.

Common Types of Bottom Mount Freezers


Single-Door Bottom-Mount Freezers: 

These have a traditional layout with a single door for the refrigerator on top and a separate door for the freezer compartment at the bottom. They are straightforward and often more affordable, making them a good choice for those who want the convenience of a bottom-mount freezer without additional features.

French Door Bottom-Mount Freezers: 

These models feature two doors that open side-by-side for the refrigerator section on top, with a pull-out drawer for the freezer at the bottom. French door refrigerators often come with more advanced features like water and ice dispensers, and they offer a more expansive refrigerator space, which is excellent for storing platters or large items.

Four-Door Bottom-Mount Freezers: 

Like French door models, these have an additional drawer or compartment between the fridge and freezer sections. This extra compartment can often be customised in temperature to serve as an additional fridge or soft freeze space.

Bottom-Mount Freezers with Drawer Style: 

In these models, the freezer is accessed via a pull-out drawer rather than a swing door. This design can make organising and accessing frozen items more convenient.

Counter-Depth Bottom-Mount Freezers: 

These are designed to align nearly flush with kitchen counters and cabinets, providing a built-in look. They are typically shallower than standard models, meaning less storage space but a more streamlined appearance in the kitchen.

Compact or Apartment-Sized Bottom-Mount Freezers: 

Ideal for smaller spaces or apartments, these models are narrower and often shorter than standard sizes, providing the convenience of a bottom-mount freezer in a more compact form.

Smart Bottom-Mount Freezers: 

Incorporating modern technology, these refrigerators can connect to Wi-Fi and be controlled or monitored via a smartphone app. They may include temperature alerts, energy tracking, or even integration with other smart home devices.

At Megafurniture, we are excited to offer an exclusive collection of state-of-the-art bottom-mount freezers designed to cater to every need.