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Voilà! The Interiors Made by this Studio Exude a Magical Touch - Megafurniture

Voilà! The Interiors Made by this Studio Exude a Magical Touch

Have you ever visited Voilà Design’s showroom? You definitely should! Especially if you’re looking for design inspirations or if you’re searching for a design collaborator who can bring clarity to your home interior design dilemmas.


Video: Voilà Design’s office at Tagore Lane, TAG.A building,  mirrors the team’s adoration for exquisite, well-thought-out spaces. The inviting showroom is fully furnished with modern luxury pieces and is equipped with smart home integrations that will leave every guest in awe. Looking at this decadent space, who would have thought that Jason Ng, the director, used to have multiple chaotic work days during the firm’s earlier years?


Starting an interior design studio is often like nurturing multiple newborns simultaneously, each demanding attention and care at different intervals. This metaphor perfectly encapsulates the nascent days of Voilà Design. “The copier, coffee machine, marketing, HR, accounts, and stationery were things I had to manage while running the company in the beginning. Still have to from time to time.” he reminisces, wearing multiple hats at the same time when he first established the firm.

Jason Ng is an experienced interior designer who used to work for another firm. In search of creative freedom as designing homes became a stifled process of copying and pasting from past projects, the visionary established Voilà Design and has now created many of Singapore’s iconic, magazine-worthy residential spaces, including a project that is often used for local drama shows.


Modern Victorian Home

Photo: thoughtful and comfortable, this Modern Victorian home at 371 Holland Road features well-curated design elements and cosy architectural curves adorning a white-dominated space.


“Our motto, or whatever you name it, is Every home should be magical to our clients. Designers must never overpromise and be attentive," says the founder. Over Voilà Design’s  twelve-year journey, the company has garnered a reputation for delivering on promises, fair pricing, and equitable treatment of clients. The team cautiously refrains from tempting fate, preferring to let the reviews speak for themselves.

Homes are spaces where families gather, guests are entertained, and memories are created. For many, their homes are their ultimate escape, a place to rest amidst life’s gruelling grind. What Voilà Design wants is to make those personal sanctuaries worth the homeowner’s investment. The design firm offers a variety of interior design services, including a comprehensive audit and space-planning to guarantee that every design is created based on the client's lifestyle. The Qanvast SuperTrust recognised team is also keen to offering extensive after-sales services to ensure their clients' peace of mind.


Minimalist Wabi-sabi home


Minimalist Wabi-sabi home

Photo: For others, less is more. But for Voilà Design, less is bliss! This minimalist Wabi-sabi home at 53 Telok Blangah Drive is simple yet streamlined—a perfect sanctuary for lovers of understated luxury.


For over twelve years, the challenges were, of course, manifold. When asked about overcoming challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, Jason Ng's response was succinct but profound: "[We] trusted in God."

Succeeding in nourishing collaborations with its clients, Voilà Design’s projects have been the favourite topics of lifestyle shows and magazines, including the Abitare Magazine in France. The creative studio was also featured on CNA and was invited by News 93.8 FM. For the interior design firm, service means delivering what they promise, proper cost planning, transparency, and treating everyone as a family.

For budding interior designers, the founder offers sagely advice: “When you are young, be bold enough to try and show your work. Don’t worry if no one likes it. You are just not getting to the right audience most of the time. Or you are not showing it the right way. When you are older, remember to look at the younger generation. New ideas are growing every day. Don't be worried about being taken over. Be worried about not being able to ride the wave.”


About Voilà Design:
Company Name: Voilà Design
Address: 81 Tagore Lane, #03-03 TAG.A building, Singapore 787502
Phone: +65 6455 8861

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