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A Look Inside B Studio's Boundary-Breaking Design and Build Expertise - Megafurniture

A Look Inside B Studio's Boundary-Breaking Design and Build Expertise

With over three decades of creative experience, one would think that an interior designer’s metamorphosis has already reached its peak. But Bernard Soon, a graduate of Fine Arts and the founder of B Studio, continues to colour outside the lines and believes that the process of learning and exploring new things is never-ending. Besides, that's the beauty of the industry he belongs to.

B Studio was established in 2014 by Bernard Soon, an experienced entrepreneur in the field of interior design and renovations. Over the years, the home-grown studio has completed over 380 local and international design and build projects and expanded its range of services, which now includes events, build-to-order renovations, and repairs bearing a collaborative and experiential approach. B Studio is also building its own design gallery, which aims to showcase its unique craft while providing a platform to promote Asian artists and propagate culture-rich craftsmanship.


Living Room Design

Photo: Are you a fan of a simple yet luxurious theme? This residential space features a warm contemporary feel with intricate wall choices, tall curtain placement, and strategic lighting to make the room look bigger.


If you’ve been to many events in Singapore, you may have encountered places that were designed by B Studio. The design and build company’s projects comprise residential and commercial establishments, including the Science Centre with three events, five TWG offices, the Shaw Centre Corporate Office, and Scotts Medical Centre. This unique fusion of expertise on top of hassle-free renovation practices has set B Studio apart from thousands of interior design companies in Singapore. “Our team is dedicated to perfecting every aspect of the design, from the placement of a single piece of furniture to the selection of the finest materials. We believe it's the small details that make a space exceptional.”


kitchen (right) bathroom (left)



Photo: This kitchen features a masterful fusion of modern luxury elegance and unprecedented functionality with well-thought out storage that showcases the homeowner’s book and trinket collection. The space is also highlighted by plenty of lights and a  a mirrored sink area.


B Studio understands that interior design is more than just the establishment’s layout and furnishings. For the interior design firm, the stars of a successful project are the people who will dwell in the scene, aka the homeowners. Knowing this, the team always tries to assert the specific requirements of each clientele. They also undergo rigorous training to hone their specialisations, such as design, administration, general work, and project management, to help them adapt to diverse situations.

“Completing projects on schedule is a source of motivation for us to consistently deliver renovations that not only meet but exceed our clients' expectations. Through this holistic approach, we strive to inspire and guide our team to achieve outstanding results in every project we undertake.”

Helming an almost decade-old design and build company, the seasoned founder sees B Studio and its subsidiary, ITechStudio, flourishing as it expands its portfolio and expertise. “Design is a journey, not a destination. While it has been said by many, we retain the spirit of embracing challenges and pushing boundaries. Together, we can shape spaces that inspire and enrich lives, and in collaboration, we all prosper.”


About B Studio:
Company Name: B Studio Pte. Ltd.
Address: 39A Jalan Pemimpin, #07-07A Halcyon Building, Singapore 577183
Phone: +65 6962 0837
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