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Bohemian-Mediterranean: An Exclusive Interview with Theodora Martinou of Irregular Lines - Megafurniture

Bohemian-Mediterranean: An Exclusive Interview with Theodora Martinou of Irregular Lines

Irregular Lines creates interiors with a strong focus on environmentally friendly materials. The inherent beauty of materials is emphasised by carefully picked furniture that are enhanced with earthy and exotic elements. Theodora Martinou, the company's founder and lead designer, has a deep love and respect for nature, reflected in Irregular Lines' signature style.


Megafurniture recently had the chance to speak with the talented and innovative designer, Theodora Martinou. Our conversation delved into her experiences and distinctive design perspectives that have influenced her interior designs in some of Singapore's most renowned hospitality establishments, including the highly acclaimed Blu Kouzina at Siglap.


Blu Kouzina


Blu Kouzina

Photos: Blu Kouzina @ Dempsey


Blu Kouzina
Photo: Blu Kouzina @ Sentosa


Irregular Lines is a design studio specialising in creating imaginative, ecofriendly spaces using natural and environmentally conscious methods. Their unique approach ensures that each space is distinct and unforgettable, making them the perfect choice for your next project. When asked about what inspired her early on, Theodora reminisces about her childhood in Greece. With her father running a successful tile construction company and her mother as a curtain designer, Theodora was exposed to creative problem-solving, technical issues, and the development of style from a young age. This upbringing, along with the guidance of other designers, who subsequently became her childhood mentors, nurtured her passion for design.


“I've worked in this field since I was 18 years old and have been developing, sketching and designing since my 15 at high school. I've always known what I wanted to do with my life."


 Blu Kouzina


Blu Kouzina


Blu Kouzina


Blu Kouzina


Blu Kouzina

Photos: Take a moment to admire the beautifully designed Blu Kouzina in Siglap. With a calming color palette and thoughtfully selected loose furnishings, the Greek roots of "blue cuisine" are evident throughout. The various textures used engages the senses, creating a serene ambiance reminiscent of Santorini and Mykonos whilst enjoying the sumptuous offerings of communal dining.


Theodora Martinou has an unmatched eye for curating and creating spaces focusing on earthy influences. In every project, Irregular Lines blends utilitarian design (ie. considering practicality more than aesthetics) with exotic and sustainable elements that brings to mind the iconic architectural masterpieces of the Mediterranean. The design studio is committed to providing ecoconscious interior design and artisanal home decoration made from sustainable materials that are unique to their signature style.


“Our natural environment is loaded with inspirational components. Land, rock, trees, water, and sky all holds universal images The possibilities for mixing these five elements alone are endless."


Sal Grill and Sky Bar


Sal Grill and Sky Bar


Sal Grill and Sky Bar

Photo: 3D Concept for Salt Grill and Sky Bar @ ION Orchard


Situated on the 55th and 56th floors of ION Orchard, Salt Grill & Sky Bar is more than just a restaurant with a stunning view. The modern luxury interior design perfectly complements the panoramic view of the city and clouds, making it an ideal choice for those who want to elevate their fine dining experience to new heights.


"I usually give clients guidance on what kind of content they should present after our interview and lead them to specific websites for inspiration." Instead of conforming to standard trends, our team encourages bold and innovative ones."


Throughout her career, Theodora Martinou has contributed to numerous worldwide interior design projects, from Greece to the UAE, Bali , Jakarta and most recently, Singapore. Today, the culmination of her experience is evident in Irregular Lines, which has become a prominent creative force behind many unforgettable designs transporting guests on a beautiful Boho-Mediterranean journey.


About Irregular Lines:

Company Name: Irregular Lines Pte Ltd


Address: 68 Sungei Kadut Loop, Nutz Center, Singapore 729504 (by appointment only)

Phone: +65 9731 4424


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