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Ethan Interiors: Designing Your Dream, One Detail at a Time - Megafurniture

Ethan Interiors: Designing Your Dream, One Detail at a Time

Kintsugi or 金継ぎ, which means “joining with gold”, is a Japanese art of mending broken pottery shards using gold lacquer to complete a beautiful piece while maintaining its historical value. In Philosophy, it is considered the art of embracing brokenness and imperfections to achieve a more meaningful life. This organic and undisguised artisanal process inspires many of Ethan Interior's creations.


Speaking of history, Ethan Goh, the founder, discovered his passion at a tender age while driving past Yio Chu Kang after school with his dad. Immersed in the clean lines and picturesque structures of the bustling place, young Ethan Goh's curiosity was piqued as he wondered about how such things come to life. However, it took several road turns before the visionary's dream materialised.


Prior to establishing his design boutique, the self-made founder-designer worked in several industries, including an interior design company where his creative aspirations loomed large. He dedicated his efforts to studying interior design and creating sincere spaces, and later on, he built a team of like-minded professionals. His brainchild, Ethan Interiors, has completed multiple awe-inspiring projects since 2020, including the Dark Modern Classical House at Segar Road, which was featured on the SIXiDES channel.


Video: This Instagram-worthy house boasts an abundant fusion of modern simplicity and classic European look dominated by dark and bold colour schemes. Who would have thought that this abode used to be a 20-year-old house with an unorthodox shape?


The interior design studio under Ethan Goh's namesake is grounded in the principle of designing dream homes one detail at a time. “We have flesh; we have bones.” The structure and walls are the bones stripped down to their simplest forms, which the team transforms into timeless and versatile masterpieces. When it comes to the flesh—the details—Ethan Goh considers soft furnishing the hallmark of his design, maintaining a focus on tactile quality. This cosy choice puts a fresh spin on the bustling dwellings that we have in Singapore.


Ethan Interiors- Modern Home Design


Ethan Interiors- Modern Home Design

Photos: Oddly-shaped Singapore homes are indeed challenging to style. However, the masterminds behind this dark modern classic space creatively infused remarkable features to make the most of the unusual layout.


There is no rule of thumb nor a set in stone formula, but a commemoration of the dweller’s lifestyle and the design team’s expertise through experiential home design. Suffice it to say, Ethan Interiors successfully achieves the design vision it promises to provide.


Ethan Interiors- Modern Home Design


Ethan Interiors- Modern Home Design


Ethan Interiors- Kitchen Design


Ethan Interiors- Modern Home Design


Ethan Interiors- Modern Home Design

Photos: From Ethan Interior's Scandinavian projects to dramatic multi-layered luxury concepts, one crucial aspect remains: an inviting atmosphere fit for residents seeking the solace of a home.


When tailoring spaces, the team prioritises a genuine connection with their clients and gains deeper insight into their design aspirations. For Ethan Goh, this sincerity draws the clients into choosing the young design team. “[When] they feel compelled by our values, they choose us.” The founder-designer describes this relationship with the clients and among the team as the driving force behind his passion.


Ethan Interiors- Interior Design Team

Photo: [Left] Mr. Ethan Goh, the founder of Ethan Interiors [Right] Ethan Interiors' Team


What started as a humble seven-person team in a co-working space with a small table and a locker now has its own studio with additional professionals and cutting-edge resources. When asked about the most fulfilling part of being an interior designer, Ethan Goh reflects on the joy of completing a project and the thought of his people growing. “They are like my kids," quips the founder. “How fulfilling it is to really nurture individuals or to nurture interior designers to reach their potential, to see them [become] independent. Very fulfilling."

For Ethan Interiors’ visionary, the young design studio’s journey is just getting more exciting. Right now, he aims to broach new frontiers of local interior design while keeping his doors open to international expansion.


About Ethan Interiors:
Company Name: Ethan Interiors
Address: 114 Lavender Street, #07-50, CT Hub 2, Singapore 338729
Phone: 86865264
Facebook: Ethan Interiors Design Studio
Instagram: @ethaninteriors


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