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Introducing Le Interi Design The Master of Space-Efficiency

Introducing Le Interi Design: The Master of Space-Efficiency

Singapore houses millions of dwelling units and thousands of creative interior designers; among these are HDB flats, where space is at a premium. In this vast ecosystem, how can Singaporeans find the right design collaborator who will listen to their voice and turn their dreams into reality? Le Interi Design, an award-winning creative studio, aims to foster an environment where there is trust among clients and interior designers.

Le Interi Design was founded by Andy Tiu Kang Kieat, who spent over ten years honing his artisanal skills and gaining valuable design experience. The firm facilitates residential and commercial interior design services, crafting sincere and regal solutions worthy of a nest egg. “I found myself constantly drawn to the aesthetics and the power of well-designed spaces to evoke emotions and enhance the quality of life.”


Le Interi Design- Living Room with Tall Ceiling

Photo: Anyone who steps inside this luxurious home can be easily drawn into the tall ceiling highlighted by the understated flooring choice and a modern chandelier draping down the top of the entertainment centre. The tall-looking interior is completed by a full-length window with an overlooking view of the city.


The interior design studio garnered various accolades, including the Asia Excellence Award, the Top 100 Singapore Excellence Award, and Best HDB Kitchen Design recognition for a single-wall kitchen project. Le Interi Design was also featured in many interior design magazines. Two of their works were showcased on Chic & Cosy by Mediacorp, sharing what they can offer a broader audience.

“Our strategy is simple: We want our clients to have all the facts so they can make informed decisions. When you know what you're getting into, it's easier to create a design that matches your vision and budget," shares Andy Tiu Kang Kieat.



Video: Le Interi Design is the creative force behind various serene homes, including this 30-year-old 4-room flat featured on Episode 1 of Chic & Cosy Season 2, which was transformed into a spacious haven that accommodates the hobbies of the residents. The design involves lots of neutral tones to highlight its relaxing theme and well-thought-out closed-door storage to keep and conceal their essentials.


Ultimately, Le Interi Design was established to break free from the inflexible and constrained environment and bring life tailored designs and experiences to each clientele the team interacts with. “We believe in relating to our clients and really getting to know their needs and preferences." In the end, aside from the compelling architectural details, people will remember how the design made them feel.


Le Interi Design- Open-Concept Living Room


Le Interi Design- One wall kitchen


Le Interi Design- Bathroom

Photos: Le Interi Design is truly a master of space-saving concepts where originally scarce square footages are turned into multi-functional areas. Such innovative concepts are reflected in many of their works, such as this open-concept living room and dining room. 


With a solid interior design background on both commercial and residential aspects, including interior design discussions, furniture selection, and renovation, Andy Tiu Kang Kieat and his team are able to build inviting spaces reminiscent of their clients’ aspirations, married with their prudent specialisations. “We have a culture of sharing within the team. Everyone brings their ideas and insights to the table. We work closely as a team, like a well-oiled machine.”

To wrap up, the founder-designer shared these meaningful words with aspiring interior designers in Singapore: “Be hardworking. Success in this industry doesn't come easy, and you'll need to put in the effort and dedication to make your mark. When problems arise, don't shy away from them. Face challenges head-on and become a problem solver. Lastly, remember to return calls to customers even when you're very busy."


About Le Interi Design:
Company Name: Le Interi Design
Address: 5 Tampines Central 6 #01-18 Telepark Singapore 529482
Phone: +65 6786 3289

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