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WRX Interior

WRX Interior

You may find yourself standing at the threshold of your new home, waiting to be transformed into a masterpiece. You feel like this new abode needs the touch of an expert. That’s where your search for an interior designer review led you right here, to WRX Interior.

The quest for the perfect interior design company in Singapore isn’t just about finding someone to throw a couple of stylish chairs around and call it a day. It’s about capturing the essence, your vibe, and translating it into a space that feels like YOU.

So, let’s start the ball rolling and uncover what makes WRX Interior the go-to interior designer for homeowners like you.

WRX Interior Details

Every space they create is one-of-a-kind, uniquely tailored to the individual client.

Company Name


HDB Directory Number

Address/ Showroom

808C Chai Chee Road, Singapore 463808


+65 8769 2565



Disclaimer: The content published in this article is based on the data available at the time of writing. Note that this information may be limited and may not encompass the company's full portfolio, projects, or capabilities.

WRX Interior Highlights

  • Their team comprises responsible creative professionals dedicated to the client’s renovation journey.
  • There are no hidden costs in their project, and they are transparent in every element that goes into your home.
  • They will guide you throughout the renovation process, building trust and confidence in their service.
  • They strive to craft spaces that not only look good but feel good and function well, enhancing well-being and lifestyle.

Services Offered

Services Offered

Commercial Renovation - They provide innovative design solutions that embody a company’s brand, fostering efficiency, creativity, and growth within the workplace.

Residential Renovations - They offer bespoke renovation services that reflect individual lifestyles and personalities.

WRX Interior Awards and Credentials

  • ACRA-registered
  • 5.0 - star satisfaction rating in Qanvast


Where is the company’s Showroom?

The company has one showroom at 808C Chai Chee Road, Singapore 463808.

What is the company’s interior design style?

They specialise in holistic interior design style. They strive to create spaces that not only look good but feel good and function well.

Emphasising comfort, practicality, and beauty, their design philosophy is aimed at enhancing well-being and lifestyle.

What type of spaces does the company specialise in?

WRX Interior is a versatile interior design firm with expertise in both commercial and residential spaces.

What is an ACRA-registered interior design company?

An ACRA-registered interior design company would be a company that is officially registered with the ACRA (Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority). This registration lends credibility and legitimacy to the company. It is a requirement for conducting business in Singapore, but it does not necessarily denote any specific qualifications or standards in the field of interior design.

What is the best online furniture store in Singapore?

That would undoubtedly be Megafurniture Singapore. With a stunning online presence at, we stand out as a premier destination for furniture shopping. Our website showcases a rich selection of top-tier furniture and home essentials, all of which you can browse at your leisure.

But it's not just about online shopping. Megafurniture also has physical stores, allowing you to touch and feel your chosen items at our showrooms below.

Megafurniture Hillview

34 Hillview Terrace

Singapore 669254

Opens Daily: 11 am to 7 pm

View Hillview Virtual Showroom L1,L2&L3

Megafurniture Oxley BizHub

61 Ubi Road 1

Oxley BizHub


Singapore 408727

Opens Daily: 11 am to 7 pm

View Oxley Virtual Showroom L1

View Oxley Virtual Showroom L2

Exceptional customer service is also part of the Megafurniture experience. Our dedicated team is always ready to assist you, helping to curate your perfect space.

How to Choose an Interior Designer in Singapore?

Selecting the right interior designer hinges on several factors. Review their credentials, examine their portfolio, assess compatibility with your budget, and understand their design philosophy. Above all, your chosen designer should resonate with your vision.

Who is the Best Interior Designer in Singapore?

"Best" is a subjective term for interior design. The right designer marries their expertise with your style preferences and functional needs. When selecting, consider factors such as past work, client reviews, and your gut feeling. Explore the perfect interior designer for your home with our curated list here.

Why should you hire a Singapore interior designer?

Interior designers combine architecture, lighting, and colours to create functional, appealing spaces. With access to resources, suppliers, and skilled workers, Singapore's design companies solve common issues, including awkward furniture sizes and measurement errors. Professionally designed homes may attract buyers or tenants willing to pay more, potentially increasing your bank balance. 

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How to choose a Singapore interior design company?

Before selecting an interior designer in Singapore, understand your style preference—minimalistic chic, tropical resort, or eclectic bohemian. Then, review designers' portfolios, set and adhere to a budget, schedule consultations, and evaluate their credentials, work style, and reliability. Always check the contract for scope, budget, and timeline.

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How much does an interior designer cost in Singapore?

The cost of hiring an interior designer in Singapore can be as varied as the Peranakan tiles in Katong, depending on several key ingredients - the size of the project, the designer’s experience level, and the type of materials you fancy.

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What are HDB Guidelines for renovation in Singapore?

HDB Guidelines are specific rules and regulations set by Singapore's Housing & Development Board (HDB) to ensure safe and consistent renovation practices. These guidelines cover work hours, materials used, and structural safety. Knowing them is crucial to a smooth and legal renovation process.

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