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Ampersand Associates

"Designed to understand & deliver the best"

Just like the iconic "&" (ampersand) symbol, Ampersand Associates thrives on collaboration, recognising the power of collective creativity to yield exceptional office design solutions. 

Let’s get to know this renowned office ID in this comprehensive review.


Ampersand Associates Details

Company Name

Ampersand Associates  Pte Ltd

Address/ Showroom

70 Shenton Way, #15-08 Singapore 079118


+65 6536 6112

+65 6536 4412




Disclaimer: The content published in this article is based on the data available at the time of writing. Note that this information may be limited and may not encompass the company's full portfolio, projects, or capabilities.


Ampersand Associates Highlights

Ampersand Associates Office Interior Design

About Ampersand Associates

“Always going the extra mile to understand the needs of our clients & using what we know to amplify their presence.”- Ampersand Associates

Ampersand Associates Singapore stands at the forefront of the interior design industry, driven by its relentless commitment to delivering a comprehensive and seamless office renovation service. 

Ampersand Associates offers comprehensive Design & Build office renovation services done with extensive research of the brand to amplify its presence. The firm's approach is deeply rooted in a holistic understanding of its clients' requirements, ensuring every aspect of the design-and-build process is strategically aligned with their needs.


Interior Design and Renovation Projects

Ampersand Associates has established itself as one of the leading providers of full-scale office interior design and renovation services in Singapore.

Whether the project calls for a formal, professional setting, a contemporary environment, or a creative and inspiring space, Ampersand Associates guarantees to rise to the occasion.


Services Offered

  • Pre-leased Consulting Services 

Advisory and assistance are provided to tenants before signing a lease agreement, helping them make informed decisions about the suitability of a property for their needs

  • Commercial Interior Design

Planning and designing interior spaces for commercial properties in terms of functionality, aesthetics, and space optimisation

  • Engineering Services

Engaging professional engineers to design, develop, and analyse systems, structures, and processes

  • Project Management

Planning, organising, and overseeing the successful completion of a project within specified constraints such as time, budget, and resources

  • Construction Services

Services related to the physical construction of buildings or infrastructure, including planning, execution, and coordination of construction activities. This process is executed with the help of trusted contractors

  • Reinstatement Services

Restoring a property to its original condition or complying with specific requirements after a lease or tenancy ends

  • Migration and Moving Services

Assistance provided to clients when relocating during an office renovation, ensuring a smooth transition and minimal interruptions

  • After Sales Support

Services and assistance are offered to Ampersand Associate's clients after they have received a service

Ampersand Associates FAQs

Where is Ampersand Associates located? 

Ampersand Associates is located at 70 Shenton Way, #15-08 Singapore 079118. 


What services does Ampersand Associates offer? 

Ampersand Associates specialises in providing comprehensive renovation services tailored to office establishments. 


Are the renovation services offered by Ampersand Associates customisable? 

Absolutely! Ampersand Associates understands that every office space has unique needs and preferences. Their renovation services are fully customisable to suit specific requirements and preferences. 


How can clients request a quotation for an office renovation project? 

You may contact Ampersand Associates through email, phone or their enquiry form and provide the necessary information to commence your project.


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