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What’s In-Store? These Top Retail Interior Design Trends in Singapore will Give Your Shop Lots of Foot Traffic - Megafurniture

What’s In-Store? These Top Retail Interior Design Trends in Singapore will Give Your Shop Lots of Foot Traffic

In Singapore's dynamic retail scene, staying ahead of the game is crucial to capturing the attention of discerning customers.

Gone are the days of uninspiring layouts and lacklustre decor. Considering the current retail landscape, providing top-notch products alone isn't sufficient. I mean, playing recognisable music? Choosing the best lighting? Retail establishments have done it all. 

With Singaporeans regaining confidence to leave their homes after the pandemic, enhancing the shopping experience has become crucial to differentiate and draw in customers. This leads to the rise of well-choreographed retail interior designs- from telling the brand's story to ingraining unique retail store gimmicks.

Let's take a sneak peek at the top retail interior design trends in Singapore that will surely make customers flock to your doors. 

What is Retail Interior Design?

What is Retail Interior Design

Retail interior design is the art of crafting captivating shopping spaces that entice customers to explore, linger, and make a purchase. This involves arranging furniture and displays, selecting colours and lighting, and ensuring the overall store design is appealing to potential shoppers.

Good retail design plays a critical role in the initial stages of the shopping process.


What is the Future of Retail Interior Design?

Future of Retail Interior Design

With the growing popularity of online shopping in Singapore, customers are getting more and more options while businesses enter tougher competition.

The retail industry is one of the worst-hit industries during the pandemic, forcing shops to go through extreme changes to thrive. Luckily, despite the rapid growth of the online retail scene, physical stores still hold a special place to Singaporean's hearts. That said, retail establishments embrace the challenge to create a design that resonates with their target customers.

Now that we enter the post-COVID-19 era, the retail industry continues to evolve, integrating technological and interior design innovations developed over the past pandemic years.

In short, the retail scene is up for rapid change that a smart entrepreneur should adapt to succeed.

Essentials of a Successful Retail Interior Design

Essentials of a Successful Retail Interior Design

There are various factors to consider when planning for your retail design, such as:

  1. Brand Identity: Unique characteristics, values, and personality of a brand
  2. Customer Flow: Movement and navigation of customers within a retail space
  3. Product Placement and Merchandising: Strategic positioning and presentation of products within a store
  4. Lighting: Use of artificial or natural light sources within a retail space to enhance product visibility and ambience
  5. Store Fixtures and Displays: Physical structures and furniture used to showcase products in a retail store
  6. Visual Merchandising: Strategic use of visual elements, such as colour, texture, signage, and props, to create appealing store displays and arrangements of merchandise
  7. Comfort and Accessibility: Creating a comfortable and user-friendly environment for both customers and staff


Retail Store Layout Ideas

Retail Store Layout Ideas

Some of the basic retail layouts that you could try are:

  • Grid: Arranging aisles and shelves in a rectangular or square grid pattern, similar to city blocks
  • Loop: Also known as a racetrack or circular layout, the loop layout guides customers along a defined path that forms a loop
  • Free-flow: Does not adhere to any specific pattern but instead creates designated zones or sections within the store, each with its own unique theme or product category
  • Spine: Features a central pathway, known as the spine, running from the front to the back of the store
  • Diagonal: Introduces an element of visual interest and movement by positioning aisles and displays diagonally across the store
  • Peninsula: Featuring a central, freestanding display or department that extends into the store, surrounded by aisles on three sides
  • Combination Layout: May feature a mix of grids, loops, diagonals, or other arrangements, depending on the store's size, merchandise variety, and desired shopping experience

Top Retail Interior Design Trends in Singapore

From minimalist aesthetics to quirky elements, the retail scene in Singapore is buzzing with innovative and captivating store designs. Here are some exciting trends to keep you inspired:

Retail Design that Tells a Story

Retail Interior Design-IKEA Tampines

Courtesy: IKEA Tampines

Intoducing lots of branding elements such as your logo, colour scheme and decor into your retail design can largely appeal to your target customers. An excellent example of this is the ever homey and remarkable interior design of IKEA.

One key aspect of storytelling in retail interior design is understanding the brand's identity and values. Every brand has a unique story to tell, and the design of the store should align with that narrative. Whether it's a heritage brand steeped in tradition or a modern, cutting-edge start-up, the retail design elements should reflect the essence of your story.

Interactive Retail Design

Interactive Retail Design

Want to give your customers an amazing shopping experience? Consider designing an interactive retail space. Strategically place interactive displays and use digital technology like touchscreens within your store. How about engaging their senses with some awesome lighting, sound, and some pleasant scents?

Integration of Technology

Integration of Technology

One thing that the pandemic taught businesses is the importance of technology, especially with the rise of Singapore e-commerce over the past years.

Stay ahead by incorporating cutting-edge tech solutions like digital displays, smart payment systems, and interactive kiosks into your retail interior design. This way, you can enhance the overall shopping experience for your customers while streamlining your operations.

Shop that Feels Like Home

Retail Interior Design-Megafurniture Showroom

What if your store felt like a welcoming home? That's the idea behind the home-like store design trend that we follow at Megafurniture. Use cosy furniture, warm lighting, and inviting decor to build a homey environment for your customers. This will surely encourage them to spend more time exploring your offerings and foster a connection between your brand and their personal lives.

Sustainable Retail Interior Design

Sustainable Retail Interior Design

With sustainability becoming increasingly important in Singapore, integrating eco-friendly elements into your retail design can significantly impact your customers and align your brand with the growing eco-conscious movement. Consider using recycled materials, energy-efficient lighting, and natural finishes to create a space that resonates with environmentally conscious consumers.

Instagram-Worthy Retail Store Design

Instagram-Worthy Retail Store Design

In the age of social media, having a visually stunning store design can work wonders for your business. Create an Instagram-worthy environment with eye-catching displays, accessories, unique backdrops, and photogenic moments at every turn. 

Encourage your customers to share their experiences on social media, turn them into brand ambassadors to a wider audience organically.

Luxurious and Minimalist

minimalist retail shop

Sometimes, less is more when it comes to retail design. Think of sophisticated displays that allow your products to shine. No distracting colour schemes, no cluttered merchandise interior design display.

Lots of Bold Colours and Expressive Prints

Colourful Retail Interior Design

Of course, you're welcome to go all out in your retail interior design! Embrace vibrant colours and expressive prints to establish a highly recognisable brand. Create a lively and energetic atmosphere and capture the attention of passersby.

Shop that Pop 

popup retail shop

Popup shops are all the rage in Singapore, offering exclusivity and excitement. Feature temporary displays, limited-time collaborations, and interactive installations to generate a buzz and attract foot traffic to your brand.


Focus on Emotional Connections

Homey retail interior design

Last but certainly not least, aim to create emotional connections with your customers through your retail interior design. Reflect on the specific emotions you desire your brand to elicit and imbue them within the ambience of your store. Is it a feeling of exhilaration, reminiscence, or serenity? Whatever your message is, ensure it is reflected in your interior design.

Must-See Retail Store Interior Designs in Singapore

When it comes to retail interior design, Singapore stands out as a hub for innovation and creativity. Here are some retail aesthetics that redefined Singapore's retail scene:


Jewel Changi Airport

Jewel Changi Airport

The famous Jewel Changi Airport is an architectural marvel in Singapore that seamlessly integrates nature, retail, and entertainment. The layout is a testament to its unique concept, offering visitors a mesmerising experience like no other.

Paragon Shopping Centre

Retail Interior Design- Paragon Singapore

Courtesy: Paragon Singapore

Paragon Shopping Centre is a retail paradise renowned for its luxurious ambience. Look at those high-end boutiques and designer stores that line its corridors!

Tampines Mall

Retail Interior Design- Tampines Mall

Tampines Mall, situated in the vibrant Tampines district, transports visitors to a world of refined sophistication with notable architectural details. Truly a masterpiece that makes you want to revisit.

Bugis Junction

Retail Interior Design- Bugis Junction

Courtesy: Bahnfrend

Bugis Junction is a retail hotspot for fashion-forward individuals and trendsetters with its open spaces, artistic installations, and decadent decor.


Vivo City Singapore

Courtesy: Vivo City

Vivocity is one of Singapore no, Asia's largest retail and lifestyle destinations known for its iconic glass walls and sky bridges. This masterpiece is loved by both locals and tourists.

Tips to Achieve a Retail Interior Design that Sells

Use Colour Wisely

Retail Store Interior Design Colour

Colour has a profound effect on human psychology and can influence purchasing decisions. To make your shop pop, choose a colour scheme that aligns with your brand identity and the emotions you want to evoke. 

Ever Heard of Visual Merchandising?

Retail Store Interior Design Visual Merchandising

Visual merchandising is the art of presenting merchandise enticingly. Use eye-catching displays, props, and lighting to create a captivating story highlighting your products.

Tip: Encourage your customers to make “impulse” purchases by turning your checkout section into a mini merchandise display. Arrange cheaper items or essentials that can easily lure customers into purchasing along with the item already on their hand.

Welcome Your Customer Subtly 

Retail Store Interior Design

The keyword is "subtly". Position your best-selling or new items near the entrance to capture attention immediately but make sure that it's not too overwhelming to the customer. Rather than having an elaborate "threshold" arrangement, choose a layout that warmly welcomes your customers while introducing what your brand is like.

Highlight Your Power Wall

Retail Store Interior Design Sale Wall

Did you know that when shoppers navigate a retail store, they most likely turn right? Of course, this depends on the store layout, but they most commonly do. Take advantage of this by giving your store a “power wall”. Create a focal point using bold signage, attractive lighting, and unique shelving to lure customers to this area. Choose your best products and feature them on your power wall to drive the most attention and generate sales

Create a Clear Path for Your Customers

Retail Store Layout

Guide your customers through your store with a clear and logical path. Encourage exploration by placing complementary products near each other and using directional cues to guide customers to different sections.

Make Sure Your Customers Slow Down

Retail Store Sale

Foster engagement and interaction by incorporating interactive areas where customers can test products or interact with digital displays. 

It's also always nice to have comfy seating areas where they can take their time and make informed purchase decisions.

Comfort is Important

Retail Interior Design Comfort

Ensuring the comfort of your customers should be at the forefront of your retail design strategy. Create a pleasant shopping environment with adequate lighting, proper ventilation, and a comfortable temperature. 

Retail Interior Design to Inspire Customer Checkout

Implement these trends, create an exceptional in-store experience, and watch as your store becomes a go-to retail destination for shoppers in Singapore.

Want to give your shop a homey design? Visit Megafurniture's showroom to see what we have in-store for your business.

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