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Your Ultimate Bed Frame Buying Guide - Megafurniture

Your Ultimate Bed Frame Buying Guide

The bed frame is often considered secondary to the mattress when providing comfort for your sleep, but this unit should not be compromised when thinking about healthy sleep. When furnishing your bedroom, choose a sturdy and purposeful bed frame. It serves as a good support system for your mattress, giving you optimal comfort and appeal in your bedroom sanctuary. 

The best bed frames in Singapore come in different materials, sizes, and configurations. With all the features to consider, it can sometimes be overwhelming to choose the right piece that suits your needs and your tastes. But with a few tips and research, you can definitely make a smart purchasing decision.

Whether you are replacing your old bed frame or buying a new one for your new home, here is your definitive guide to buying a bed frame for healthy and sound sleep.


When Should You Replace Your Bed Frame?

When should you replace your bed frame

In your bedroom, your bed frame works the hardest. This is the spot where you spend most of your time lounging and resting. Add jumping and playing if you have kids. These factors make this furniture piece more susceptible to wear and tear. Being a significant investment in your home, it's important that your bed frame serves its purpose—to give you proper support and comfort. If your bed frame starts creaking or lacking support, it's time to upgrade to a more efficient one. Consider these signs to confirm that your bed frame needs an update:

  • You don't feel comfortable despite having an appropriate mattress.
  • The bed frame is too noisy, especially when you move.
  • You notice loose or bent parts.
  • There is obvious damage that makes you unsafe.
  • You don't feel fully supported during sleep.
  • You wake up feeling tired rather than revitalised.


      What are the Types of Bed Frames?

      Like any other furniture in your home, there are multiple varieties of bed frames available on the market. Choosing which one to buy depends on your style and comfort preferences.


      Types of Bed Frames According to Materials

      Upholstered Bed Frame

      Upholstered Bed Frame

      Upholstered bed frames are gaining popularity because of their comfort, from the tall padded headboard, supportive base, and padded sides. Upholstered bed frames are made with various materials, like genuine leatherfaux leather, and fabric. They are also available in many colours and styles.


      • Upholstered bed frames are very comfortable.
      • Upholstered bed frames offer lots of colour combinations and materials to choose from.
      • Upholstered bed frames give your bedroom extra appeal.


      • Upholstered bed frames require more cleaning and maintenance (for an easy-to-clean upholstered bed frame, choose one made with leather materials).
      • Upholstered bed frames are more susceptible to wear and tear than wooden and metal units.

        Wooden Bed Frame

        Wooden Bed Frame

        From classic to modern styles, wooden bed frames have their place in our homes. These popular units are highly durable and stylish. When buying a bed frame, trust that you'll find a wooden variety that fits any interior design. Wooden bed frames offer their natural elegance, comfort, and longevity.


        • Wooden bed frames exude natural charm and style.
        • Beds made of wood are highly durable.
        • Wooden beds don't require much maintenance.
        • Wooden bed frames are environmentally friendly.


        • Larger wooden bed frames are heavy.
        • Wood is prone to mites.
        • Solid wood bed frames are more expensive.

          Metal Bed Frame

          Metal Bed Frame

          Like a wooden bed frame, metal bed frames come in myriad styles, perfect for any interior theme you want to achieve. Metal bed frames are known for their durability and longevity. If you want to achieve a classic, modern, contemporary, or industrial design, a metal bed frame can be your ideal choice. 


          • Metal bed frames are stylish.
          • Metal beds can be easily moulded to create multiple designs.
          • Metal is a durable material.
          • Bed frames made of metal are easy to maintain.
          • Insects don't affect metals.
          • Metal bed frames are great for kids' rooms.


          • Metal beds produce creaky sounds that can be disturbing.
          • Metals retain heat, which can't be that comfortable for those who live in places with extreme weather conditions.

            Storage Bed Frame

            Storage Bed Frame

            Storage bed frames are the champions of space-saving. With the hydraulic lift system, storage beds offer ample space under the bed for keeping extra bedding, linens, clothes, and other essentials that you want to keep out of sight.


            • Storage bed frames are great for saving space.
            • Storage beds give off an uncluttered look.
            • Storage beds are very stylish and comfortable.


            • Most storage beds are made with fabric that is prone to dusting.
            Want to level up your sleep quality? Start your mattress buying journey with this in-depth mattress buying guide.


            Bed Frame Buying Guide

            Bed frame buying guide

            Know the Right Bed Frame Size for Your Bedroom

            Measure your bed space twice to guarantee that you get accurate measurements. Consider your mattress size, the layout of the room, other furniture in your home, and traffic allowance when deciding on the size of your bed frame. Most importantly, consider your ease of movement, especially if you sleep with your family on one mattress. Here are various mattress and bed frame sizes in Singapore that you should take note of:

            Bed frame type


            Single bed frame

            Single bed frames are ideal for kids and single adults. Good for compact bedroom spaces and home offices.

            Super single bed frame

            Being more spacious than a single bed frame, super single bed frames are great for kids and single adults who need more room to move but are short on space.

            Queen-size bed frame

            Queen-size bed frames are ideal for shared bedrooms that still revolve around space-saving. Provide ample space to fit two people.

            King-size bed frame

            King-size beds are great for family use and master bedrooms. King-size beds are spacious enough to fit two adults and a kid.

            Know Your Mattress Support Needs

            Aside from the size of your bed frame, it's important to get the right support system to ensure your comfort. Here are the most common mattress support systems:

            Bed frame type


            Platform bed

            Platform bed frames are designed to withstand heavy weight mattresses. They are composed of thick wood slats to support the mattress. Simply put, a platform beds are bed frames with built-in mattress support.

            Box spring bed

            If you are looking for a more breathable mattress support, box spring bed frames might be your best choice. Box spring beds come with coils that promote proper air flow. This system also helps absorb the body weight and prevents premature sagging.

            The Right Height Matters

            The right bed frame height is dependent on your comfort preferences. If you prefer a low-profile bed frame, a platform bed might be an ideal choice. Box springs and some fabric bed frames are relatively taller because of the additional support. Taller bed frames are suitable for people with mobility issues.

            Shop for Your Bed Frame Online

            There are various high-quality, stylish, and durable bed frames available online in Singapore. Online bed frame retailers offer great prices and discounts on top of their lower price range. This is because online shops have lower overhead than physical stores. You can easily compare mattress designs, materials, and sizes with a few clicks and review customer ratings to get an idea of the actual quality of the product and the shop's services.

            Looking for high-quality bed frames online in Singapore? Check out Megafurniture's extensive collection of high-quality bed frames at affordable prices.

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