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Wood vs. Metal: Which Bed Frame Helps You Sleep Better at Night? - Megafurniture

Wood vs. Metal: Which Bed Frame Helps You Sleep Better at Night?

When it comes to getting a good night’s rest, people often focus on the mattress itself. What they do not realise is that the bed frame is just as important for your sleep quality.

The bed frame is the foundation on which the mattress sits. An inadequate frame can keep you up at night from the creaking and squeaking alongside the occasional sliding of the mattress that comes with any movement you make in bed. This spells the need for a quality frame that is not only devoid of any potential noise pollution but is also sturdy enough to physically support the weight of your mattress.

To this end, you want a sturdy bed frame that is able to withstand the heftier and thicker mattresses of today without sagging. This frame will ideally last you in the long run without the need to be replaced every few years or worse, months.

When it comes to selecting a bed frame that is comfortable with a sturdy foundation, wooden and metal bed frames are often at the forefront due to their stability, durability and the general comfort they provide.


Sturdiness can be determined in numerous ways. In this instance, it is what holds up the bed.

A metal bed frame is expected to be sturdier as it is able to fit a physically larger mattress. This theoretically makes a standard-sized metal bed frame less susceptible to damage than many wooden bed frames when it comes to supporting mattresses on the larger side.

Nevertheless, wooden frames (especially the expandable bed frame wood options..) are known to demonstrate greater sturdiness due to the thicker and heavier nature of wood compared to metal. They also have sturdier stability systems built-in in the form of slats, which offers extra comfort and robustness for the frame.

Metal frames are very rarely built in this way and hence may not be as good withstanding the weight of a heavier mattress.



If durability is your main concern, then a metal frame should be your preferred option. The unparalleled strength and power of steel has been known for millennia, and provides outstanding durability when paired with metal slats to bridge each side of the bed frame.  

While metal frames of the past did not have a centre support, which made them too weak to support heavier individuals or multiple sleepers. This issue has since been resolved with the newly reinforced models.

For this reason, newer metal bed frames tend to not suffer as much damage and are known to maintain their appearance over time. In comparison to wooden frames which are susceptible to scratches and stains, metal retains its pristine condition many years down the line.

However, metal frames are prone to rust unless they are regularly cleaned, which can be a chore. This makes wood a more low-maintenance option since it is easier to care for.


Comfort is arguably the most important aspect when it comes to your choice for a brand-new bed. There is nothing worse than heading to bed after a long, hard day at work only to toss and turn from the sheer discomfort of the bed.

In general, metal beds tend to be less comfortable than wooden ones. Their build quality can also be flimsy when constructed using low quality steel, leading to situations whereby the mattress is not properly secured by the bed frame.

With metal beds, because your mattress sits on the slats, it can often be troublesome and difficult to adjust, which stops you from adjusting the tension to provide wider or reduced support.

On the other hand, wooden slats offer greater flexibility than metal alternatives, as wood can mould into your preferred sleeping position for greater flexibility. This keeps you comfortable enough at night to receive the requisite eight hours of sleep.



Any noises that your bed makes has a longstanding impact on your comfort and results in a poor night’s sleep. A bed that creaks and disturbs your rest can be a nightmare, especially if you are a light sleeper.

In this situation, metal beds are more likely to cause a ruckus during the night. This occurs as a result of movement between the joints, which is caused by metal on metal friction, and is usually unavoidable with an all-metal build regardless of the bed frame design. 

Wooden bed frames are the preferred option for a more soundproof sleep. Due to the rigid nature of the material, the bed structure is less likely to separate, thus producing less noise.

In general beds that are low in quality and built to a lesser standard are by extension less rigid and hence more prone to squeaking and creaking regardless of their material.


The bed is the centrepiece of the bedroom. And for your bed to look good, your bed frame has to look good. Therefore, you want something that embodies grace and elegance to catch the eye of anyone that sees it.

Wooden beds are available in a range of shapes and designs, from an elegant four-poster that sits right at home in a French provincial-style interior to a contemporary sleigh bed that inculcates modernity and comfort into the bedroom.

Alternatively, you can opt to have the wooden frame custom-tailored with the help of different types of wood and stains. Based on your preference, you can personalise one with a distinct style that matches the thematic design of your bedroom compared with a traditional bed frame.

Metal frames may not offer the same custom-tailor function as wood but they are also available in a broad spectrum of colours for you to choose from.

Muted tones like black and white are great for that upscale contemporary look. A monochromatic metal frame provides a perfect contrast to converted warehouse apartments and modern Scandinavian-design living spaces.

Conversely, uplifting colors work best for a children’s bedroom. A brightly-colored metal bed frame can make a bold statement and imbues the room with a childlike debonair.

Bed Frame or Not: Making the choice

Whether you prefer the classic elegance and variegated stains associated with wood or are smitten by the plethora of available colours and metallic finishes that metal frames allow for, your choice should be based on what factors are most important to you.

Wood is a first-rate choice when it comes to sturdiness, elegance, and limiting any noise the bed frame makes. On the other hand, metal frames have enduring qualities. You should therefore consider which of these differences is of greater importance to you as an individual based on your sleeping preferences.


The right bedframe makes a huge difference in the quality of your sleep. Like proper diet and exercise, healthy sleep is just as paramount. Get the best bed frames in Singapore when you shop at Megafurniture.

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