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Why Furniture Delivery Timing Is More Complex Than You Think?

One common frustration that we often hear from our customers is the lack of advance notice or inaccurate delivery timings. We understand how disappointing this can be, especially if our everyday mantra is “time is of the essence”. After all, we live in Singapore and over here, everything is fast-paced.  It’s  expected that everytime you order a piece of furniture online, you are expecting a timely and precise delivery of that furniture. And if this expectation is not met, your anticipation can turn into stress as you worry about missing the delivery or having to rearrange your plans last minute. 

Why Furniture Delivery Timing Is More Complex Than You Think?

This is exactly the reason why we at Megafurniture strive to meet these expectations. We recognise the disappointment  when your new furniture, which you eagerly awaited, doesn’t arrive as smoothly as you hoped. 

But in reality, we also have to recognise that several factors can influence delivery timings. We understand how disappointing delayed deliveries can be, and we aim to explain the complexities behind our delivery schedules to provide you with better clarity.

Key takeaways from this article:

  • Megafurniture provides a delivery time range of four hours to account for unpredictable factors like traffic and building access.
  • Traffic conditions, multiple deliveries, building access issues, customer availability, and weather conditions can all affect delivery times.
  • Megafurniture embraces Kaizen, focusing on better communication, customer feedback, and flexible scheduling to enhance delivery accuracy and satisfaction.
  • Customers can help by being available during the delivery window, providing clear instructions, and staying informed through updated contact information.
  •  By understanding the complexities behind delivery timings and working together, we can ensure a smoother, more reliable delivery experience.

A Peek on Megafurniture’s Delivery Timing

A Peek on Megafurniture’s Delivery Timing

Our current workflow involves giving customers a delivery time range of four hours, such as 12pm to 4pm. This window is designed to account for various unpredictable factors that can affect delivery schedules. However, we know that this can sometimes be inconvenient for our customers, leading to missed deliveries or disruptions in daily routines.

Factors Influencing Furniture Delivery Timing

Factors Influencing Furniture Delivery Timing

To better understand furniture delivery delays, let us unveil the different factors influencing delivery timing:

1. Traffic Conditions: 

One of the most significant factors affecting delivery timing is traffic. Singapore's busy roads can be unpredictable, with sudden traffic jams or road closures causing delays. Our delivery teams strive to avoid these situations by planning the best routes, but sometimes, traffic conditions can be unavoidable.

2. Multiple Deliveries: 

Our delivery teams handle multiple deliveries in one trip to optimise efficiency and reduce costs. While this helps keep our delivery fees reasonable, it also means that delays at one stop can impact subsequent deliveries. For example, if the delivery before yours takes longer due to unforeseen issues, it might push back the entire schedule.

3. Building Access: 

Accessing certain buildings can be challenging. Elevators might be unavailable, or there could be restrictions on delivery times imposed by building management. These factors can lead to delays that are out of our control.

4. Customer Availability: 

Megafurniture also depends on customers to be available during the delivery window. When customers are not home or unreachable, our delivery teams must reschedule, causing delays for other deliveries on the route.

5. Weather Conditions: 

Adverse weather conditions, such as heavy rain or storms, can significantly impact delivery times. Safety is our priority, and we may need to slow down or reroute our deliveries during bad weather to ensure the safety of our team and your furniture.

Megafurniture’s Continuous Improvement Process

Megafurniture’s Continuous Improvement Process


At Megafurniture, we embrace the principles of Kaizen, continuously looking for ways to improve our delivery process. Here are some steps we're taking to enhance accuracy and customer satisfaction:

1. Better Communication: 

We are working on improving our communication with customers. This includes providing more timely updates on delivery status and notifying you of any potential delays as soon as possible.

2. Feedback Loop: 

Your feedback is crucial. We encourage customers to share their delivery experiences so we can identify pain points and implement solutions more effectively.

3. Flexible Scheduling: 

We are exploring options for more flexible delivery scheduling, including smaller time windows for customers who need them. This might involve additional fees but can offer greater convenience for those with tighter schedules.

What You Can Do

What You Can Do

As a customer, you can also help ensure smoother delivery by:

  • Being Available: Ensure someone is available during the delivery window to receive your items.
  • Providing Clear Instructions: Give our delivery team clear instructions on accessing your building or any special requirements.
  • Staying Informed: Keep your contact information updated and check for any notifications or updates from us regarding your delivery.

By understanding the factors that influence delivery timings and working together, we can ensure a smoother, more reliable delivery experience.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team is here for you. Please feel free to contact them at 6950 2657 or send an email at

Customer Service Working Hours:

Mon-Fri, 11am to 7pm, excluding PH.

Why Furniture Delivery Timing Is More Complex Than You Think?-conclusion


If you're already confident in choosing Megafurniture for your next furniture purchase, why wait? Browse our extensive range of quality furniture pieces and enjoy a seamless shopping experience. Visit our website today and let’s transform your living space together! 

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