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Can I Wash My Sofa Covers? - Megafurniture

Can I Wash My Sofa Covers?

Sofa covers give the sofa life and personality. Plus, they protect the cushions from stains and other things that can affect the furniture’s quality. However, with regular use, pet dander, spilled drinks, kids playing on the sofa, and general wear and tear, your sofa cover can get dirty too.

So how can you clean and maintain the quality of your sofa? Can you wash your sofa cover? Read on to find out.

Can You Wash Your Sofa Cover?

The answer is that it depends. There are various sofas with removable covers, and there are some with non-detachable covers. We will tackle the ways you can take care of both removable and nonremovable sofa covers.

How to Clean Removable Sofa Covers

How to Clean Removable Sofa Covers

  1. Check the care label. Many sofa covers are machine-washable. However, others are more delicate and need to be hand-washed. Since different fabrics have different cleaning needs, it’s crucial to check your manufacturer's instructions before cleaning your covers.
  2. Get a damp white cloth and rub it on your sofa cover to test if it is colorfast or not. If the colour of the sofa gets into the cloth, we suggest taking it to a professional cleaner, as the colour and quality may be affected when machine washed.
  3. Use mild soap and non-bleach detergents whenever you wash your sofa covers. This is to prevent discoloration.
  4. Use cold or lukewarm water to prevent the fabric from sinking.
  5. Do not wash your sofa cover with other fabrics to prevent colour accidents.
  6. If your sofa cover is machine washable, make sure to set a gentle wash cycle.
  7. Be gentle with your fabric when drying.

How to Clean Non-Removable Sofa Covers?

How to Clean Non-Removable Sofa Covers?

  1. Non-removable sofa covers cannot be washed, so the best way to keep them clean is by using a vacuum cleaner. Remove dust, dirt, and pet dander using a vacuum cleaner with an upholstery attachment. Do this regularly to make sure that there will be no dirt buildup. Vacuum-clean your sofa every week, and deep-clean it every month.
  2. You may use a lint roller to remove pet dander from hard-to-reach areas.
  3. Always spot-clean your sofa with mild soap and cold or warm water. Do not use hot water, as it can bond some stains to the fabric.
  4. Grease, blood, or other deep stains may require tougher cleaning than regular stains.
  5. You may deodorise your sofa using a vacuum cleaner and baking soda.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Deep Clean a Non-Detachable Sofa Cover?

How Do I Deep Clean a Non-Detachable Sofa Cover?

Start by thoroughly vacuuming your sofa, including the bottom of the seat and hard-to-reach areas. Spot clean your sofa afterwards and use baking soda to remove the lingering odours. Give your sofa ample airflow to keep it fresh.

How Often Should I Wash My Sofa Cover?

How Often Should I Wash My Sofa Cover?

We recommend washing your sofa cover every six months. However, in the case of spills, we highly encourage you to tackle the stains at the earliest possible time. You can do monthly deep cleaning with a vacuum cleaner and weekly upkeep.


What Do the Sofa Care Label Symbol Mean?

What Do the Sofa Care Label Symbol Mean?

Your sofas come with care symbols. These are the cleaning instructions that are best for your sofa's upholstery.




Your upholstery is only fit for dry cleaning. You can spot clean your sofa using a solvent-based cleaner.


Wash your upholstery with a water-based cleaner. This does not automatically mean that your sofa cover is machine-washable.


You may use a water-based or solvent-based cleaner for your upholstery.


Your upholstery is machine-washable.


You can only clean your upholstery with a vacuum cleaner.


Taking care of your sofa is not as hard as it looks. The best way to know if you're caring for your upholstery the right way is to check and follow the care labels. If you give your sofa some TLC, you will surely enjoy it more.

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