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Learn How To Keep Your Sofa Clean and Pristine - Megafurniture

Learn How To Keep Your Sofa Clean and Pristine

Couch potato or not, you need to clean your sofa furniture in your Singapore home. All the crumbs and chips from last year’s Game of Thrones final season could be turning green in between the cracks and cushions. That coffee stain from the beginning of the lockdown period is starting to look like an outbreak on the sofa. What would your friends say?


Keep your sofa clean and hygienic to increase its longevity. Giving your sofa furniture a good DIY clean from time to time can prevent stubborn build-ups that could potentially damage the upholstery material. Ideally, you should be getting your sofa professionally cleaned every six to twelve months. Ideally, it is recommended you should be getting your sofa professionally cleaned every six to twelve months. 


But if you need a hand in keeping them sturdy, here are four methods that you can do to keep your couch clean and pristine.


1. Vacuum All Over

Using Vacuum to Clean your Sofa

Vacuum everything, the cushions in between the cracks, and all over the surface of your sofa furniture. Remove any large debris, coins, pens, paperclips, crayons or keys from the sofa. You can cover the vacuum nozzle with an old stocking or pantyhose and secure it with a rubber band to stop coins from being sucked up while you’re vacuuming.


Do not forget to remove the cushions and vacuum the base of the sofa. Make use of your vacuum attachments to get into those tiny crevices. Vacuuming might not get out all of the lint and pet fur that is stuck to your sofa, so in this case you can use a lint roller instead.



2. Blot, Do Not Scrub

Blot, Do Not Scrub

No matter how careful you and your guests are, it is likely that there will be celebratory spills all over your home furniture in Singapore. And it will most likely happen on your couch too. Instead of scrubbing vigorously, quickly blot the stains to soak up any excess liquid and prevent staining.


To clean small stains on a sofa made from fabric, you can use warm water mixed with some dishwashing liquid to remove them. If you’re not sure about using the mixture on your fabric, test a small batch on a hidden corner of your sofa to check for discolouration or any damage. Without soaking your whole sofa furniture, apply the mixture gently onto a clean cloth and blot the stain out. Leave it to dry.



3. Plump And Rotate

Plump And Rotate your sofa

After long weeks of quarantine, it is most likely that your sofa furniture gets squished down its frame. So, here is how you combat that. Remove all the cushions and, holding from the opposite sides, give them a good squeeze to reshape them. If the cushions are double-sided (ie. the same material on each side) rotate them to ensure each side is getting the same amount of wear.


This simple routine would be the mantra you need for sofa magnificence just before the hosting season begins.



4. Make Use of Baking Soda

Using baking soda to clean your sofa

Baking soda is a cleaning miracle and it helps to break up stains and release any bad smell that is stuck in your home furniture, especially your sofa. Sprinkle your entire sofa with a good amount of baking soda. Let the baking soda sit in for about twenty minutes to one hour. To finish, vacuum the baking soda off using a brush attachment.



It Is A Matter of Urgency

To keep your  sofa furniture clean and pristine, you must not neglect it. No matter how small those crumbs are you have to clean it up immediately. Same goes with stains, even if those are just droplets blot and do spot cleaning immediately. People tend to take their couches for granted and end up replacing them all the time.


How about you? Are you looking for a new sofa? Do not let this lockdown stop you from going to a furniture shop online in Singapore. Visit our website and start shopping!
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