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Is Velvet a Good Material for Your Sofa? - Megafurniture

Is Velvet a Good Material for Your Sofa?

The suitable sofa material will determine its aesthetic appeal, comfort, and durability. Wooden sofas are known for their timeless look, which fits almost all interior themes. Fabric sofas offer additional comfort and come in a range of designs, while leather sofas add a touch of luxury to your space. If you are looking for classic yet unique living room furniture, you might be looking at the deep-rooted velvet sofa.

One of the most sought-after furniture fabrics, indulgent velvet presents a lustrous look that makes your living space more attractive and interesting. This deluxe material attracts many furniture buyers but is highly misunderstood for being expensive and hard to maintain. If you are in the market for a velvet sofa but are still in doubt, you've come to the right place.

We listed down the benefits of having a velvet sofa in your living room as we busted the myths surrounding it.


Is Velvet a Good Material for Your Sofa?

Is Velvet a Good Material for Your Sofa?

When talking about velvet, the first thing you think about is luxury. This rich textile brings a unique sheen to any space that many believe will only fit royal homes and can only be afforded by the rich. But contrary to myths, velvet furniture pieces are accessible and versatile.

In terms of design, velvet is a timeless material that quickly bounces back into style every year. Velvet has a lustrous look that mixes well with other furniture materials in your home, creating good contrast and variation for a more attractive space. 

When it comes to longevity, velvet is surprisingly more durable than many fabric types because of its unconventional build. Velvet does not come with loose threads, so it is not prone to tearing. Aside from its resistance to wear and tear, its unique texture also makes a velvet sofa more comfortable.

Benefits of Choosing a Velvet Sofa

Benefits of Choosing a Velvet Sofa

Velvet is Versatile

For many years, velvet has significantly impacted the interior design industry, and it's easy to point out the reason. Velvet is a highly versatile material that transcends trends and fits various interior themes. Because of its unprecedented appeal, velvet is found in many furniture centrepieces and accents, like velvet beds, armchairs, ottomans, and dining chairs. It is also present in other decorative elements like throw pillows, making a glamorous space without much effort.

Velvet comes in many colours and can be mixed with various materials to create unique designs. The most popular colours are deep blue and emerald green, which lovers of elegant themes adore.

Velvet is Surprisingly Durable

In contrast to its delicate look, velvet is surprisingly durable and can resist wear and tear. Velvet is created by interlacing yarns on a loom, which are evenly cut to create a soft feel and appearance. This textile was initially made from silk but now welcomes other materials like cotton, linen, and wool, giving you more affordable choices. Contrary to what we believe, velvet is a strong furniture material due to its unique interlaced structure. It is not prone to scratching, making it appropriate for pet owners. Velvet is also fade-resistant and can stand wear and tear conditions when taken care of.

Note: If you are not a fan of the velvet bruise or the piling of threads when sitting on a velvet sofa, you can easily bring it back to its original design by smoothing it. You can also vacuum or steam your couch clean, but check the care instructions with your furniture store.

Velvet is Comfortable

You might be one of us who loves to run our palms on the luxurious velvet. The velvet construction brings a soft and rich feel to any space. It's also notably breathable and provides warmth during colder seasons, so if you're looking for all-weather comfort, velvet is a great choice. A well-knitted velvet sofa also has high-density foam padding and a solid wood framework, providing the right comfort and body support. Like a high-end leather sofa, velvet increases its softness with every use.

Downsides of a Velvet Sofa

Downsides of a Velvet Sofa

While the benefits outweigh the downsides of a velvet couch, we'd still like to discuss the disadvantages to help you make a confident choice. The major drawback of a velvet sofa, or velvet furniture in general, is the price. Traditional velvet made of silk is expensive. Good thing the introduction of various materials made velvet easier to carry in a pocket. Because of its sheer design, velvet is also vulnerable to attracting dust and thus requires careful maintenance.


Velvet Sofa FAQs

Velvet Sofa FAQs

Are Velvet Sofas High Maintenance?

Although delicate-looking, velvet sofas are surprisingly easy to maintain. You can use regular cleaning methods to keep the velvet furniture in prime condition. Brushing the velvet gently, vacuuming, and steaming can help maintain a clean couch. Fluffing velvet cushions can help avoid wrinkles. Blotting with a cloth without rubbing will prevent the stain from spreading after spills. A gentle vacuum or dryer will then remove the excess liquid. Use a soft brush to bring the velvet back to its original form for sit marks. 

To preserve the velvet's sheen, regular cleaning and vacuuming are recommended, just like the simple things we do to maintain the quality of any sofa.

Is Velvet Material Okay for Pet Owners?

This is probably one of the biggest concerns for furniture shoppers when it comes to buying velvet furniture. If you have kids or pets, you don't have to worry about having a velvet couch inside your home. As for a velvet frame, you can be at ease knowing that your child can sleep in comfort while maintaining the vibrant velvet material. Unlike leather and other fabric sofas, velvet is less prone to scratches and peeling.

Does Velvet Fade Easily?

Velvet does not quickly fade unless exposed to direct sunlight. It means velvet is not recommended for outdoor use. But when used indoors, velvet can keep its lustrous colour. To protect your velvet furniture from prematurely fading, place it away from a big window. If not possible, use a proper window treatment to block as much direct sunlight as possible or a throw to cover exposed parts of the velvet.

How to Take Care of Your Velvet Material Furniture

How to Take Care of Your Velvet Furniture

You only need a few materials to maintain the quality of velvet material furniture: a clean, absorbent cloth, a soft brush, upholstery cleaner or mild soap, and a vacuum for deep cleaning. Since velvet is prone to accumulating dust, regular vacuuming can help you eliminate dust particles and allergens. A soft brush may also help lessen the dust on your sofa. Spot-cleaning the sofa with a dry, absorbent cloth will help you get rid of spills as soon as possible. Tackle deep stains with mild soap or upholstery cleaner. Vacuum the sofa after using soap and liquid. Always remember to test the cleaner first before using it all over your couch, whatever sofa material you have.

How to Style Your Velvet Furniture

How to Style Your Velvet Furniture

Velvet comes in various colours that fit any interior theme. Neutral hues like light blue, grey, and sage green lean more towards smart aesthetics. These subtle colours blend well with various combinations without overpowering the overall look. Dark green and deep blue colours add elegance to your space. These are perfect for centrepieces. When combined with brass, dark-coloured velvet brings a contemporary royal feel to your area. Other colours like pink, maroon, and bold hues make perfect accent furniture. We love these colours for ottomans, stools, and dining chairs.

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