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6 Easy and Inexpensive Ways to Upgrade Your Kitchen (2024) - Megafurniture

6 Easy and Inexpensive Ways to Upgrade Your Kitchen (2024)

Designing and furnishing our homes is undeniably unnerving, especially in the kitchen, which is dominated by many fixtures, appliances, and clutter. It not only requires time but also a portion of our wits to create a practical layout and furniture choices that work according to our needs. If it's too daunting to start your kitchen upgrade, we are here to help you. Who knows? You might discover that there's no need to hack your walls to transform your space.

Whether doing a significant renovation or refurbishing your kitchen, these simple tips will make the process systematic and purposeful.

Why Do You Need a Kitchen Upgrade?

Why Do You Need a Kitchen Upgrade?

Maybe you've been contemplating a kitchen upgrade for the past few months—or even years. Maybe you don't feel entirely comfortable and satisfied in your kitchen but can't seem to point out the exact problem. Here are some signs you need to step up your kitchen design.

  1. Your kitchen is outdated and not comfortable to work in. One clear indication you need to refresh your kitchen is when you don't feel comfortable cooking in it anymore. Are your cabinets too dirty and worn out? Are your kitchen appliances malfunctioning or making your job more complicated? Do you see mould building up on surfaces?

  2. Your current layout is inefficient. The structure of your room matters, especially in your kitchen. Ideally, how you arrange your kitchen furniture, appliances, and supplies should support how you utilise your space. If your current layout disrupts the flow of your tasks, it's high time to rethink your kitchen layout.

  3. There is not enough storage. Your kitchen is a good target for clutter. Your kitchen cabinetsbuffet hutch, rack, storage shelves, and pantry storage make it easy for you to keep everything in place and ready for use. But sometimes your storage isn't enough, especially when your needs change.

  4. Your appliances are old. It is necessary to upgrade your kitchen appliances to keep up with your lifestyle changes. Whether you've been using the same units for years or your family has grown, your appliances will impact the functionality of your kitchen. Having old and inefficient appliances is a nightmare regarding ease of usage and your monthly bills.

  5. Your countertop is messy. Speaking of old appliances, most large kitchen appliances take up so much counter space that you could have used to easily prepare your meals. Re-evaluating your appliances and other kitchen essentials you keep on your kitchen surfaces will significantly make your tasks a breeze.

  6. Your kitchen became high-maintenance. Compared to newly created and renovated kitchens, older ones are more prone to leaks and breakage. If you find yourself doing frequent repairs, you need to upgrade your kitchen.

    Level Up Your Kitchen With These Easy Steps

    Update Your Kitchen Purpose

    Update Your Kitchen Purpose

    Many things will change over the years of using your kitchen, including its purpose. Modern kitchens in Singapore welcome an open-concept layout that combines your food prep and cooking zone with a place to unwind or entertain guests. An open-concept flat allows more space for food prep and checking on your kids while you cook. However, a downside of this layout is that it's easier to fill the place with smoke and grease. To avoid the mixing of odours in your area, we recommend installing a cooker hood. From chimney hoods to more compact telescopic units, it's good to find a major piece that fits your needs and space requirements.

    For your dining area, it’s good to look for dining tables and chairs that support the layout of your area to make sure your space isn’t cramped or uncomfortable.

    Level Up Your Furniture and Hardware

    Level Up Your Furniture and Hardware

    From simply repainting or replacing your cabinet knobs to buying additional storage furniture, you can upgrade the look and purpose of your kitchen.

    Add character to your kitchen by repainting your built-in cabinets. This will instantly liven up your space. Make sure to remove the clutter and fix some leaks to complete the transformation.

    If you need additional storage, you may install kitchen shelves and buy a rack or a hutch. Don't hesitate to incorporate various colours and materials to achieve your desired look. When buying new kitchen furniture, make sure to assess your storage needs to guarantee you get the right piece that will elevate the function of your space.

    Allow ample space for the appliances you need to store, the utensils you need immediate access to, and pantry supplies. Additional baskets, trays, and kitchen organisers can help you keep everything in its intended area.

    Rethink Your Kitchen Lighting

    Rethink Your Kitchen Lighting

    Tackle spaces that your overhead light can't reach by installing task lighting in your kitchen. Adding LED lights under your upper cabinets will give your kitchen depth and drama. Aside from being a pretty part of your kitchen, adding some task lights under your kitchen cabinets will provide you with a clearer view of your countertop while working.

    Beautify your open-concept kitchen by adding pendant lights on top of your kitchen counter or between your cooking and entertaining zones. Add some bar stools to your dining area to complete a casual and more welcoming space.

    Make Your Backsplash More Interesting

    Make Your Backsplash More Interesting

    If there's a catch basin for all the grease and dirty items in your kitchen, that's your backsplash. Give this part of your kitchen the care it deserves by swapping your old design for an updated one. Updating your backsplash does not take long compared to renovating some parts of your kitchen, but it makes a massive difference in how presentable your area will be.

    Upgrade Your Kitchen Appliances

    Upgrade Your Kitchen Appliances

    Your kitchen appliances are an integral part of your kitchen's design and function. Upgrading these appliances requires a thorough assessment as they can be costly. When choosing what appliances to upgrade, always look for their purpose and, of course, check if there are deficits and damages. Is your cooking hob not efficient enough to prepare meals for larger gatherings? Is your rice cooker too small for your growing family? Does your refrigerator cost you hefty electricity bills? Asking yourself these questions will help you identify what to prioritise. Newer appliances now come with extra functions and guaranteed energy efficiency.

    Here are some kitchen appliances you can buy in Singapore online:

    Major Kitchen Appliances

    Countertop Kitchen Appliances

    Kitchen Gadgets


    Cooker Hood

    Kitchen Hob



    Microwave Oven

    Air Fryer


    Coffee Machine



    BBQ Grill

    Rice Cooker

    Stand Mixer


    Hand Mixer

    Milk Frother

    Bread Toaster

    Electric Kettle


    Welcome New Decorative Elements in Your Kitchen

    Welcome New Decorative Elements in Your Kitchen

    The surfaces and shelves present in your kitchen are opportunities to add decorative elements and make your space more attractive and personal. Placing small indoor plants, wall art, and ornaments in strategic areas of your kitchen can make it feel alive and welcoming. Getting a display unit or installing shelves for your prized kitchenware can give your kitchen a distinction that you can pass down through generations.

    Spruce up your kitchen with Megafurniture! Browse through our assortment of premium kitchen furniture, storage, and appliances. Looking for kitchen organisers, cookware, and utensils? We also have them online! New to furniture shopping online? Our team is happy to help you!

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