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A Beginner's Guide to Sintered Stone Furniture - Megafurniture

A Beginner's Guide to Sintered Stone Furniture

Looking for attractive and reliable materials when buying furniture? Take a look at this magnificent sintered stone material that will take you into its luxurious design.

Sintered stone is gaining popularity among homeowners and interior designers due to its expressive look and durability. For kitchen tops, dining tablescoffee tables, vanities, bathrooms, and even architectural parts of the home, sintered stone is perfect for any home project.

If you are to follow this growing trend, here is a quick guide to help you understand what goes along with this exquisite beauty.

What is a Sintered Stone?

You might have encountered this term already, but what is a Sintered Stone?

Present in many designer furniture projects, a sintered stone slab is a manufactured product based on natural stones with the same appeal.

It is created through the sintering process, or the use of heat to fuse various materials and build a new solid piece. Sintered stone is often compared to some materials like marble and quartz, which are also noted for their beauty and quality.

When creating sintered stone, natural porcelain or granite particles and the like are carefully curated to achieve the desired look and ensure the quality of the slab. This bonded product is created quicker than natural stone materials but is incredibly strong and easy to maintain.

What is the Process of Sintering?

What is the Process of Sintering?

Sintering is the process of using immense heat to mix various materials to form a more solid end product without the need to liquefy them or use bonding elements like resin. This process applies to materials with higher melting points, like stones, that we typically use to create furniture. The raw materials used to make a sintered stone are put under high pressure to create one solid and versatile unit. When the bonding is done, the end product is a non-porous surface that is waterproof and does not require sealing.


Is Sintered Stone a Great Material for My Furniture?

Is Sintered Stone a Great Material for My Furniture?

Is sintered stone the best material for your furniture? Will it make a good tabletop or a kitchen top? Will your coffee table be more beautiful if you switch to the sintered stone variety? Given its relatively higher price than many other furniture materials, it's normal to debate whether it's worth investing in sintered stone furniture or not.

Here are the pros and cons of buying sintered stone furniture.

Advantages of Sintered Stone

Advantages of Sintered Stone

Sintered Stone is Durable

Unlike other tabletop materials, where you need coasters and placemats to place your cold drinks or hot dishes, sintered stone is resistant to cold and heat. This means you can directly place hot plates or mugs on top of your dining or coffee table without worrying about the damage. It is also resistant to scratches, and it doesn't absorb water, making it easy to clean and maintain.

Sintered Stone is Food Safe and Hygienic

One of the things we like most about sintered stone furniture is its food-grade quality. Because of its all-natural construction, sintered stone does not produce harmful chemicals when used. A sintered stone dining table or kitchen top is safe for the whole family.

Sintered Stone Does Not Require Sealing

An advantage of sintered stone compared to other stone furniture is that it doesn't require regular sealing and maintenance to maintain its beauty and quality. It doesn't show signs of wear and tear that quickly, even with frequent use. Because of its smooth texture, you can easily wipe your surfaces clean.

Sintered Stone is Recyclable

Pursuing sustainable living, sintered stone is recyclable and is guaranteed safe during decomposition— an environmentally friendly furniture solution in Singapore.

Downsides of Sintered Stone

Downsides of Sintered Stone

Sintered Stone is Difficult to Repair

While it's nearly impossible to damage this tough stone, extreme impacts can cause some surface cracks that are hard to patch or remove. Sintered stone repairs can be costly.

Sintered Stone Furniture Units are Heavy

Because of the stone material, it is given that sintered stone furniture can be heavier than other furniture materials like wood. 

Some Sintered Stone Furniture Pieces Require Professional Installation

Due to its heavy feel, we recommend you seek professional installation or assembly. Depending on the furniture outlet, you might be charged installation or assembly fees.

Sintered Stone vs. Quartz

Sintered Stone vs. Quartz

There are various stone furniture options on the market today. While others love the beauty of long-trusted quartz and marble, some homeowners welcome the sintered stone option. Quartz and sintered stone are non-porous materials that do not allow oils and liquids to penetrate. Thus, they are both easy to clean.

In terms of endurance, sintered stone tends to have better resistance against heat, scratches, and stains compared to quartz. When it comes to appearance, both are magnificently luxurious and come in various colours and styles. For the price, quartz tends to be more expensive than sintered stone.

Sintered Stone vs. Marble

Sintered Stone vs. Marble

The most noticeable difference between marble and sintered stone furniture is their appearance.

Marble is an organic material that develops natural textures and unique patterns per piece of furniture, while sintered stone presents more limited choices in terms of surface patterns. If you are into unique interior elements, you might fancy marble furniture. Since it's been on the market for decades, marble is easier to design. But take note that marble tables or kitchen tops come with bigger price tags. In terms of durability and maintenance, the sintered stone is undoubtedly easier to maintain as it's scratch-resistant and non-porous. It can stand temperature changes, while marble needs regular sealing to preserve its quality.

Sintered stone is relatively new to the furniture industry compared to other materials like wood, metal, fabric, and natural stone. If you're ready to introduce designer furniture pieces in your home without really investing a hefty amount of money, consider this smart-looking and luxurious furniture that is built to last. 

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