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The Beginner's Guide to Mattress Firmness in Singapore - Megafurniture

The Beginner's Guide to Mattress Firmness in Singapore

How to choose the ideal mattress firmness for your sleeping needs? Are soft mattresses the most comfortable? Do I need a bit of bounce or contour? If you're buying your new mattress and don't know how to choose the best one, we're here to help you. 

Your choice of mattress is important to ensure the quality of your sleep. The right mattress will help you improve your sleep posture and provide you with the comfort your body needs for a good night's rest. The materials used and the structure determines the firmness of your mattress. Although comfort is subjective, knowing the benefits and drawbacks of every firmness rate will help you get an idea of what to expect when using your mattress.

Defining Mattress Firmness

Defining Mattress Firmness

Mattress firmness can be classified as soft, medium soft, firm, and extra firm. Each mattress firmness provides varied support for every sleep position. Back sleepers, for example, need a firm mattress that can support the natural contour of the spine while targeting the pressure points to relieve back pain. In a more detailed view, mattress firmness follows a 1-10 scale, 1 being the softest and 10 being the firmest. See the table below to understand the mattress firmness scale.

Firmness rating

Mattress feel

General characteristics


Very soft mattress

As rare plush mattresses conform with the body’s natural shape, extra soft mattresses do not provide enough weight support.


Soft mattress

Soft mattresses envelop the body’s natural curves during sleep, providing a sinking feeling.


Medium firm mattress

Medium firm mattresses offer a good balance of soft comfort and firm support to relieve pain from the pressure points.


Extra firm mattress

These are bouncier mattresses that do not provide much sinking and contour. Firm mattresses are loved by combination sleepers or heavy sleepers.


Very hard mattress

Another rare mattress variety, extra firm mattresses are more on the bouncy side that keep the body afloat during sleep.

Very soft mattress

Very Soft - Viro Soft Therapy Plush Pocketed Spring Mattress

When lying on a very soft mattress, you will feel a noticeable body sinking and lack of support. It is rare to see mattresses with a firmness rating of 1-2 in the market.

Soft mattress

Soft - Four Star DETENSE Articsilk Advanze Aire Flex Aura Pocketed Spring Mattress

Mattresses with 3-4 firmness ratings offer a cloudy feel during sleep. These soft mattresses follow the body's natural curves, providing a plush comfort during sleep. Soft mattresses provide support for pressure relief, but they are not as supportive for combination and heavy sleepers. Soft mattresses work well for side sleepers who need proper body contour to reduce the pressure from their shoulders and hips.

Medium firm mattress

Medium Firm - Chattel Black 14 Inch Ice Silk Pocketed Spring Mattress

Medium soft or medium firm mattresses are loved by many mattress shoppers. These mattresses fall within the range of 5-6. Medium soft mattresses are great for back sleepers who want the proper support to relieve back pain. Many Singaporeans and mattress sharers prefer this balance of support and contour comfort. 

Extra firm mattress

Extra Firm - Honey Advance Active Pillowtop 10 Inch Pocketed Spring Mattress

Ranging from 7-8, extra firm mattresses offer a thinner comfort layer, lessening the contour feel and replacing it with a bouncy sensation during sleep. Firm mattresses are ideal for heavy sleepers who require more support and a bit of bounce. These mattresses are also great for combination sleepers who often toss and turn. Stomach sleepers also find comfort in firm mattresses that help them even out the distribution of their weight and reduce the pressure from their backs.

Very hard mattress

Very Hard - Vono Back Relaxer 2 Pocketed Spring Mattress

Like extra soft mattresses, very hard mattresses are also rare in the market. These mattress varieties offer no hugging sensation and focus more on the bounce and lots of pushback.

How to determine the right mattress firmness for your needs?

How to determine the right mattress firmness for your needs

  1. Know your sleeping position. Take note of your position before you sleep and when you wake up. This constant or most common sleep position that you have will help you determine the right mattress that you can use. Back sleepers generally need a balance of conformity and firm support. Side sleepers may find softer varieties more beneficial since they need extra contour to lessen the impact from the shoulders and hips. Compared to side sleepers, stomach sleepers need firmer options to alleviate the back pressure. 
  2. Consider your weight. Like your position, your weight should also be factored in when choosing the right mattress. Your weight can determine whether a mattress is too soft or too firm for your liking. Heavy sleepers, for example, might find some firm mattresses softer than light sleepers. Soft mattresses for heavy sleepers might give too much sinkage and less support.
  3. Know that not all firm mattresses provide the best support. Firmness is not always equal to support. There are firm mattresses that are great in targeting pressure points and alleviating pain, but there are varieties that are just plainly firm but lacking in support. To know whether your mattress offers you the right pressure relief, it's also essential to note the materials used in creating the mattress. The popular memory foam mattresses, although labeled firm can still provide an effortless contour, latex mattresses are known for their bounce, while innerspring mattresses, even the softer varieties offer the right firmness and bounce while lessening the contour.
  4. Note that soft is not equal to comfortable. Although advertisements are filled with cloud-like soft mattresses, the best mattresses aren't always the softest or the firmest. Take note that you need a bit of pushback to support your body’s alignment and a plush feel to help your body relax. The best mattress is always the one that fits your personal needs and comfort preference.
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Having a comfortable mattress is paramount to giving you a revitalising sleep. Knowing the suitable mattress that supports your sleep position, weight, and comfort preference is crucial to leveling up your sleep quality. Buying the right mattress to help you sleep well and feel alive might be more detailed than just choosing what feels right to your hands. It's more important to determine the benefits and downsides of each mattress firmness to know what fits your needs and comfort preference. 

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1. What is the best mattress in Singapore for back pain?

The best mattress for back pain in Singapore are the ones with cooling technology to enhance sleep quality in the humid climate.

Memory foam mattresses are praised for their pressure relief properties, while latex options provide similar benefits without retaining as much heat.

Hybrid mattresses combine the best of both, offering support, cooling, and comfort. Features like hypoallergenic materials and a trial period can also add to the sleep experience. These characteristics aim to support spinal alignment and relieve pressure points, crucial for those with back pain.

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