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How to Remove the New Mattress Smell

You might've been tired of your saggy old mattress or simply want to upgrade the comfort of your bedroom by buying yourself a new mattress. Having a new mattress in your home feels good and refreshing for some reason. It brings a sense of ease and the thrill of discovering a new way of comforting your space. But with all the excitement comes the strong chemical smell of a new mattress. While we all expect to go through this new mattress phase, there are ways you can freshen up your new sleep solution faster.

Here are some tips how to get smell out of mattress.

What Causes the New Mattress Smell?

What Causes the New Mattress Smell?

The new mattress smell is caused by off-gassing from the Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOC) that make up the mattress. Off-gassing happens to new items like plastics, car interiors, carpets, sealed products, newly painted walls, and mattresses. This is more evident in mattresses that come in a box or are vacuum-sealed since the mattress will receive less airflow to release the smell. 

When you finally open the packaging, your mattress will expand to its appropriate size and shape. The chemical odour will then be released. One of the most prominent off-gassing products is the memory foam mattress. Some spring varieties also produce strong odours.

What Kind of Chemicals Do New Mattresses Release? Are They Harmful?

What Kind of Chemicals Do New Mattresses Release? Are They Harmful?

The off-gassing smell is usually caused by the polyurethane foam material or adhesives. While this smell may be disturbing for the first few days, most users don't experience any side effects from the odour.

But some who are more sensitive to odours or those who have asthma may have difficulty dealing with this unpleasant smell. Some may feel nauseous or experience allergy symptoms.

When choosing your mattress materials, it's important to consider these things, especially when sharing with more vulnerable family members like children.

How Long Does the New Mattress Smell Stay?

How Long Does the New Mattress Smell Stay?

Some new mattresses release the smell of VOCs for a few hours after unpacking, while others take days to dispel the smell. This depends on the mattress material. Mattresses made with chemical materials will smell longer than those made with more natural materials. More traditional foams may need weeks to off-gas. 

VOCs rapidly break down and disperse in certain situations. Other factors, like the ventilation of your area, can affect how long the chemical smell will stay on your mattress. 

How to Remove New Mattress Smell Faster

How to Remove New Mattress Smell Faster

We understand that the new mattress smell can be bothersome, so here are some ways you can get rid of the odour faster. 

  1. Air your mattress out in a well-ventilated area. Open your windows and doors to ensure you have ample air passage where the gas can exit and maintain proper airflow. Allowing air to enter and providing a way for the smell to exit will help you make the gases less concentrated. We recommend placing the mattress on an elevated area and letting it sit in a higher place to give the whole unit ample ventilation.

  2. Use a fan or a humidifier. There is a bigger tendency for the uncomfortable smell to stay in smaller rooms with less ventilation. A fan or humidifier can supplement enough air to speed up the off-gassing process. To remove the unnecessary smell and make your air fresh, you may also use an air purifier.

  3. Use baking soda and a vacuum cleaner. Baking soda is known for the wonders it brings to the household. As it neutralises the odours of rugs, sofas, and even the refrigerator, it can also neutralise the pungent smell of a new mattress. However, this process will take longer since a room is a bigger area to deal with. Sprinkle baking soda directly on your mattress, allow it to sit for hours, and vacuum the surface. You can also prepare a mixture of baking soda and water inside the room where the new mattress is placed.

  4. Have you heard about enzyme spray? An enzyme spray can remove the pungent smell of urine or vomit from an old mattress, but it can also be used to remove new mattress smells. Before spraying it all over the mattress, test it first to check if it's prone to staining the surface. 

  5. How about activated charcoal? Like baking soda, you can place bowls of activated charcoal in your room to remove the odour. However, you can't sprinkle the charcoal directly on the mattress because it will leave some stains on the surface.

  6. Tap your mattress manually. One way to quickly release the gas is to press the mattress manually. This step might not be the most comfortable since you'll have to deal with the smell closer. When doing this, take some breaks and inhale fresh air. You can also jump on the mattress for the first and last time just so you can release the odour.

  7. Get a mattress cover. Some mattresses are bought for immediate use. If you need to use your mattress once it is delivered, a mattress cover can help create a layer between you and your mattress. This way, you don't need to deal with the smell during your initial use while letting it dissipate. But before using your mattress the first day, make sure to check the mattress smell and structure (if it has completely reached its comfortable size after expanding), since it might affect the quality of your sleep. If it is not yet conducive for use, you may help it break out by walking on it or placing slightly heavy items like boxes on top of your mattress. This will help you achieve the right firmness.

  8. Choose your mattress well. The smell might not be the number one consideration when buying a mattress, but it is something worth pondering. Snug memory foam produces more off-gassing odors. A good choice in terms of odour is a latex, innerspring, or hybrid mattress. Many buyers prefer pocketed springs with little to no memory foam because they release the least smell.

We all desire to experience better sleep. If you've been dealing with a saggy mattress for years, you might be thrilled to use your new one ASAP. But remember, breaking in your new mattress doesn't take much time. With a little more patience and effort, you will surely enjoy the comfort of your brand-new sleep solution.

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