Self-Close vs. Soft-Close Chest of Drawers: Which One is Better?

Choosing the right chest of drawers for your home can be a surprisingly important decision. Besides the aesthetics and size, you might have to decide between self-close and soft-close mechanisms. 

But what are these options, and which one is better suited to your needs? 

Let's delve into the details of self-close and soft-close chest of drawers and explore their respective advantages and downsides.

What is a Self-Close Chest of Drawers?

A self-close chest of drawers is designed with a mechanism that, when pushed shut, will automatically close the drawer the last few inches. This feature prevents the drawer from remaining partially open and ensures a neat and tidy appearance.

Advantages of Self-Close Chest of Drawers

  • Efficiency. Self-close drawers make it effortless to close the drawers with a gentle nudge, saving time and effort.
  • Cost. Generally, self-close mechanisms tend to be more budget-friendly compared to soft-close systems.
  • Suitable for children. The self-close mechanism is less intricate, making it less prone to damage and a good option for homes with young children.

Downsides of Self-Close Chest of Drawers

  • Noise. Although quieter than traditional drawers, self-close drawers can still produce some noise during use.
  • Limited control. Closing speed is predetermined and cannot be adjusted.

What is a Soft-Close Chest of Drawers?

A soft-close or easy close chest of drawers is equipped with a mechanism that slows down the closing action, preventing the drawer from slamming shut. It gently eases the drawer into its closed position, providing a quieter and safer operation.

Advantages of Soft-Close Chest of Drawers

Silence. Soft-close drawers provide a virtually noiseless closing experience, ideal for bedrooms and quiet spaces.

Durability. The slowing mechanism can extend the lifespan of the drawers by reducing wear and tear.

Customisable. Some soft-close systems allow adjustment of the closing speed.

Downsides of Soft-Close Chest of Drawers

Cost. Soft-close mechanisms can be pricier than self-close systems, affecting the overall cost of the furniture.

Maintenance. The added complexity of soft-close mechanisms may require more maintenance and repairs over time.

Self Close and Soft Close Chest of Drawers: Features


Soft Close Chest

Self-Close Chest

Closes Quietly



Prevents Slamming



Auto-Closing Mechanism



User-Adjustable Speed



Easy to Install



Enhanced Safety







Slightly Higher

Slightly Lower

Note: The availability of these features may vary depending on the specific brand and model of chest of drawers.

When Should You Choose a Self-Close Chest of Drawers?

  1. Budget Constraints. If you are working with a limited budget, self-close chest of drawers tend to be more cost-effective compared to their soft-close counterparts.
  2. Efficiency Matters. Self-close chest of drawers allow you to close the drawers with minimal effort, making them a suitable option for frequently used drawers in the kitchen or living room.
  3. Less Noise Concern. If noise isn't a significant concern in the intended space, self-close drawers are a practical choice. While they are quieter than traditional drawers, they may still produce some noise during use, which is generally acceptable in areas like the kitchen or utility room.
  4. Children at Home. Self-close drawers are typically less intricate and more robust, making them a suitable choice for homes with young children. The simplicity of the mechanism makes it less prone to damage, and a practical option for family spaces.

When Should You Choose a Soft-Close Chest of Drawers?

  1. Noise Sensitivity. Soft-close drawers are an excellent choice when you want a peaceful and quiet environment, specifically when furnishing a bedroom, home office, or any space where silence is essential.
  2. Enhanced Durability. If you're looking for drawers that will stand the test of time, soft-close options are the way to go. The slowing mechanism reduces the impact and wear and tear on the drawer components, extending their lifespan and reducing the need for maintenance or repairs.
  3. Customisation: Some soft-close systems allow you to adjust the closing speed to your preference. This level of customisation can be handy if you have specific requirements for how fast or slow you want the drawers to close.
  4. Investment in Quality. If you're willing to invest a bit more in your furniture for the sake of long-term quality and user comfort, a soft-close chest of drawers is a sensible choice. While they might be more expensive upfront, the added features and durability can justify the cost in the long run.


When it comes to home furnishings, even the smallest details, like the type of drawer mechanism, can significantly impact your daily life. Self-close and soft close chest of qrawers come with their own set of advantages and downsides. Deciding between these options ultimately hinges on your unique needs, preferences, and budget.

Regardless of your choice, proper use of these furniture pieces can help you maximise the functionality and longevity.

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