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Say Goodbye to Back Pain by Getting the Right Mattress - Megafurniture

Say Goodbye to Back Pain by Getting the Right Mattress

How does your sleep feel these days? Are you well-rested? Do you feel energised when you wake up? Do you have a hard time finding the right sleeping position? Do you experience back pain?

If you experience the latter, you might want to assess your mattress.

It is normal to experience mild back pain when you wake up since your body needs to adjust after hours of sleeping to being physically active again. However, experiencing back and neck pain even hours after sleep and waking up feeling restless might be a symptom of an underlying medical condition or a product of your bad mattress. 

Lower back pain is often caused by poor sleep posture and a lack of support from your mattress. If your mattress does not provide the right firmness and ergonomic contour to your body, you will likely experience muscle strains and back pain. 

mattress is supposed to allow your spine to align properly during sleep while providing you with the right comfort. These factors are crucial to giving you a good night's rest. Sleeping on the wrong mattress can affect your sleep quality, making you feel more restless than revitalised.  

The ideal mattress offers multiple benefits for healthier sleep. A good mattress helps your body repair itself during sleep, giving you the right energy for the next day. Restful sleep also helps boost your immune system, aids in weight loss, and maintains the overall condition of your body. To achieve these, it is important to get the ideal mattress for your needs. Buying a mattress in Singapore can be very tricky, considering the number of choices available. Read through this article to help you make a choice.

Before you get the right mattress to alleviate your back pain, you should consider the following factors to help determine what type of mattress will give you the comfort and body support that you need. 

1. Sleeping Position

Are you a back sleeper, a side sleeper, a stomach sleeper, or a combination sleeper? Your sleeping position will help you determine the right firmness for your mattress. Stomach and back sleepers, for example, require firmer options to support the U-shape position of the back when sleeping.

Sleeping Position

2. Body Type

Aside from determining your sleeping position, your body type should also be taken into account when getting a mattress. A medium-firm mattress is already considered firm for sleepers who weigh 130 pounds or less and will provide adequate body support. For those who weigh more, a firmer option is needed to target the pressure points appropriately. Hybrid mattresses combine spring coils and foam materials to provide optimum sleep support and comfort.

Body Type for Mattresses

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to mattresses. The perfect mattress depends highly on your specific needs and preferences. Check out these benefits to determine what type of mattress works for you.

1. The ideal mattress promotes healthy spine alignment

A good mattress distributes and evens out your weight while you lie down. When a mattress distributes your weight equally, your spine receives sufficient support during sleep. A mattress that is too soft or too firm for your preference does not effectively provide this type of support, causing back pain.

Ideal Mattress Supports Healthy Spine Alignment

2. The ideal mattress firmness supports your sleep position

The right mattress firmness depends on your sleep position. 

soft mattress helps alleviate shoulder and hip pain, making it ideal for side sleepers. A soft mattress contours the curves of your body, providing the proper support and sinkage. 

Most people prefer a medium-firm mattress to balance body support and contour comfort. This balance is ideal for stomach sleepers who exert more pressure on their lumbar spine. This sleep posture creates the U-shape body position that strains your back during sleep. A medium-firm mattress helps distribute the weight equally instead of focusing on one part of the body. This mattress firmness also benefits back sleepers who need balanced support for the spine, lower back, and neck.

If you prefer a firmer base to focus on your pressure points, a firm mattress is ideal. This mattress type provides noticeable bounce, making it conducive even for combination sleepers or those who tend to toss and turn during sleep.

Mattress Firmness Rating

3. For partners, the mattress shall go well with both of your sleeping positions without interruption

To address both your and your partner's sleeping needs, we recommend an excellent pocketed spring mattress. Pocketed spring mattresses work well in providing individual comfort for partners with different weights and sleep positions. This is because the pocketed springs move individually, preventing your partner from being disturbed by your tossing and turning. 

Firm, good-quality mattresses also do well at absorbing the waves caused by movements, preventing disturbance during sleep.

Mattress for Partners

4. The mattress material matter

Another essential factor to look for in a mattress is the material. A memory foam mattress sinks into your body during sleep. This helps reduce the pressure by moulding into your body. It is conducive for partners as it adjusts well to motion changes. In contrast to the contouring memory foam, a latex mattress offers a bounce for combination sleepers and those who need more support than sinking for pressure relief.

Mattress Material

Tips on Buying the Right Mattress

Tips on Buying the Ideal Mattress

1. Understand the physical components of the mattress

Knowing the mattress type, mattress firmness, and materials, as well as their benefits and downsides, is essential in choosing your ideal mattress. It is also important to get a mattress with anti-dust mite properties, especially if you are prone to allergies.

2. Look for a mattress that balances the benefits of back support and contour comfort

Comfort depends on your preferences. Some people prefer a cradle effect, while others want it on the bouncier side. These comfort preferences must include some factors to alleviate body pain and pressure. The ideal mattress must give you proper back support and cradle comfort based on your sleeping position and body type. Lighter sleepers can receive proper support from pure foam or latex mattresses. For people with a higher body weight, a hybrid mattress with a mixture of foam materials and innersprings helps provide exceptional sleep comfort.

3. Pillows and bedding accessories are important

Aside from your mattress, getting comfortable pillows and bedding with the right comfort, breathability, and anti-allergic properties will help you sleep comfortably.

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