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Home Decor Ideas: How to Decorate with Bright Colours? - Megafurniture

Home Decor Ideas: How to Decorate with Bright Colours?

What is the best part about decorating a home? For many people, it comes down to creativity. The freedom to add bright colour and place pieces of home furniture in the interior is a magnificent feeling, whether you are an interior designer or simply a styling enthusiast. It is like painting a masterpiece of art right in front of your eyes!

However, most homeowners want to play it safe. They often opt for a timeless style when decorating and placing home furniture, even if they could spice things up with bright colours and fun hues. 

What makes the homeowners feel scared decorating bright colour pieces?

As a furniture shop online in Singapore, we notice they worry a lot about colour clashing. Homeowners are too afraid to mix, match, and combine a bit of flavour because they do not want their home to look like a riot of colours. 

In that case, let us help you decorate your humble abode with bright colour pieces of home furniture. Listed below are a few ideas that can give your home a vibrant new look.

How to Decorate Bright Colour Pieces of Home Furniture?


Choosing a colour palette will make it easier to mix and match your home furniture. With this, any space would look and feel cohesive and also it creates a transition between rooms. 

When you are in an empty room, think of it as a blank canvas, and you are the painter who is ready to paint. Once you have chosen which palette you like, you could use various shades within the colour families. Doing so would help compliment one another, creating a streaking yet grounding effect. 

Here is a good example of how to do colour coordination once you choose two to three colours. 

Choose A Palette for Your Home Furniture Then RepeatOPT FOR WHITE TO FRESHEN THINGS UP.

Since most people often play safe with their decoration and home furniture in Singapore, they should opt for white. Of all the colours, white gives a contemporary and fresh look.

Another good thing about using white is that it has a lot of positive meanings. Not only does it imply cleanliness, but also this colour also means a new beginning. That is why they are a perfect choice if you want to decorate your living space with bright colours. 

Take this picture below as an example of how the colour white freshens up the room. 

A White Coffee Table Home FurnitureBLUE & WHITE WILL ALWAYS WORK.

Wearing a white tee and blue jeans is always a must-go for some people whenever they think there is nothing to wear. That is the same for home furniture. These shades never go out of style, which makes it a perfect idea to add a bit of spice to your tame home interior design. 

Here, try this combination of blue and white. This style forms a polished yet casual look, making the space welcoming to any guests. 

Blue Sofa Home Furniture and White Walls Vice Versa Always WorkPLAY WITH PERCENTAGES.

Like cooking a dish, you should play with the percentages of colours to see how well they work together. As a rule of thumb, an online furniture shop in Singapore always follows the 60-30-10 cut and each stand as:

  • 60% is the colour of the room, from the walls, floors, and ceiling.
  • 30% is the amount of home furniture and entryways that the room has.
  • 10% is the number of accent pieces. 

This ratio defines how the room would look in the end. Try it, too, so you will see how great this ratio is.


Different colours aren’t just there to brighten up life or our room. Each has psychological effects that are great for us. 

For example, blues do not only calm the nerves but also help anyone fall asleep faster. That is why most bedrooms, such as the picture below, choose a blue palette. 

Blue Pieces of Home Furniture Help You Fall AsleepIn other words, before choosing any colour scheme, try to search about it so you would have an idea of what it does. As a result, you would have perfect colour coordination of your home furniture in Singapore. 

Ask for Help When Necessary!

If you are still having trouble decorating bright colour pieces of home furniture for your humble abode, it may be best to rely on experts. They can help you with colour coordination so you would not be afraid to spice your comfort zone up. 

Therefore, when you think you need a hand adding a bit of flavour to your home, Mega Furniture would always love to help. As an online furniture shop in Singapore, we guarantee to provide you with more colourful ideas on how to decorate your home with bright colours.

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