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How to Find the Right Bed Frame to Ease Your Back Pain

How to Find the Right Bed Frame to Ease Your Back Pain

When thinking about sleep comfort, buying a comfortable mattress is often discussed and highlighted. Little did we know that the quality of the bed frame is just as paramount. 

Back pain is a common problem for most adults. After a long day, you look for a cosy place where you sleep and improve the condition of your body. A bad mattress and an unsuitable bed frame cause more discomfort than relief. 

Your bed frame is more than an elegant design statement in your bedroom. It is an essential piece that provides proper support for your mattress or mattress base to enjoy your good night's rest. A quality bed frame matches the size and thickness of your mattress. It also adds up to the quality of ventilation which helps you sleep better.

What causes back pain during sleep?

What causes back pain during sleep

Stress and improper sleeping posture contribute to the back pain that you experience during sleep. Having a poor sleeping position puts pressure on your spine, causing misalignment of its natural curves to back strains. Stomach sleepers experience this more frequently.

To get rid of your back pain, you have to get a bed frame and mattress combination that supports healthy sleep positions and alleviates the stress you experience due to unhealthy sleep.

Like the mattress, a comfortable bed frame is determined based on your preference, but common factors like sturdiness and quality of materials should always be assessed. Knowing the right bed frame that compliments your mattress can help you wake up feeling refreshed and energised.

1. Wooden Bed Frame

Wooden bed frame is a very popular type of bed frame, for a good reason. It has versatile features in terms of styling and comfort. A wooden bed frame with a mindfully structured slat base offers good mattress support encouraging ergonomics and airflow. A platform bed, on the other hand, does excellent in supporting the heaviest of mattresses. 

When it comes to durability and stability, you can always rely on a wooden bed frame. It does not produce unnecessary sounds when tossing and turning, eliminating one of the major sleep disturbances.

A wooden bed frame that comes with a headboard provides additional comfort for extra activities before going to bed, like reading a book or watching television. If you prefer something heavy-duty to support your mattress, a good ergonomic wooden bed frame is perfect for you.

Wooden Bed Frame

2. Metal Bed Frame

Metal bed frame is widely known for its contemporary design. It can handle heavier mattresses like hybrid mattresses and memory foam varieties. Because of its steel rails, a metal bed frame gives enough space to help your mattress breathe, giving you a cooler place to sleep at night. The rails also provide enough room for the mattress to adjust to your body contour. One thing to consider when buying a metal bed frame is that some units produce sounds responding to movements. But sturdy varieties can resist motions, reducing disturbance when your partner tosses and turns during sleep. Lightweight metal bed frames are affordable and stylish.

Metal Bed Frame

3. Upholstered bed frame

For a modern home, a cosy fabric bed frame is on the rise. An upholstered bed frame presents its stylish design and comfortable base filled with soft coverings. The padded sides and headboard add up to the comfort of this bed frame. These unique features notably improve sleep by providing you the maximum comfort. This pleasant bed frame influences your sleep quality, especially when accompanied by a mattress with the right height. 

Upholstered bed frames are made with solid hardwood combined with cosy paddings balancing durability and comfort. The built-in paddings reduce impact during sleep, helping your body relax. As for the base, a padded upholstered bed frame requires a less bulky mattress to achieve the proper height and promote breathability.

Upholstered bed frames can be crafted in various styles, colours, and materials, depending on your needs and design preference. A luxurious genuine leather bed frame makes up a stylish place to sleep in. This gives your bedroom a distinguished charm. A faux leather bed frame is a more affordable yet efficient alternative for a genuine leather unit. There is also an elegant velvet variety and a coloured fabric bed frame with extra storage space. 

Upholstered Bed Frame

What to consider when buying a bed frame?

To get a bed frame that can help alleviate your back pain, you must be familiar with the following considerations. 

Consideratiobns when buying a bed frame

Bed Frame Size

An ideal bed frame shall give you enough room to move comfortably, especially if you are a combination sleeper who changes position from time to time. For couples, it is essential to plan the size of your bed frame that can cater to both of your sleeping needs. Take note that your bed and mattress should coordinate well in terms of size and height. If you have a super single bed frame, buy a matching mattress, or you will have some parts of your bed frame unoccupied, resulting in you bumping into hard surfaces during sleep. For a sure purchase, others opt for a matching bed and mattress set.

Measure your bedroom and allow enough space to move with ease when walking around your bed frame and other furniture pieces present in your bedroom. Ideally, you need to set a 2 to 3 feet allowance on every side of the bed for you to move around comfortably. For fabric bed frames, consider the extra spaces for the padded sides and headboard. 

Bed Frame Height

The best bed frame to alleviate back problems should help your mattress support your back during sleep. The height of the bed frame should also handle your high or low mattress, depending on your sleep position and needs. 

Like the size, the height of your bed frame and mattress should compliment each other. This is to help you ensure that you are comfortable to move and get up from your bed. The right bed frame height helps reduce back pressure when getting off your bed, especially for those who suffer from back pain or mobility issues. If you have a high innerspring mattress, you will need a low-profile bed frame. For a more lightweight memory foam mattress that usually absorbs body heat, a taller bed frame allows your mattress to breathe and remain cool. 

Mattress Support

Will you go with a box spring mattress or a platform bed? A platform bed frame offers built-in support for your mattress. This is particularly lower in configuration and can handle heavier mattress varieties. A box spring bed frame is a good option if you want a more ventilated area to sleep.

Bed Frame Slat System

A bed frame with an efficient slat system provides excellent support to your mattress. A good slat system offers a sturdy base for your mattress while giving it enough space to contour your body without bumping into hard surfaces. This is important for more lightweight mattress varieties.

Wrapping Up

Morning back pain is common. You may do some stretches to help your body adjust. But if you often experience back pain and discomfort when sleeping, you have to consider leveling up your bed frame, mattress, or your beddings. If you notice symptoms of worsening back pain, you should consider consulting a medical professional.


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