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Rice Cooker Recipes for the Busy Singaporean - Megafurniture

Rice Cooker Recipes for the Busy Singaporean

In the bustling heart of Singapore, where the pace of life rarely slows down, finding quick and delightful meals becomes crucial. 

Have you ever wondered how to make the most of that kitchen gadget you've overlooked? Enter the world of rice cooker recipes! This isn't just about plain rice—think gourmet dishes, easy enough for the busy Singaporean, and all made in a rice cooker. 

Can a rice cooker be used to cook other foods?

Your rice cooker isn't just for rice anymore! This versatile kitchen gadget can whip up an array of dishes, transforming meal prep with ease. Imagine savoring tender ribs, hearty chili, or even a homemade pizza right from your rice cooker. It's not just about main courses; this appliance can handle grains like barley and quinoa with the same finesse. And for the breakfast enthusiasts, a rice cooker can effortlessly prepare oatmeal or pancakes, making it a true kitchen powerhouse for any meal of the day.


Dive in as we explore some rice cooker meals that promise both convenience and taste.


10 Simple Rice Cooker Recipes 

1. Plain Rice Delight

2 cups grains

4 cups liquid

Dash of salt


2. Buttery Garlic Infusion

2 cups grains

4 cups liquid

3 garlic nibs, chopped

3 dollops butter

Seasoning to taste

3. Vegetable Quinoa Mélange

1 cup quinoa, washed

2 cups liquid or broth

1 cup garden veggies (think peas, carrots, etc.)

Sprinkle of salt and dried herbs

4. Chicken Rice Fusion

2 cups grains

4 cups bird broth

2 chunks of chicken, diced

1 sliced onion

1 bell, chopped

Some herbs and spices


5. Lemony Herb Creation

2 cups grains

4 cups liquid

Squeeze and zest of 1 citrus fruit

2 spoons of olive extract

A mix of fresh herbs

6. Island-inspired Coconut Mix

2 cups aromatic grains

1 tin coconut liquid

1 cup island fruit bits

A tiny pinch of salt


7. Indian-inspired Dal Rice

1 cup grains

1/2 cup pulses

4.5 cups liquid

A hint of yellow spice and seeds

A dash of salt


8. Earthy Mushroom Blend

2 cups Italian grains

4-5 cups green broth (add slowly)

1 cup fungi slices

1 petite onion, minced

Couple cloves of garlic, crushed

Butter touch

Salt and pepper, as liked

9. Tomato Rice Zing

2 cups grains

4 cups of broth

1 tin red fruit slices (minus juice)

1 small onion, fragments

1 bell slice

Pinch of red spice and salt

10. Green Cilantro Zest

2 cups grains

4 cups liquid

Extract from 2 limes

Handful of green herbs, minced

2 spoons of tree extract

Season as you like

Cooking Method (for recipes using electric rice cooker):

  • Clean the grains or quinoa in cool water.
  • Combine the main components in your cooker.
  • Secure it, set it to the “prepare” mode, and relax.
  • After it beeps, wait a bit, then mix with a spoon.
  • Final garnishes or add-ons go in as mentioned.
  • Dish out, relish, and delight in the taste!

Tip: Different cookers have nuances, so always check the user guide for specifics.

Rice Cooker Recipes with Chicken

1. Classic Poultry and Grain Mix


2 cups grains

4 cups poultry broth

2 chunks of chicken, diced

1 onion, diced

Pinch of salt and pepper


2. Poultry Teriyaki Delight


2 cups grains

4 cups water

2 slices of chicken breast

1/4 cup glaze sauce

1 sliced bell

2 chopped spring onions


3. Poultry Cream & Mushroom Fusion


2 cups grains

4 cups poultry liquid

2 chicken chunks, sliced

1 handful of mushroom slices

1/2 cup of fresh cream

1 onion, finely chopped

Seasonings to your liking


4. Poultry Spice Bowl


2 cups grains

4 cups creamy coconut liquid

2 chunks of chicken, diced

2 tbsp spiced mix or paste

1 spud, chopped

1 onion, minced

A dash of salt

5. Poultry & Veggie Medley


2 cups grains

4 cups poultry juice

2 pieces of chicken, cubed

1 handful of mixed greens (peas, carrots, corn kernels)

1 onion, sliced

Herbs and seasonings to taste

Procedure (suitable for all recipes):

  • If your grain cooker has a browning feature, commence by browning the chicken and onions slightly if it doesn't, use a separate skillet for this step before transferring.
  • Place grains in the cooker.
  • Pour the given liquid (water, broth, or coconut extract).
  • Introduce the chicken, veggies, and any accompanying seasonings or sauces.
  • Seal the cooker, hit the 'prepare' setting, and let it weave its magic.
  • When the cooker indicates completion, allow it a moment, then gently stir and separate the grains.
  • Adorn with greens if you wish, and serve it piping hot.


Rice Cooker Recipes for Vegetarians

1. Veggie Delight Pilaf


2 cups long-grain rice

4 cups plant-based broth

1 onion, diced

1 cup garden veggies (like beans, peas, and baby carrots)

2 tsp plant oil

Herbs, salt, and pepper, as you prefer

2. Tomato-Basil Medley


2 cups grains

4 cups green broth

2 ripe tomatoes, diced

Fresh basil leaves, a handful

1 garlic piece, crushed

Pinch of salt

3. Mushroom  Creaminess


2 cups Italian-style rice

4-5 cups green broth (add as needed)

1 cup sliced toadstools

1 onion, finely sliced

2 garlic pieces pressed

1/4 cup vegetarian cheese shreds

2 tbsp veggie oil

Your choice of seasonings


4. Spinach-Cheese Fusion


2 cups grains

4 cups green broth

2 handfuls green leaves, chopped

1/2 cup cheese chunks, vegetarian-approved

1 garlic segment, crushed

Your seasonings

5. Bean-Grain Soupiness


1 cup grains

1 cup washed beans

4 cups plant broth

1 root veggie, diced

1 onion, sliced

2 garlic segments, crushed

1 tsp exotic spice

Season as you like


Steps (covers most recipes):

  • If your grain pot has a browning mode, kick off by softening the onion slices, garlic, and any veggies with veggie oil. If not, do this in a skillet and move to the grain pot.
  • Introduce grains and beans (if using) into the pot.
  • Pour the green broth or similar liquid.
  • Blend in veggies, seasonings, and other items.
  • Seal your grain pot and hit 'cook'.
  • After the signal, wait a bit, then gently stir and separate grains.
  • Add any toppings or extra seasoning if you wish.
  • For the toadstool creaminess, slowly introduce the broth and stir now and then for that traditional cream-like texture.


Key Takeaway: 

Key Takeaway:

For the bustling Singaporean lifestyle, rice cookers are more than just a tool for preparing plain rice. They're time savers, offering an array of quick, delicious, and diverse meals with minimal fuss. Embracing rice cooker recipes means more flavours in less time.

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Bonus Treat: Life Hack For Cooking Using Rice Cookers

When making various rice cooker recipes, try the "stacking method." Place your rice and water in the main pot as usual. Then, take a heat-safe, steam-friendly container (like a silicone or metal steaming tray) and add vegetables, protein (like tofu or tempeh for vegetarians), or even dumplings. Stack or place this container above the rice in the cooker. The steam will simultaneously cook the items in the container above as the rice cooks. When the rice is done, you'll have a thoroughly steamed accompaniment ready, making for a complete meal with minimal effort.

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