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A Guide to Choosing the Best Rice Cooker in Singapore - Megafurniture

A Guide to Choosing the Best Rice Cooker in Singapore

What is the best rice cooker for your home? Here are some quick tips for buying a rice cooker that will benefit you for years.

A rice cooker is a staple appliance in Singaporean homes. This handy appliance does not only cook your white rice with ease, but it can also achieve many recipes with a single button press. Sounds like an ideal appliance? Here’s how you can bring the best rice cooker home.


What to Look for When Buying a Rice Cooker? [Rice Cooker Buying Guide]

Deciding "which rice cooker is best" can be puzzling, given the vast array of options available. This guide demystifies the process, highlighting essential factors to consider such as capacity, functionality, ease of cleaning, and technology features to ensure you choose a rice cooker that best suits your lifestyle and culinary needs.


Capacity Requirements

Capacity Requirements

One of the most crucial factors to look for when buying a new rice cooker is its capacity. You may choose between a compact rice cooker and a standard rice cooker, depending on the size of your household, the number of servings you prepare, and the amount of kitchen space you have.

To ensure the efficiency of your rice cooker, buy a model with a capacity that is not too small or too big for your needs. For Example, if you are buying a rice cooker size for 2 person, you have to make sure that this unit has the capacity of 3 cups (uncooked rice). This will provide just the right amount of cooked rice for a couple without wasting energy or space.

In this way, you won't need to do extra rounds of cooking or waste space and energy. Remember that a single cup of rice grains may yield twice the amount of cooked rice. For example, 5 cups of white rice grains can serve 10 bowls of freshly cooked rice.

Choose a rice cooker capacity that is slightly larger than your usual requirements. If you are entertaining guests more often, choose a rice cooker that is large enough to achieve more servings in a single cooking process.




Aside from the standard white rice cooking and automatic warm functions, a rice cooker can also cook different grain types like brown rice and do some cooking functions like steaming, grilling, baking, slow cooking, and more. You may also find a rice cooker with smart features that you can access through your phone, including a delay function so you can cook your rice whenever you want it cooked. For a healthier way to enjoy your meals, invest in a low-carb rice cooker.

Many smart rice cookers, like an innovative washing machine, feature fuzzy logic technology that detects the volume of rice grains and water and adjusts their settings according to the detected amount. This results in perfectly cooked rice and other recipes.


Design and Accessories

Design and Accessories

While many rice cookers offer many innovative features, they also come with a variety of accessories. Some rice cookers have steamer attachments, scoops, and a measuring cup. 

In terms of design, you can find a range of traditional and digital rice cookers in Singapore. Traditional rice cookers have a straightforward design that includes a single button click for rice cooking and automatic keep-warm functions. Some digital rice cookers have an easy-to-monitor look and different cooking settings, so you can achieve the right temperature for the meal that you want to cook.

For the easiest cleaning process, choose a rice cooker with a removable non-stick inner pot. You also have the option of buying a rice cooker with a transparent lid or a model with a stainless steel lid.




When choosing a rice cooker to purchase, always read and understand what materials are used to create the appliance to ensure its durability and longevity. The best rice cooker in Singapore are made of high-quality food-grade materials that are easy to clean and maintain.

The type of inner pot used for your rice cooker also matters. When buying a rice cooker, go for a non-stick inner pot to guarantee even cooking. When it comes to durability, stainless steel and aluminium rice cooker pots are preferred, while ceramic pots are very easy to clean and have natural non-stick properties.




Many homeowners adore affordable, multifunctional kitchen appliances like rice cookers. At an affordable price, you can get a standard rice cooker with basic cooking functions and keep it warm. Some rice cookers with digital displays and more complex cooking settings are more expensive, but they are still very affordable to purchase.


What are the Types of Rice Cookers?

What are the Types of Rice Cookers?

Some common types of rice cookers are standard rice cookers, digital rice cookers, multifunctional rice cookers, and induction rice cookers.

Standard rice cookers can cook rice with a single button press and keep it warm afterwards.

Multifunctional rice cookers, on the other hand, can cook more than white rice. If you want a multifunctional kitchen appliance that can serve as a steamer or slow cooker, a multifunctional rice cooker is a smart option.

In terms of display, a digital rice cooker provides you with the right preset and temperature settings. This easy-to-understand interface is ideal for many homeowners who prefer to monitor their cooking progress and temperature.

Induction rice cookers use induction technology to produce perfectly cooked rice. These induction models also offer many cooking functions aside from creating fluffy and tasty rice.

When choosing your rice cooker type, always consider the functions that you want to incorporate into your appliance. If your aim when buying a rice cooker is to simply cook rice, you can save some money by buying a standard rice cooker with standard rice cooking features. To enjoy more functions with a single kitchen appliance, invest in a multifunctional rice cooker.

 Best Rice Cooker Singapore:

In Singapore, top rice cookers from brands like Zojirushi, Mayer, Toshiba, Toyomi, and Tefal offer advanced features such as Neuro Fuzzy Logic, ceramic pots, easy-to-clean designs, and multi-cook programs. These cookers cater to a variety of needs, ensuring perfectly cooked rice and versatile meal preparation with user-friendly interfaces and energy efficiency


A Rice Cooker that is More Exciting!

Make Your Rice Cooker More Exciting!

A rice cooker is a staple in every home in Singapore. However, no matter how vital this kitchen appliance is, it is true that a rice cooker is not the most popular among all the innovative kitchen appliances present in our space. But if you choose a rice cooker with the best functions that not only achieve perfectly cooked rice but also other scrumptious meals, the way you view your rice cooker will surely change. Check out some sample recipes that you can make with your rice cooker here.

If you are ready to upgrade your rice cooker, browse through our innovative collection of rice cookers in Singapore for the best prices.

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