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Read this Before Buying a TV Console - Megafurniture

Read this Before Buying a TV Console

So you've invested in a brand new television with all its beautiful features and sleek design. But how will you take care of this significant home investment? How will you achieve the best view without sacrificing your comfort or the look of your living room? The answer is to get an elegant television console that will work as a base for your television unit while complimenting its style. With all the TV consoles, entertainment centres, and TV stands available on the market, choosing the right unit to buy might get confusing.

We'll walk you through a few tips to help you choose the right TV console for your lovely television.


Know Your Needs

White TV Console, Black TV Console

Before buying a piece of furniture, it's always good to start by assessing your lifestyle. At the end of the day, every measurement or feature relies on your needs and preferences. Ready your notes and ask yourself these questions:

  1. What is the size of your room? Do you have a spacious living room or a compact one? 
  2. What are your storage requirements? Do you need space for your audio system? Do you want to keep your storage hidden, or do you want a space for your living room decorations?
  3. How often do you watch television? 
  4. What are your preferred materials, styles, or colour combinations?

    Measure Your Television

    Man measuring wall, White TV Console with Shelf

    There are a few considerations to note before buying a television console. The size of your television, the design and configuration of your living room, and the traffic allowance are some things that you must check before making a purchase.

    First things first, the advertised measurements of your television are not the actual space that they will take. The inches of your television do not depict the actual horizontal size of the unit. In fact, the advertised measurements are the TV's diagonal dimensions. So if you have a 50-inch smart TV, it means that the 50 inches are the diagonal measurement of your screen from the top left to the bottom right. Does this mean that the television frame isn't included in the measurement? Yes. The television frame, or bezel, is outside the 50-inch limit. 

    To measure both the screen and the frame of your television before buying a console, measure your television both diagonally from the top left to the bottom right and horizontally, from the left straight to the right.


    Match the Size of Your Television with the Size of the TV Console

    White TV Console, Wooden TV Console

    Why is it important to measure the size of your TV and match it with your console? Having an oversized or undersized TV console might cause imbalance and safety risks. 

    If you already know the exact measurements of your TV, the next step is to look for a TV console that is a little wider to keep your TV on a safe surface. Ideally, a 40" television should stand on a console that is 35-37" wide when diagonally measured. A 50" unit needs a 45-46" wide TV console; a 60" TV needs a 54-55" stand, and a 70-inch TV needs at least a 63-65" console. 


    Find the Right Console Height 

    Wood and White TV Console/Cabinet

    Aside from the width of your TV console, it's also important to note its height to give you a comfortable viewing experience. When sitting in your living room, the centre of your TV screen must be positioned below your eye level. When measuring the right height of your TV console, try sitting on your couch and measuring the average eye level of your household. That is the height of your screen when placed on a stand. To get the height of the stand, subtract half of your TV's height from the initial measurement. Give yourself a one- to two-inch allowance when buying your console. When arranging your TV and sofa, it’s important to take note of the size of your screen. The bigger the screen, the farther your TV console should be from your couch.

    It’s also vital to measure your wall to plan your TV setup.

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    Look for Additional Features

    TV Console with cabinet and display

    TV consoles come with various materials, designs, and features that go beyond supporting your TV unit. 


    If you are short on space and want an uncluttered living room, you may choose from consoles with built-in storage, shelves, pull-out drawers, or mini open door cabinets. Most TV consoles provide ample storage to keep small to medium-sized items, which is ideal for modern homes. If you want something unconventional, go for an extendable unit that will give you enough space to add decorations or knick-knacks. 


    Aside from storage, it's imperative to consider the TV console's materials. While most TV consoles are made of wood, other varieties include wood, glass, marble, and metal. 


    Entertainment units come in different types. Standard TV consoles are compact units that support the television without taking up much space in your living room. TV consoles are low in profile but wide enough to contain wires, cables, remote controls, and other living room items. If you want a more dedicated space for your entertainment unit, a large entertainment centre is an ideal piece of furniture for you. It has multiple shelves, compartments, and close door storage options that allow you to display or keep more items. For more compact spaces, a corner TV console is perfect, as it does not take up much space in your family room.


    Like any other furniture in your home, TV consoles also come in different styles and designs. There are more traditional wooden and glass varieties with intricate designs. Modern TV consoles present clean and crisp lines with neutral colour combinations, while contemporary pieces present more playful looks. Other styles also include rustic, farmhouse, and mindful industrial designs.


    What are typical TV console dimensions?

    TV console dimensions can vary, but typical widths range from 35 to 65 inches, depending on the size of the television they support. Height can range from around 20 to 30 inches, while depth usually falls between 15 to 20 inches.

    How do I choose the right TV console height for my living room?

    To determine the right TV console height, consider the average eye level of viewers when seated on the sofa. The center of the TV screen should be positioned below eye level. Subtracting half of the TV's height from this measurement provides an approximate height for the TV console.

    What should I consider when measuring for a TV console?

    When measuring for a TV console, consider both the width and height of your television. Measure the diagonal width of the TV to ensure it fits comfortably on the console's surface. Additionally, calculate the optimal height based on viewing angles from seated positions in the room.

    Are there standard dimensions for TV consoles?

    While there are no strict industry standards for TV console dimensions, manufacturers often produce consoles in a range of sizes to accommodate different television sizes and room layouts. It's essential to measure your specific TV and room space to find the best fit.

    Do TV consoles come in adjustable heights to accommodate different seating arrangements?

    Some TV consoles feature adjustable shelves or legs, allowing for customization of the height to suit various seating arrangements and viewing preferences. These adjustable options provide flexibility in optimizing the viewing experience for different individuals in the household.

    Ready to shop? Check out these high-quality TV consoles from Megafurniture. You can get the best deals for your television needs, from ultimate space-savers to compact units and extendable varieties.
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