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3 Tips to Buying the Perfect Dining Table - Megafurniture

3 Tips to Buying the Perfect Dining Table

Your dining table is not a temporary purchase that you change every year unless desired. It stays in your home for years—even a decade. If you're looking for a dining table that's here to stay, it's crucial to look for a unit that is not only budget-friendly but is also solidly constructed and complements your dining space. While style is luring, other factors are equally vital. 

Read through this quick buying guide to help you choose the right dining room furniture that will bring happiness to your family, along with a scrumptious meal, of course.

Dining Table Buying Tip #1: Measure your space

Dining Table Buying Tip #1 - Measure your space

When buying your dining table, the last thing you want to do is get a stylish one that doesn't fit. Save money and time, and save yourself from future stress, by getting a visually appealing and carefully measured one.

Prepare your measuring tape and choose the workable space in your dining room where you plan to locate your table. Measure the length and width of your intended space and subtract 100 cm to give yourself enough room to move around your dining table. 

Also, remember to consider the configuration of your dining area. Is it a compact dining space? A bigger area or an open concept kitchen? Knowing these things will help you come up with a layout and furniture arrangement that will work for you.

Dining Table Buying Tip #2: Choose the right table shape 

Dining Table Buying Tip #2 - Choose the right table shape

When it comes to choosing the dining table, the size and shape of your room affect the shape of the dining table. Although this is not an unbreakable rule, it's important to note that some table shapes work best with specific room shapes.

Rectangular dining table

One of the most common and first choices when shopping for modern furniture, a rectangular dining table is perfect for large gatherings and offers generous seating options. This table shape works best with rectangular dining spaces since it complements the linear design of the room without making it look too cramped or underutilised. When a rectangular table is laid in a rectangular room, you get enough space to move without obstructions. 

A rectangular dining table offers flexible space for a combination of dining chairs and benches, depending on your seating needs. A standard four-seat dining table measures 24"x48". You have the option to add two more chairs to each narrow side, depending on the size of your room. If you need more space, especially during larger gatherings, opt for an extendable dining table.

Square dining table

Like how a rectangular table fits a rectangular room, square dining spaces work perfectly with square dining tables. Ideal for intimate dining setups, a square dining table in a square room balances symmetry while providing equal space to converse. 

Four-seat square dining tables typically measure 4 feet on all sides. Some square dining tables can be converted or extended to cater to bigger gatherings.

Round dining table

Round tables are great for casual dining settings, especially in square dining spaces. A round table is a good option if you're looking for furniture where you can fit more chairs without obstruction. This versatile furniture is also child-friendly, as you don't need to worry about the sharp edges. 

To maximise the use of your round dining tables for bigger groups, you may choose a pedestal-legged unit or a convertible one where you can add at least four seats. When entertaining is done, you can return to the intimate dining setup by converting the furniture back to its smaller size.

Oval dining table

Like how a round table fits a square space, the longer oval variety works perfectly with a rectangular dining area. An oval table has the size of a rectangular unit but with a more subtle appeal. Four-seater oval tables usually measure 36" x 44".

Note: Before deciding on your table’s shape, take time to plan your layout based on the configuration of your room. You can do this using a pen and paper. When you do this, you’ll have a better idea of your space requirements, how your table will look in your space, the number of chairs that you can fit, and your traffic allowance.

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Dining Table Buying Tip #3: Know your materials

Dining Table Buying Tip #3 - Know your materials

Rectangle and square dining tables are the most common varieties, with lots of designs and materials to choose from. But in modern kitchen and dining room setups, where designers and homeowners focus on making the most of compact spaces, round and oval tables are gaining prominence. 

Wooden dining tables

Wood is a classic material used to create dining tables and is the most popular choice among furniture buyers. Although wood dining tables are more expensive than other units, their quality can last for years. Wood is also a versatile material, giving designers and manufacturers the freedom to create various styles and designs, from simplistic to intricate. Some great solid wood dining tables are made with teak, oak, maple, mahogany, or walnut. You can also find manufactured pieces made with wood veneer, which are more affordable.

Metal dining tables

Another sturdy dining table option are those that are made of metal. Metal tables present an effortless modern or contemporary look. However, metal is usually used as a base rather than a tabletop. This is because metal can easily be scratched and affected by heat compared to other materials. To enjoy its quality and appeal, metal is paired with a wood, glass, or marble tabletop. 

Glass dining tables

A glass dining table can give your room a spacious and airy feel while providing you with an elegant area to enjoy your meals and conversations. Glass dining tables can be tinted, clear, or frosted. Some glass materials are used as accents on top of another material. 

If you are looking to purchase your next glass dining table, you might want to consider a table with a tempered glass top for enhanced durability and safety.

Marble dining tables

Invite a luxurious ambiance to your dining space with a marble dining table. This elegant material is very popular for open-concept kitchens where the table matches the countertops. Marble presents its clean texture and rich visual character, giving any space an effortless charm. 

Sintered stone dining tables

Sintered stone is a highly durable material used to create furniture. This material is on the rise because of its easy-to-maintain quality and elegant look. A sintered stone dining table is luxurious, easy to maintain, and durable.

Plastic dining tables

If you focus more on utility than style, a plastic dining table will give you lots of benefits. Plastic dining tables are lightweight and cheaper than other varieties. They also come in different colours and shapes since plastic is easy to work with. When designed correctly, these synthetic tables that are perceived as cheap can also upgrade the look of your dining area.

Your hardworking dining table is a significant investment in your home that you will use for years. Although getting the right look and ambiance for your kitchen is important, it's also imperative to get the right size, style, and materials to make sure that you get the best out of your investment. 

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