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How to Design a Happy and Organised Entryway - Megafurniture

How to Design a Happy and Organised Entryway

Your entryway or foyer serves as a welcoming spot that gives your guests an idea of how you organise your home. It's also a place where you store keys, umbrellas, shoes, and other essentials that you need when you go outside. In short, this small area in your home has a vital purpose. 

Because of its size and function, a foyer is prone to clutter. To prevent this, it's good to have a system to design and organise your space and make a welcoming entryway.

Whether you have a dedicated entryway or are converting your open-concept living room to have one, here are some ways you can spruce up the very first area you'll encounter when you enter your home.

Before Getting Started:

Assess your storage needs and available space before styling your foyer. Do you have a dedicated entryway? Will you use a wall in your living room as your welcoming point? Answer the following questions to assess the use of your space and your storage needs:

  • Do you have a shoe collection?
  • Do you prefer your items displayed or kept in a drawer?
  • Do you need a foyer settee?
  • How many people will store items in your entryway? To make specific storage areas per person, it's good to have baskets or boxes with labels to prevent items from mixing up.

If you are transitioning from your previous door hooks to having a dedicated spot for your items, it might be a little challenging to choose the right storage. But once you find suitable solutions, it will be easier to design and maintain your foyer.

Fantastic Ways to Style Your Mini Entryway

Choose Stylish Shoe Rack/ Cabinet

Choose Stylish Shoe Rack Cabinet

When buying a storage solution for your entryway, it's not enough to get a functional one. It's also important that everything you put in your entrance contributes to its style, as it builds the first impression of your home. An elegant shoe cabinet with neutral colour combinations and minimalist details will surely charm your guests with its whimsical appeal. If you need more drawer options, wooden shoe storage with two pull-out drawers will give you enough space to store keys and other knick-knacks. When choosing a shoe cabinet for your entryway, make sure to assess your storage needs, available space, and style preferences.

Add a Mirror

Add a Mirror

A mirror is a good way to get the attention of your guests. Who doesn't want to look in the mirror upon entering or leaving their home? If you need to make one last check on your fit before heading out of your home, a mirror in your foyer will make it easier. Mirrors also help reflect natural light into your space in the morning to create a fresh ambiance that your guests will love. 

Mirrors range from traditional to modern round designs, depending on your preference. Hang it at eye level on top of your console table or entryway bench.

Choose a Console Table for Your Storage

Choose a Console Table for Your Storage

Aside from your shoe cabinet, a console table is also a good storage solution to keep your shoes and other essentials in place. This table is an efficient solution if you are designing a narrow entryway, as it does not take up much space compared to a desk or a dining room. You can put decorative baskets that can double up as storage or anchor your table with a potted indoor plant. Roll out a decorative rug to spruce up your narrow space without making it look too occupied or cluttered.

Use a Bench

Use a Bench

Another narrow and efficient piece of furniture for your limited entryway space is a bench. You can convert a dining bench to add style to your area and make it more purposeful as it can work as a seating option, especially when you have to wear and take off your shoes. Lightweight wooden benches with upholstered seats make a stylish and welcoming entryway. When not in use, you can tuck your bench under a bigger table to save some space. Add a mirror on top of your console table and hang some decorative wall art pieces to balance the overall design and complete a welcoming look.

Or a Mini Stool

Use a Stool

In place of a long bench, you can use a stool in your foyer. This mini sitting option can also make your entryway cosy and welcoming without taking up much space in your traffic area. A stool can be a seating option and a design statement that you can push under your console table or floating shelf while giving you enough space to place baskets under the table.

Add Some Lovely Baskets

Add Some Lovely Baskets

Speaking of baskets, adding some decorative storage with labels will help you categorise your items while adding a distinct look to your entryway that your guests will definitely love. From big floor baskets to mini table baskets and trays, your home will benefit from this utilitarian home essential. You can opt for natural baskets made from wicker or choose plastic items that are durable and waterproof. For your umbrellas, pair your floor baskets with an umbrella holder. Install some hooks to keep your coats in place to minimise the items you need to fold into your baskets.

More Ways to Organise a Small Entryway

More Ways to Organise a Small Entryway

  1. Keep your entryway uncluttered. While it's challenging to keep your entryway organised since you always come in and out of your home, keeping everything in place is not impossible. Getting the right storage solutions like a shoe cabinet, a cubby, or a mini chest of drawers can help you keep the clutter away. When organising your entryway, always remember to keep the items you need and get random knick-knacks away from your foyer to prevent it from being cluttered.
  2. Know your storage style. Do you prefer your items kept or displayed? If you like them displayed, floating shelves, cubby holes, mini display units, tables, and baskets are for you. If you prefer your items to be kept out of sight, invest in a good storage solution with multiple storage options to hide small to larger items.
  3. Look at your home as a guest. Suppose it's your first time entering your home. What are the things you first notice? What are you looking for in terms of storage? Do you see a spot to place your shoes? If you look at your space as a visitor, it will become easier to assess your needs and know what your foyer needs to improve.
Most HDB and BTO flats don't have the luxury of having a spacious foyer to welcome guests and store essential items. But with creativity and efficient items, you can create your own happy entryway that will surely make your home comfortable and welcoming.
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