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Problems with Dust Mites? Not With a Water Repellent Bed - Megafurniture

Problems with Dust Mites? Not With a Water Repellent Bed


You might be surprised to learn that tiny critters called dust mites could crash your sleep party if you’ve woken up sneezing or with itchy eyes. These little nuisances love to hang out in our beds, causing all sorts of discomfort. 

But there's a game-changer in town. We have a water repellent bed that offers a cosy night's sleep and acts as a shield against these pesky invaders. So, if you're dreaming of a dust mite-free slumber, a water repellent bed is your ticket to dreamland. Here are the reasons why:

1. A Water Repellent Bed Prevents Moisture From Being Absorbed Into the Mattress

It's a little-known fact that dust mites are big fans of dampness. These minuscule creatures soak up moisture straight from the surroundings. It's practically a paradise for them when humidity levels soar to around 70% or more. This is where the magic of a water repellent bed shines. 

Crafted to resist moisture, this bed ensures your mattress remains drier. Such a feature turns the bed into an unwelcoming space for dust mites. So, with a water repellent bed, you're securing a comfortable sleep and keeping those tiny intruders at bay.

2. A Water Repellent Bed Has A Barrier Function

Many folks might need to realise this, but a water repellent bed often includes special mattress protectors or covers. These aren't just any covers; they're designed to act as formidable barriers. When you have a water repellent bed, you put up a "No Entry" sign for dust mites. 

These barriers ensure that dust mites can't set up shop in your mattress or bedding. And if some mites are already there? The water repellent bed's protective layer traps them, denying them their favourite snacks (our shed skin cells) and leading to their eventual exit. So, investing in a water repellent bed is like hiring a security guard for your sleep sanctuary.

3. Water Repellent Beds Are Easy to Clean

There's something undeniably satisfying about a bed that's easy to maintain. With a water repellent bed, you're in for a treat. Unlike traditional beds that can be a magnet for stains and dampness, this one stands strong against such nuisances. When laundry day rolls around, a quick dip in hot water for your bedding does wonders. Not only does it rejuvenate your linens, but it also gives dust mites the boot. And here's a nifty bonus: if you've got a cover tailored for a water repellent bed, your cleaning game is even stronger, ensuring those pesky mites don't stand a chance.

4. It Offers Prevention From Mould and Mildew

Here's a thing about mould and mildew: they love damp spots. But with a water repellent bed, you're setting up a fortress against these unwanted guests. These beds are designed to push back against moisture, ensuring mould and mildew don't find a cosy corner to grow. 

And guess what? By keeping these fungi at bay with a water repellent bed, you're also cutting off a buffet line for dust mites. So, not only does a water repellent bed offer you a cleaner sleep environment, but it also ensures those tiny mites go hungry.

5. It Reduces Allergen Exposure

Let's face it: no one wants to share their bed with pesky dust mites, especially when they're notorious for triggering allergies. The water repellent bed is isn't just any bed; it is designed to stand as a shield against these microscopic troublemakers. 

By choosing a water-repellent bed, you're not only ensuring a drier sleep space but also creating a barrier these mites find hard to breach. The result? A significant drop in allergen exposure. So, with a water repellent bed, you're investing in the comfort and a healthier night's rest.

6. The Water Repellent Bed Can Prolong the Lifespan of the Mattress

Consider your mattress as a long-term companion. Naturally, you'd want it to stand the test of time. However, those minuscule dust mites can be sneaky saboteurs, gradually wearing down your mattress's quality. This is where the brilliance of a water repellent bed shines. Crafted to deter these tiny invaders, a water repellent bed is a guardian for your mattress. This protection means your bed remains in prime condition, offering countless nights of restful sleep. 

In essence, with a water repellent bed, you're investing in today's comfort and ensuring tomorrow's tranquility.

Water Repellent Bed Maintenance and Cleaning Tips

1. Dust-Busting Routine:

Employ your vacuum's soft brush attachment to whisk away surface debris and skin flakes. This simple act keeps those tiny dust mites at bay and your water repellent bed feeling fresh.

2. Addressing Minor Messes:

For accidental spills or marks, gently grab a soft cloth, dampen it slightly with soapy water, and pat the area. Remember, it's a pat, not a rub – you don't want to push that stain further in.

Rinse out any soap traces and ensure the area dries completely.

3. Laundering the Protective Layer:

If your water repellent bed boasts a detachable water-resistant cover, give it a gentle wash now and then. Stick to cooler water temperatures and avoid harsh chemicals. Let the cover air dry, as direct heat might compromise its water-resistant qualities.

4. Fresh Air Fix:

Every few months, strip your water repellent bed and let the mattress breathe. This step helps dispel any lingering dampness and rejuvenates your sleep space.

5. Skip the Iron:

Direct heat, like that from an iron, might not be friends with your water repellent bed's special coating. A gentle steamer on its lowest setting might be a safer bet if wrinkles bother you.

6. Regular Re-positioning:

Consider flipping or rotating your mattress every few months to ensure uniform usage.

7. Extra Guard:

Even with your bed's water-resistant prowess, an added mattress guard can offer more defence against unexpected spills or potential allergens.

8. Sharp Items Alert:

Keep pointy things like pins or cutters away to avoid unintentional snags or cuts.

9. Manufacturer's Wisdom:

It's always a good idea to glance through any care guidelines the water repellent bed's maker provides. They might have specific dos and don'ts tailored for your bed.

10. Boosting Water Resistance:

Over the years, the bed's water-fighting ability might wane. There are products out there that can help revive this feature. Just ensure it's bed-friendly and apply as directed.


 Problems with Dust Mites? Not With a Water Repellent Bed

Key Takeaway:

Water repellent beds aren't just regular beds; they're our shield against the dampness that these minuscule pests adore. By keeping moisture at bay and offering a cleaner space to rest, water-repellent beds have reshaped our sleeping experience. From keeping the bed dry to minimising allergen exposure, the perks are undeniable. If you're aiming for a sleep zone free from the clutches of dust mites, turning to a water repellent bed seems like a no-brainer. 

Dive into the world of comfort and hygiene with our water repellent beds at Megafurniture.

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