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Metal Bed Buying Guide: Everything You Need to Know - Megafurniture

Metal Bed Buying Guide: Everything You Need to Know

When shopping for bed frames in Singapore, the primary choices are wood, upholstered, and metal beds. While many prefer the classic feel and comfort of wooden bed frames, it is no secret that metal bed frames are also famous for their robustness and versatile aesthetics. Whether you want a farmhouse, industrial, or simple yet elegant bedroom, you can easily find a practical metal bed frame that will fit your theme. Since metal beds come in different designs and styles, you have the freedom to decorate your bedroom with an iron base.

If you're wondering if a metal bed is a great and safe sleep solution, read on to this guide. We'll walk you through the features of a metal bed frame, the pros, cons, and things to consider when shopping.

What are Metal Bed Frames?

What are Metal Bed Frames?

Metal bed frames are typically made of steel, iron, or brass and come in many styles and configurations. They are known for their durability and ease of maintenance. While many shoppers prefer intricately designed wrought iron metal beds that give a room an instant sophisticated feel, others lean on the simple and modern looks that are trendy nowadays. 

Depending on their construction, metal bed frames may or may not require an additional mattress base. You also have several choices about whether to opt for a frame with an intricate headboard and footboard or go with a simpler one. Some metal bed frames can be folded or converted. Others feature under-bed storage.

Metal Bed Sizes

Metal Bed Sizes

There are various bed sizes in Singapore. The most common are single, super single, queen-size, and king-size bed frames. Choosing the bed size depends on your available space and needs. 

  1. A single bed frame can hold a mattress with dimensions of L: 91 cm W: 190 cm and H: 25 cm. A single metal bed is the smallest adult bed frame size available, ideal for kids or single adults.
  2. super single bed frame is ideal for a single adult who needs more space to toss and turn and for bedsharers. It is a bit wider than a single bed, holding a mattress with an L: 107 cm, a W: 190 cm and a H of 25 cm.
  3. queen bed frame is preferred for couples or families sharing. It can support a L: 152 cm, W: 190 cm and H: 25 cm mattress, which is wider than a super single mattress. A queen-size metal bed is spacious enough to accommodate two adults and a child without taking up too much floor space. 
  4. The king-size bed frame provides an additional sleeping surface for adult and family use. This frame is large enough to support a L: 183 cm W: 190 cm H:25 cm mattress. 

Although many buyers prefer the spacious king-size bed, it's important to consider your preferences as well as your available space. If you have less square footage, we recommend a queen-sized bed or welcome a trundle option. If you have enough space, maximise your room's efficiency by getting a larger king-size bed.

Advantages of Metal Bed Frames

Advantages of Metal Bed Frames

Metal Beds Have Outstanding Durability

Metal is known for its unmatched durability, especially when paired with high-quality construction. This solid material can withstand movement without breaking or becoming brittle over time. It can also hold heavier weights.

Some metal bed frames come with additional legs at the centre for increased support and to prevent early sagging.

Metal Beds are Versatile

Compared to other types of bed frames, metal beds are versatile and can be used to follow different designs. Metal beds can be moulded to create various details and painted to give you a wider range of finishes. No, metal beds aren't just for lovers of fairy-like, detailed headboard designs; they are also perfect for minimalists.

If you plan to update your bedroom's interior design, you can easily repaint or re-polish a metal bed and make it a lasting choice even when trends easily change.

Metal Bed Frames Have Unique Aesthetic Appeal

Metal beds, with their light design and versatile mouldings, add effortless elegance and luxury to any space. Compared to other materials that would require lots of work to be designed, metal is easier to work with. As a result, many furniture designers and manufacturers are able to introduce a variety of styles at a low cost. 

Metal Beds are Easy to Maintain

Wooden bed frames are more vulnerable to insect infestations and shrinking, especially when exposed to extreme weather changes. Fabric bed frames are also prone to staining and accumulating dust, especially when not regularly cleaned. Metal beds, on the other hand, significantly require less maintenance and are more resistant to staining and damage caused by heat and humidity.

Metal Beds are Unexpectedly Lightweight

You might think a metal bed frame is heavy and hard to lift and maneuver, but it is, in fact, incredibly light. Many metal beds are lighter than wooden beds on the market. This makes them easy to move when cleaning or decorating a room.

Disadvantages of Metal Bed Frames

Disadvantages of Metal Bed Frames

Some Metal Bed Frames May Have Poor Welding Quality

Although known for their durability, the stability of metal bed frames also depends on their welding quality, so it's important to carefully check the metal bed before purchasing. Inspect the joinery of the parts and the construction of the slats before buying the bed.

Low-Quality Metal Beds Can Be Loud

When the bed's quality is low, expect loud squeaking sounds every time you toss and turn on your metal bed frame. This can be a disadvantage for heavy people and light sleepers. To avoid nighttime disruption, look for a metal bed with high-quality joinery and well-chosen metal material. 

So, Is a Metal Bed Worth It?

So, Is a Metal Bed Worth It?

The answer is, "it depends." It can be the best bed frame if it suits your needs and style, but it may not be your ideal match. When shopping for the best bed frame in Singapore, make sure to check your lifestyle, space requirements, and style preferences. Of course, you should also take your budget into consideration. A metal bed has many advantages, especially for smaller spaces. Many metal varieties are loved for shared rooms since they are light enough to fit the space while giving the area the illusion of an additional footprint. Roommates also love metal bunk beds because of their sturdiness.

Metal bed frames are built to last, so if you think they are the best for your home, rest assured that you'll enjoy what you have invested!

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