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Maximise Your Home Office Space with these Storage Furniture Solutions - Megafurniture

Maximise Your Home Office Space with these Storage Furniture Solutions

Modern office spaces focus on functionality and simplicity. A well-organised office increases your productivity. Now that workspaces are shrinking, especially in your home office, where you have to fit all the essentials in one limited space, making the most of your limited space is essential. The key to maintaining an organised and conducive workspace is having the right storage solutions for your needs. Without proper storage solutions, your home office can be cluttered and stressful to be in. 

Make your home office functional and attractive. From cabinets to DIY storage, here are the storage solutions you need for a conducive home office.

The Basics of Organising the Home Office

The basics of organising the home office

  • Room layout

The key to properly organising your home office is to plan everything based on your floor space and room layout. When choosing an area in your home that you want to convert into a home office, make sure that it is free or somehow less trafficked to avoid distractions. Before buying all your home office furniture and equipment, be sure to measure your available space. Keyword: measure, not estimate. After getting the exact measurement of your area, you can plan your layout, considering your furniture, home office equipment, power plugs, windows, and lighting.

  • Home office furniture

Start with the major piece of furniture that will take up the majority of your office space, the office table, when designing your home office. Get a home office desk that can both fit your space and accommodate your needs. A suitable desk provides enough tabletop space for your computer screen, laptop, and workloads. Some office tables come with built-in storage units, which can help save space. Depending on your needs and preferences, you may choose from an ergonomic L-shaped office table, a standing table, or a more unconventional office table with a credenza. After positioning your office table, plan your office chair and storage.

  • Home office equipment & Home office size

When planning for your home office furniture, especially your storage, it is vital to consider the size and function of your essentials, like electronics and paper files. The size and design of your office furniture should accommodate these items while giving you a comfortable space to work in.

  • Other considerations

When designing your home office, don't forget to take note of your wall space and lighting. If you are working in a more compact area, it's imperative to utilise your walls for storage.


Mobile Pedestal

Mobile Pedestal

mobile pedestal is a popular choice when it comes to office storage, and for good reason. This compact storage unit provides ample space for your small to medium-sized office essentials and paper files. It can easily be tucked under the table and comes with casters for easy mobility.

Tall Pull-Out Filing Unit

Tall pull-out filing unit

If you need more than a compact unit for your office files, a tall and slim filing unit can help you save floor space while maximising your vertical space. Steel office filing units are ideal for paper files as they are less prone to termites. These filing units come with a central lock system to safely store your important items. 

Open Door Filing Unit

Open door filing unit

Need a spacious unit to store your files and office equipment? A spacious open-door filing unit provides ample space for medium-sized equipment and electronics. To keep smaller items in place, you may use storage boxes or mini-organisers.

Study Table with Built-In Storage

Study table with built-in storage

An efficient way to incorporate storage into your home office is by getting an office table with built-in storage.

An L-shaped office table with a mobile pedestal provides an ergonomic solution for your work and storage needs. You can use one part of the L shape for your office chair and the other for the pedestal.

To make the most of your vertical space, you can use a study table with pull-out drawers and a hutch. This gives you enough space for your files, equipment, and other office essentials. You can also use the hutch to display your favourite decorations. For small or converted home offices, an extendable office table is a champion for space-saving. The cabinet-looking furniture can be converted into a spacious office table. When not in use, you can move it back to make more room for traffic flow in your room. If you are looking for a complete home office table with pull-out and open-door cabinets, a display unit, and a CPU holder, try a divider office table. This hybrid office table helps you maximise your floor and vertical space while giving you a creative area to put your small to medium office items in place. Place your divider office table against the wall to create the illusion of a built-in. 

Floating Storage

Floating storage

If you are short on floor space, you could convert your empty wall into a storage space. Hang a small to medium filing cabinet on your wall where you can secure small and medium-sized office essentials. You can also create your own floating storage using wood.

Plastic Drawer Unit

Plastic drawer unit

Be creative when adding storage furniture to your home office. If you have a smaller budget, you can convert a plastic drawer into a filing unit. Although not as secure and sturdy as a steel cabinet, a plastic drawer is a good alternative for lighter office items.

Convert a Chest of Drawers

Convert a chest of drawers

The stylish chest of drawers isn't just for your bedroom. You can also use this versatile storage unit for your home office. A chest of drawers can work as a compact filing unit that is both spacious and stylish. You may choose a legged chest of drawers or a unit that lays flat on the floor based on your needs and design preference.

Create a Filing System

Create a filing system

For a small-scale home office, you can build a filing system on top of your table of filing units. This is to organise your pending files or those that you immediately need. Creating a filing unit can drastically reduce your paper clutter.

Not everyone has a big space to convert into a home office. With all the space restrictions and work requirements you have, it is important to choose the right furniture and equipment that will benefit you and make you more productive. It is also important to be creative and give your home office a touch of your personality to keep you inspired while doing your tasks. Think outside of the box to achieve a beautiful, organised, and conducive home office.

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