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8 Modern HDB Kitchen Design and Furniture Ideas - Megafurniture

8 Modern HDB Kitchen Design and Furniture Ideas

Modern HDB kitchen interior design highlights functional beauty. It does not use extravagant furniture or intricate design elements and colour palettes but focuses on well-curated furnishings and designs that are aesthetically pleasing and purposeful. Using clean lines, simple details, and a neutral colour palette set modern kitchen design apart. When integrated into your home, a modern kitchen design will seamlessly elevate the comfort and appeal of your flat.

Whether you want to level up your small area or section your open space, you can easily transform your kitchen into a modern one with these designs and kitchen furniture ideas.


#1 Enjoy an Open-Plan Kitchen with a Spacious Dining Table

Enjoy an open-plan kitchen with a spacious dining table

Modern HDB flats welcome an open-plan kitchen where you can prepare, dine, or entertain in the same area. Although it provides multiple benefits like space-saving and a better temperature during the summer, an open-plan or semi-open-plan kitchen is tricky to decorate, especially when you see many awkward spaces while sectioning it.

To create a more spacious open-plan kitchen, you can create a DIY partition with a dining table. A polished dining table with neutral colours and bespoke texture can create a faux built-in look for a cohesive open kitchen.


#2 Replace an Ornate Open Door Drawer with Sleek Cabinetry

Replace an ornate open door drawer with sleek cabinetry

Traditional cabinetry highlights the architectural richness, many patterns, and intricate designs, while modern and transitional kitchens feature clean designs with minimal details, flat panels, and simple hardware. You can opt for a more seamless look for kitchen cabinets with no handles. Modern kitchen cabinets include neutral colours, gloss finishes, chrome, and natural materials. Think about the mixture of painted cabinets, neutral palettes, marble tops, and natural wood textures incorporated into your modern kitchen. When choosing new cabinets for your kitchen, take note of your cooking style and the available appliances, especially the major ones. If you cook often and don't have much time to maintain your kitchen, opt for dark-coloured cabinets with asy-to-clean surfaces.


#3 Fill Your Kitchen with Modern Innovative Appliances

Fill your kitchen with modern innovative appliances

Your modern kitchen must be dominated by modern and multi-functional kitchen appliances. When buying appliances for your kitchen, you don't have to get everything under the sun that advertisements tell you to get. When you are tight on space and budget, focusing on the kitchen essentials you will use more often is good. Get the appliances that fit your lifestyle and your kitchen aesthetics. Do you need a large oven or a microwave oven? A stand mixer or a hand mixer? The choice depends on your lifestyle. If you host dinner gatherings frequently, it is good to get appliances catering to bigger occasions and more compact kitchen appliances for intimate family cooking.


#4 Utilise Your Vertical Space for Optimum Space-Saving

Utilise your vertical space for optimum space-saving

Working with a small kitchen area, keep in mind that choosing storage solutions to help you maximise your available space is essential. Vertical storage is a big advantage to a compact kitchen. Convert your awkward space into a storage nook with tall shelves or racks. You can also create a rack over the door or tiered shelves for your pantry supplies or lightweight utensils. You can hang some hooks on your walls for kitchen towels or cutting boards to make them part of your kitchen design. Tiered baskets also add charm to your modern kitchen.


#5 Use Sintered Stone Furniture for Longevity

Use sintered stone furniture for longevity

Since modern kitchen design is focused on minimal details, choose furniture with minimal design but striking appeal to get out of the monotony. Furniture pieces made of sintered stone are known for their luxurious look and durability. Sintered stone does not easily get scratched and is easy to maintain so it is perfect for your kitchen with its maintainable properties and bespoke appeal.
Additionally, to highlight the appeal of sintered stone furniture in your modern kitchen, surround it with equally luxurious chrome appliances, neutrally painted metal light fixtures, and accent decorations.


#6 Create a Cosy Peninsula with Upholstered Chairs

Create a cosy peninsula with upholstered chairs

Building a mini peninsula or bar unit is a great way to section an open-concept kitchen. A simple kitchen peninsula can create a visual distinction between your cooking and dining spaces. Also, your peninsula can be a low-profile breakfast counter or a more spacious dining corner. Depending on the height of your kitchen peninsula, you can add tall bar stools or minimalist upholstered dining chairs to complete a cosy dining section.


#7 Build a Modern Monochromatic Design

Build a modern monochromatic design

If you are a fan of more laid-back kitchen aesthetics, go for a monochromatic colour scheme with well-curated furniture and cohesive styling. Try a mixture of dark cabinetry on top of a lighter base wall paint to make your kitchen look spacious. Add the effortless appeal of your chrome appliances. To create a monochromatic kitchen, try glass panelling. This can be a frameless panel or a glass panel on top of a medium-height wall partition to hide your kitchen counter. Remember that creating a monochromatic kitchen design does not mean making a dull kitchen. You are free to add some elements that deviate from your colour scheme to add variation and excitement.


#8 Take Note of Your Backsplash

Take note of your backsplash

The key to an appealing modern kitchen is to keep it clean and uncluttered. But how can you keep it clean if you deal with grease every time you cook? The solution is your backsplash. Place your hob near a tiled backsplash, not on a separate kitchen island where the oil and odours spread everywhere, especially when you do not-so-light cooking. A tiled backsplash can help block grease and is easy to clean. A dark backsplash hides grease and smoke residue from heavy cooking. Another way to prevent greasy and smoky smells from spreading across your open-concept kitchen is to install a cooker hood. Spare your kitchen island for food preparation and light cooking.

Looking for modern kitchen furniture to complete your bespoke kitchen design? Check out Megafurniture’s extensive collection of luxurious and high-quality modern kitchen and dining room furniture.

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