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3 Helpful Ways to Clean a Marble Table - Megafurniture

3 Helpful Ways to Clean a Marble Table

Marble is the king of all materials that raised its standard regarding durability. Marble has always been on the top of Singaporeans' lists, whether for home renovation or improvement. It could last a lifetime—a good investment indeed. The marble table is everyone's favourite among all the furniture pieces. You could never go wrong with its classy yet minimalist design. But do you know how to clean a marble table to maintain its physical appearance as a long, luxurious piece of your home?

Here are three helpful on how to clean marble table top.

1. Start with a Dustmop or Soft Cloth

marble table cleaning

Before anything else, dusting your marble table is the best thing to do. Use a soft cloth to prevent scratches; microfiber is the best option. It's better to dust at least once a day before your tea because the dust buildup might be abrasive and could damage the marble table top.

2. Opt for the Best Marble Cleaning Solutions

marble table cleaning items

There are many commercial cleaning products on the market that are eye-catching, but not all of them are safe. Most of it has acid as an active component that could harm your marble table. It will start with a small, light mark that could go a long way. Use a few drops of organic liquid dishwashing detergent with warm water to prevent that from happening.

Knowledge about the natural cleaners for marble surfaces to maintain the glossiness of your marble table is a must if you want to retain its luxurious and scratchproof appearance.

3. How to Clean and Polish a Marble Table?

polishing marble table

Once your cleaning solution is ready, spray it with a soft cloth and wipe it gently in a circular motion. Ensure no stains are missed to maintain cleanliness, even when polishing marble furniture.

Additional Marble Maintenance Tips

  1. Use coasters to avoid stains, especially water rings. It is better to be prompt in preventing the cause of marble stains than to wrack your head over what and how you will do the cleaning if the stain is already there. 
  2. Always dust your marble table top every day to prevent dust build-up. It might be a problem in the future, especially if only some in your home are aware of the danger of it. If done incorrectly, you wouldn't want someone to accidentally wipe it with a wet cloth without dusting first, as this could result in scratches.
  3. DIY marble table care is everywhere on the internet, but not all are safe. Avoid using vinegar and lemon for their acidic ingredients, which could harm the stone. 

Final Thoughts

As you wrap your marble table in these acts of care, consider it a cherished companion in your home story. Each wipe, each polish, is like a shared moment, a promise to preserve its beauty. In these simple routines, you're not just maintaining furniture but nurturing a connection with a timeless piece that's witnessed your everyday story.

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