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Interior Design Singapore Trends for 2024: What’s In and Out? - Megafurniture

Interior Design Singapore Trends for 2024: What’s In and Out?

In the dynamic world of interior design in Singapore, forecasting trends yearly has become an exciting practice for enthusiasts. And Singaporeans are no exception because we are known for our forward-thinking and modernity. 

Given this practice, we at Megafurniture have crafted a forecast for 2024 Interior Design Singapore trends. We’ve pinpointed some upcoming trends that could guide our Singapore homeowners in renovating, designing, and sprucing up their flats next year.

And what have we curated so far? Here’s a snapshot:

Textures, depths, and personalities could be our love languages for local interior design companies next year. They speak of uniqueness and boldness. Reflecting on Singapore’s cultural tapestry (we are a melting pot of cultures, right?), we are optimistic that these trends will resonate with everyone. 

As we explore the interior design Singapore trends for 2024, let’s unveil what’s in and what’s out.  

What’s In: Two Thumbs Up for Scandinavian Interior Design Singapore With a Twist

What’s Out: Excessive Minimalism and Strict Colour Palette

Scandinavian Interior Design Singapore With a Twist

To our Scandinavian enthusiasts in Singapore:


Scandinavian interior design in Singapore is expected to shift towards playfulness in 2024 with textures and bold accents. Don’t worry; you can still maintain the design’s core principles of simplicity, minimalism, and functionality even with these added accents, as long as you can make these elements blend seamlessly into your homes.

The following are the elements you can add to your Scandinavian Interior Style:

  • Incorporate bold colours like deep blue or forest green into your interior to add depth and character to your Nordic-inspired space. 
  • You may also add warm lighting or handcrafted details. 

This new trend is a fun and exciting fresh start for Singaporeans who want to embrace modern and trendy Nordic interiors in their HDBs, Condos, or landed properties.


So, can we have a Nordic living room with some rattans and all things fun? Why not 2024?

What’s In: Wabi-Sabi Will Remain an Interior Design Singapore Trend With More Curves and Irregular-Shaped Elements

What’s Out: Geometric Shapes with Sharp Edges

Wabi-Sabi Interior Design Singapore

Some of us may still have an eye for imperfection in 2024. That unrefined and organic furniture and decor, rough textiles with smooth ceramics, earthy neutral palettes, and effortless authenticity all tell a story and add character to our spaces. 

Here’s the good news. According to interior design experts, these are still a “go”, with some thoughtful details that we need to note: 

Out with the geometric shapes with sharp edges! 

Interior design Singapore for wabi-sabi for 2024 is all about the following details:

  • Curves and irregular-shaped patterns. 
  •  Textural contrast with lots of layering! 

These new wabi-sabi concepts will give our senses the ultimate experience while celebrating imperfections and varieties. It will continue emphasising natural elements, sustainable practices, and artisanal craftsmanship.

What’s In: Farm House Vibe With A Shabby Chic Charm

What’s Out: Too Much Rusticity and Out with The Matchy Decor

Farm House Vibe Interior Design Singapore

We all love the rustic ambience farmhouse interior designs bring into our space: those exposed wood beams, vintage rustic decor, and some matchy furniture sets. 

So, what’s the farmhouse interior design Singapore trend in 2024

For next year, we lean towards a more modern, less thematic, with a personalised and fresher look and a little rustic appeal. Take note of the following twists that will be a boon in the farmhouse interior design Singapore next year:

  • Avoid being too rustic with your farmhouse interior design.
  • Sprinkle some cosy, charming and romantic feel. 
  • Distressed and vintage furniture are still in, but blend it with soft palettes like muted pastels, creamy whites and light greys.
  •  Add layered accessories like throw pillows, blankets, and area rugs. 

Remember to create variations in your decor and other interior elements because we dread having matching tablecloths and sofa covers next year.


What’s In: Chocolate Brown Colour and Warm Neutrals Will Be A Buzzword in the Interior Design Singapore Landscape

What’s Out: All White and Grey Interiors

Chocolate Brown Colour and Warm Neutrals For Interior Design Singapore

TikTok, Instagram, and Pinterest have made the white and grey interior popular for years. They can be calming, eye-soothing, and a perfect canvas for whatever we want to add to our spaces to complement it. That’s what white and grey in the interior design Singapore scene is about. 

But why are they out of our list? 

We want to embrace boldness this time. Next year’s colour trend is about getting jiggy with chocolate brown. This colour can be used as a statement colour for walls, furniture, or accent pieces because it's inviting and cosy. It also adds a tinge of excitement to your space. 

How can you make it blend seamlessly into your homes?

  • Pair it with some pop of colours, such as muted greens, cobalt blues or burnt orange. 

When thoughtfully added, these colours can transform your HDB flat or condo unit from boring to exciting!


What’s In: Fluted Cabinets and Details

What’s Out: High Gloss and Ultra-Smooth Finishes

Fluted Cabinets and Details Interior Design Singapore Trend

2024 Interior Design Singapore will be about depth, texture, and tactile concepts. This will make the fluted details in kitchen islands, bathroom vanities, or living room furniture the most sought-after interior design trend. Who would not want to have some eye candy in their homes?

We all know that when discussing fluted, we consider wood a classic choice. But we could use metal, glass, or composite materials this time to make it look even more trendy. These materials can add a modern twist to the classic fluted design.  

So, move over plain, dull, high gloss, and ultra-smooth cabinet finishes because interior design Singapore 2024 is all about twist, twist, and a lot more!

What’s In: Bespoke Interior Features and Elements

What’s Out: Cookie-Cutter Interiors


Bespoke Interior Design Singapore Features and Elements


Let’s move away from the generic, dull, and run-the-mill features, folks. The overuse of popular motifs, standard furniture sets, one-size-fits-all layouts, minimalism without personality, and generic wall art and decors, let’s throw them out this 2024 because why not?

Instead, let’s pave the way to the following concepts:

  • custom-made furniture
  • handcrafted decors
  • cultural and heritage elements 
  • unique colour schemes. 

Thoughtfully curated and personalised elements that reflect the homeowners' unique personalities and lifestyles will soon be the buzzword among Singapore interior designers and companies.

So, If you still have the Peranakan trinkets you bought from Malaysia or batik table runners from Batam last year, put them out on display. Next year, let’s embrace individualism and personal expression in our homes.

What’s In: More Defined Spaces

What’s Out: Say Goodbye To Open-Plan Layout

More Defined Spaces Interior Design Singapore


We know why you opted for an open-plan layout in the first place. Enhanced social interactions, increased natural lights, and flexible spaces. Yes, they are valid, mainly if you have very limited living spaces, especially in Singapore. But this go-to interior design trend in Singapore might decline in popularity in 2024.  


The need for privacy will be much-valued, especially with the increase in remote work and home-based activities among Singaporeans. There is also a growing interest in incorporating diversity in the style within the local household. We could have Scandinavian for our living room and a wabi-sabi twist in our dining area. Or even the farmhouse chic vibe in our kitchen. And how can we achieve this? Zoning, zoning, and zoning. 

So, prepare to invest in bookshelves, dividers, area rugs, sectional sofas, and whatever else that could help transform our spaces into multi-functional areas soon. 


What’s In: The Timeless Herringbone Pattern

What’s Out: Basic Patterns 

The Timeless Herringbone Pattern-Interior Design Singapore

Interior Design Singapore for 2024 brings in more visual interests. Basic horizontal or vertical patterns will be sidestepped with zigzag designs on floorings, backsplashes, walls, and textiles. We are referring to herringbone patterns here. 

Herringbone patterns are characterised by rectangular pieces, such as tiles and wood blocks, arranged in zigzag and angled at 45 degrees to make it look like a broken zigzag resembling fish bones. 

What makes herringbone a timeless interior design concept?

It adds a touch of elegance, dimension, and depth to a space and blends well with both modern and traditional interior design styles. 

If this pattern is used on flooring, it can create an illusion of a broader or longer room. And if used as a wall accent, it can become the room’s focal point. This idea can be an interior design breakthrough for your flats.

Interior Design Trends in Singagpore: Other Interior Design Singapore Trends That Will Be Off-the Shelves

Modern living room design-Interior Design Singapore
  • Eye-popping shades or bright colours like neon orange and bright reds
  • Harder, cheerful, and cheap-looking interior decors and accessories
  • Very rustic themes like cottage-core and retrograde interior styles like neo-classics
  • Too much minimalism without character
  • Open shelving in kitchens

Take Note. This list of in-and-out trends is just here to guide you. The most crucial aspect of interior design is creating a space that resonates with your personality, lifestyle and uniqueness. You must still balance what’s trendy with what’s timeless and personal. Like the renowned interior designer Billy Baldwin says: “Be faithful to your taste because nothing you like is ever out of style.”

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