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5 Steps on How to Communicate Your Dream Mattress to Santa - Megafurniture

5 Steps on How to Communicate Your Dream Mattress to Santa

Christmas is around the corner, and it's the season to be cosy! As the twinkling lights adorn homes and the scent of gingerbread fills the air, we cannot help but think about the present we’ll unwrap this coming holiday season.

Have you decided yet what kind of gift to ask for from your secret Santa? If you need help, let us give you a clue. As the cold breeze of December sets in, laziness comes. And guess who becomes laziness's ultimate sidekick? A mattress!

If you worry whether Santa is generous enough to get you a new mattress, let us guide you step-by-step on crafting the perfect letter to your Santa. So, grab a cup of hot chocolate, snuggle in your favourite blanket, ready your Christmas sock, and let’s pen the letter to Santa to bring us the mattress of our dreams to experience the magic of a restful night’s sleep this holiday season with a new mattress.

Step 1: Begin Your Letter with a Cheerful Greeting to Santa

Begin Your Letter with a Cheerful Greeting to Santa

There’s a certain joy in the simplicity of a cheerful greeting. And, of course, we want Santa to find our letter exciting and worth giving upon opening it, won't we? So, start your letter to Santa with a warm salutation that captures the essence of his favourite season, Christmas. You may begin with the classic "Dear Santa" or opt for a more enthusiastic greeting, "Ho, Ho, Ho, Santa!" or a creative "Greetings from [Your Name] at the North Pole," 

Important reminder: Let your greeting reflect your excitement in writing a letter to Santa.

Step 2: Reflect on the Past Magic

Reflect on the Past Magic

After you decide on your greeting, don't spill your Christmas wish yet!

Santa has been making his list and checking it twice, and you found some wonderful surprises under the tree last Christmas season. Take a moment to express your heartfelt thanks for the thoughtful gift your Santa has given you, and as you feel the magic and generosity of the holiday season, share unforgettable memories of the joy Santa's presents have brought to your holidays.

Step 2: Recognise Santa’s Gift-Giving Expertise

Recognise Santa’s Gift-Giving Expertise

Santa, the maestro of merriment, holds a Ph.D. in Giftology with a specialisation in spreading smiles and creating unforgettable moments… oops! Seems that we just spill Santa's secret degree. But the point is to playfully recognise your Santa's legendary gift-giving skills, which may include a touch of humor or whimsy, highlighting the unique charm of Santa's presents.

Step 3: Describe Your Dream Bed

Describe Your Dream Bed

Here comes our most awaited part! Asking your Santa for your dream gift: a new mattress. For sure, Santa’s workshop is a busy place, so help him out by providing specific details about your dream bed. Start by setting the stage for your dream bed and share a moment of inspiration or the desire that sparked your imagination for the perfect mattress. 

For sure, Santa wouldn't mind if you educate him a bit about mattresses, so to make sure that you get the perfect bed you want from him, here's the checklist of things that you might consider for a new mattress:

Size of the Mattress

Describe the bed size you envision and consider how it fits your space and preferences. Be specific about whether you prefer a cosy and fairytale allure of a single bed or the royalty embrace of a queen-size bed.

For reference, here are the available mattress sizes in Singapore:

  • Single Size (91 cm x 190 cm or 36 inches x 75 inches)
  • Super Single Size (107 cm x 190 cm or 42 inches x 75 inches)
  • Queen Size (152 cm x 190 cm or 60 inches x 75 inches)
  • King Size (182 cm x 190 cm or 72 inches x 75 inches)

Type of the Mattress

If you're now comfortable enough to convey your dream bed with Santa, be clear about the type of mattress you want to receive for a joyful, restful night's sleep. Check out which of the following you envision that invites you to sink into a cloud-like haven bed.

  • Memory foam mattress, the kind that molds to the curves of your body, creating a cocoon of comfort.
  • Innerspring mattress that has coil systems within, which combines optimal support, comfort, and durability.
  •  Latex mattress crafted from natural, synthetic latex materials offers a responsive and resilient sleep surface known for its hypoallergenic properties.
  • A hybrid mattress that blends the best of both worlds, combining the support of innerspring coils with the plush comfort of memory foam or latex layers for a balanced and luxurious sleep experience.

Firmness Level of the Mattress

Don't forget to be specific with the mattress firmness you'd like to receive.

  • Very soft mattress that offers a cloud-like comfort that makes every night feel like a holiday retreat.
  • Soft mattress that provides a gentle and inviting sleep surface, perfect if you prefer a plush and cosy feel during the festive season.
  • Medium-firm mattress if you want to experience the ideal balance of support and comfort.
  • Extra-firm mattress that offers a reliable foundation for a peaceful and undisturbed sleep throughout the Christmas festivities.
  • Very hard mattress that provides a solid and resilient sleep surface that ensures restorative rest.

Step 4: Explain Why Your Dream Bed Matters

Explain Why Your Dream Bed Matters

To convince your Santa more, you must kindly stand your ground and prove to Santa that this dream bed of yours is not just a mere gift; it's about recognising the important impact it can have on your well-being, especially on the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season.

Quality sleep is the cornerstone of a vibrant and joyful life, and your dream bed isn’t just a piece of furniture; it’s a prescription for happiness to enjoy the cold breeze of the Christmas season. Imagine waking up every morning feeling rejuvenated and ready to conquer the day. It's the secret ingredient and a healthier way to celebrate the joyous season of the year.

Step 5: Express Your Excitement in Receiving Gift from Santa

Express Your Excitement in Receiving Gift from Santa

Imagine the twinkle in Santa’s eye as he reads your heartfelt request for that dream bed you’ve been yearning for. Let Santa feel the joy that your dream bed will bring, so in your letter, you should also express the emotions tied to your dream bed, and your enthusiasm must jump off the page, making it impossible for Santa to resist making your dream bed dreams come true.

Lastly, don't forget the magic of a trip to the memory lane. Remember the thrill of crafting that perfect wish list detailing every item you longed for? Let those nostalgic moments inspire your communication with Santa about your dream bed, and share snippets of those cherished memories, connecting the magic of the past to the excitement of the present, reflecting the timeless joy associated with receiving a dream gift.



Mattress for Christmas

The best secret is how to communicate your dream bed to your Santa? Encourage Santa to imagine the joy on your face as you unwrap the mattress of your dreams. Paint a vivid picture with your words, creating a scene that captures the essence of the excitement you envision during a joyous holiday season. 

After you express your “Thank You” to your Santa, perhaps you want to be Santa’s angel and help him find the perfect bed of your dreams by clicking here. 😉

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