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Importance and Benefits of a Good Pillow - Megafurniture

Importance and Benefits of a Good Pillow

One of the secrets to a happy and healthy life is getting enough sleep.

Sleep allows your body to repair and rejuvenate itself so that it can function properly when you awaken. Lack of proper sleep can impair your abilities and affect your mental functions. Moreover, the quality of your sleep can greatly influence your mood.

Ultimately, adults need at least seven to nine hours of sleep. Younger people will need more hours of rest, but these sleep cycles are greatly affected by many factors, like distractions and sleep-related issues that cause sleep deprivation.

Your sleep environment can also affect your night’s rest. Aside from getting the right mattress, the right pillow choice will make a big difference in the quality of your sleep. The ideal pillow supports the neutral alignment of your spine when you sleep. This helps in preventing or alleviating back, shoulder, and neck pain by relieving pressure from your upper body when you lie down on the mattress.

When finding the ideal pillow for your sleep, it’s crucial to find one that fits your sleeping position, your unique body shape, and your comfort preferences.

Benefits of a Good Pillow

Your Pillow Choice is Crucial for Addressing Spine Issues

Your Pillow Choice is Crucial in Addressing Spine Issues

The right pillow support promotes proper spine alignment when lying down, which helps it rest properly. This structural support relieves pressure on the spine and aids in the restoration of the body from the physical and postural pressures it faces throughout the day.

Aside from finding the proper pillow size and firmness, adding some specialty pillows to your sleep essentials can help you address more specific issues, resulting in better sleep. There are various orthopaedic and contour pillows that specialise in targeting pressure points during sleep. These provide the right support and body contour for the sleeper.

Sleeping on a Pillow Feels Comfortable

Sleeping on a Pillow Feels Comfortable

If you have the right pillow that fits your sleeping needs and preferences, you will experience the best night’s comfort that will make you feel supported and well-rested. 

Pillows vary in terms of sizes, firmness, and comfort properties. Depending on your needs and mattress size, you may choose from a standard pillow size to a bigger king-sized pillow. While the best size depends on your comfort preferences, we highly recommend getting a bigger pillow if you are a restless sleeper. 

In terms of firmness, various factors like your sleeping position and your comfort preference come into play.

Generally, back sleepers benefit from thinner or flatter pillows that allow their spine to stay in a neutral position without straining. Side sleepers require proper head, neck, and shoulder support to prevent the pressure from building up to the heaviest part of the body when lying down. Firmer or loftier pillows can fill the distance between the shoulder and the neck to keep the sleeper comfortable.

Adding an extra pillow or bolster between the thighs can help a side sleeper maintain proper sleep posture. Stomach sleepers, on the other hand, may also need a thinner pillow that can keep them comfortable without putting too much pressure on their neck. Using a cosy pillow under the stomach can prevent lower back pain.

The Right Pillow Improves Weight Distribution

The Right Pillow Improves Weight Distribution

When sleeping on the back, it’s important to keep a neutral spine alignment to prevent spinal strains. When resting on the side, the pressure transfers to the shoulders and hips, causing them to be sore in the morning. Stomach sleeping can sink the stomach, which can cause lower back pain. You can prevent these issues if you have the right mattress firmness and adequate pillow support. The combination of these promotes proper weight distribution and blood flow.

A Quality Pillow for a Healthier Skin

A Quality Pillow Can Help in Improving Your Skin

Aside from sleep being a vital solution to maintaining healthier skin, quality pillows with anti-bacterial, anti-dust mite, and hypoallergenic properties help maintain a healthy environment to prevent skin problems and allergic reactions when you come into contact with your pillow. 

To maintain the best condition of your pillows, make sure to clean your pillows, pillowcases, pillow protectors, and other bedding accessories regularly. 

A Good Pillow Promotes Healthy Sleep

A Good Pillow Promotes Healthy Sleep

Notice how an old pillow feels uncomfortable compared to a new sleep solution? A new pillow elevates your sleep quality by giving you proper comfort and sleep satisfaction. Adding extra pillows to other parts of your body can also significantly increase your comfort during sleep.

Investing in a good pillow allows you to choose the right surface that can support your needs when you lie down while promoting your body’s best condition once you wake up. It might be a simple solution, but a quality pillow can make a huge difference in your health.

A Pillow Can Balance the Firmness of Your Mattress

A Pillow Can Balance the Firmness of Your Mattress

As a general rule, your pillow and mattress should have opposing firmness levels to maintain a balanced sleep surface. If your mattress is firm, for example, your pillow should be soft enough to keep you comfortable.

If you are a side sleeper who uses a soft mattress, your pillow should be firm enough to prevent your head and shoulders from sinking.

The right pillow and mattress combination can support your intricate body structure while balancing your comfort. 

The Right Pillow Supports Your Health

The Right Pillow Supports Your Health

Sleep is vital to maintaining your physical and mental health. Achieving a healthy sleep pattern can improve your physical health and keep your mind well-rested. In short, a well-rested body promotes a positive mood in the morning. This also ensures a healthy mind and memory.

Get Your Best Pillow

Get Your Best Pillow

You deserve a healthy night’s rest. If your current pillow is hindering you from getting a better night's sleep, it’s time to look for a better sleep surface that can give you what your body needs. 

Megafurniture presents a wide variety of premium pillows and bolsters in Singapore. Made from various quality materials, our standard and specialty pillows are carefully designed to suit different sleeping needs and comfort preferences.

Check out our online pillow collection to find what works best for you.

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