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Why Coffee Tables Are Essential Furniture For A Living Room - Megafurniture

Why Coffee Tables Are Essential Furniture For A Living Room

The living area is usually the first space that greets family members and guests alike, and where most of the family bonding activities and hosting take place. With the purposes it serves, it is only right for it to be furnished as well as possible. This is why aside from key home furniture pieces such as sofas and armchairs, the coffee table is another vital piece of furniture in Singapore that should not be overlooked. In this article, we’ll share some reasons why a coffee table is an essential staple piece to have in every living room no matter the size.

It serves a variety of purposes

Home furniture in Singapore It serves a variety of purposes

The role of a coffee table can serve a variety of practical and aesthetic functions, from providing additional storage spaces, to being a decorative piece that brings the room’s look together. The coffee tables that lean toward the practical side, offer compartments for storage spaces for magazines, tv remotes, or drink coasters for instance; others deliver visual appeal, showcasing your design sensibilities. Whatever your preference is, there is sure to be one that will meet your needs.

Helps to convey your style

Another role that a coffee table can play is in allowing you to express your sense of style, making it a fine decorative element on its own. Coffee tables come in a variety of designs, materials and sizes to choose from. Picking the right one for your home can add pizzazz to your interior design and even alter the appearance of your living space. Glass coffee tables, for instance, are a popular choice for making living spaces seem bigger than they actually are, while a classic wooden coffee table can add a sense of ruggedness to your living room.

It is flexible to your needs

Home furniture in Singapore It is flexible to your needs

Each family comes with its unique set of needs. A young couple moving into their first home can enjoy more freedom when picking out their ideal coffee table. Families with young children on the other hand, will want to go with round, soft-edged tables that help to avoid injuries as children play around the home. Rectangular and square-shaped coffee tables provide more surface area for items during gatherings, making them suited for those who host friends and family frequently.

When buying a coffee table, take note that it is proportionate to the size of your sofa. As a good rule of thumb, the coffee table in your living room should be at least one-half the length of your sofa, without being longer than the sofa itself. The height of your coffee table should also be about even with the height of the sofa seat, give or take a few inches.


Coffee tables may be considered a small home furniture, but the uses it comes with has a huge impact on the overall function of your living room. Choosing the right one can help to provide visual balance while conveying your design sensibilities simultaneously. Therefore, it is crucial to think about selecting an ideal coffee table that suits the needs of your home.

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