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How to Identify the Best Furniture for Your Living Room - Megafurniture

How to Identify the Best Furniture for Your Living Room

The living room sets the overall mood of your home. An intimate space where family and friends convene over drinks and catch up, how your living room looks and feels is contingent on the furniture you use.

The crucial pieces that encompass a timeless living room? Seating, clever storage, table tops to put miscellaneous stuff and a place for your television. Every piece of furniture is imbued with specific characteristics or qualities that will determine if it aligns with the cohesive living room design.

For this reason, you want to buy furniture that brings comfort and style to the table.


Choose the right seating

As perhaps the most integral furniture for your home, a sofa should fit the space like a glove and be comfortable, stylish and durable. The sofa you select will ideally coordinate with the overarching theme of the room by enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of the space.

The sofa size and type matter too. Depending on the number of people you intend to sit on the sofa on a regular basis, the size of your sofa can range anywhere from a 1-seater to a 4-seater sofa or everything else in between. In an open plan living space, an L-shaped sofa instantly catches the eye and provides much-needed room to stretch out your legs and unwind.

If you fancy a more private and relaxed space within a quiet area, try having a recliner armchair in a cosy corner of your living room. This way, you can properly rest your whole body as you immerse yourself in some light reading or dedicate your undivided attention to work.

What happens if you are expecting guests and barely have enough sofa space to sit everyone? There are always equally effective seating solutions.

Bean bags are a comfortable yet cost-effective and space-saving alternative to traditional couches. They can easily be taken out when the need for additional seating arises before being stored away just as easily.

Ottomans are another way to maximise seating space. They are lightweight enough to be carried around and arranged such that you can sit together with family and friends. While ottomans mainly function as stools, they may double up as a comfortable footrest or coffee table. The right piece also enhances the visual appeal of your living space.

A functional home entertainment setup

A sleek television console to showcase your home theatre setup and game console can spruce up any living room. You want an entertainment unit that comes with ample drawer cabinets to hide those unsightly wires and cables as well as to store your remote controls and other electronic devices.

An ideal TV unit should place the television at a good height and angle such that you get a comfortable view of the screen from where you are seated.

Aside from functionality, TV units are available in a myriad of stylish designs. Intriguing forms can make a vivid visual impact on your living room by providing the space with the ideal finishing touch.

Complement your living room with a coffee table

Drinks, desserts, books, flowers, electronics and other bric-a-brac. Your trusty coffee table is often the centrepiece of a multi-purpose living room that is crucial for both form and function.

As coffee tables come in a range of shapes and sizes, you need to consider which styles interact best with your living room. For example, oval coffee tables are best suited for smaller rooms and make the room appear more spacious.

A coffee table must have other functions than simply looking good. To this end, you need to consider the purpose of the table. If you are looking for a coffee table that holds more than mere knick-knacks, consider one with extra shelves, cabinets or slots where you can store larger items like books and magazines.

Features like casters and wheels come in handy if you need to roll the table aside to create additional space. Depending on what you intend to use it for, some table surfaces can also be electronically adjusted for working or eating.

Given that the coffee table is the centre of the living room, it is not just a space to place magazines or remote controls, but a timeless piece that effortlessly highlights your sense of elegance and style.

Install storage and shelving

As the space that strikes the first and most enduring impression on your guests, a cluttered living room unarguably makes for an unimpressive home atmosphere.

Living room storage should ideally provide both open-plan spaces and drawers to boast your books, picture frames, trophies and other decorative items, while concealing the things you do not wish to display. Bookshelves are a perfect storage solution to showcase what you have.

Incorporating a display bookshelf can help maximise empty wall spaces in a functional manner. This way, you can beautify your living room interior by displaying your collection of unique and beautiful ornaments, and also put the unsightly clutter away in an orderly fashion.

Where you place your shoes can also distract from the collective appeal of your home, especially if the entrance to the house where people leave their shoes is visible from your living room.

Good shoe storage solutions will help to neaten up your walkway. If space is a concern, opt for a narrow shoe cabinet or rack that utilises the vertical space whilst still minimising clutter and allowing for easy access to your shoes.

A slimline shoe rack features multiple compartments to provide ample shoes space for the entire family. To promote space efficiency, the cabinet should flush against the wall to avoid taking up any unnecessary space.

The perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality not only work as a successful home storage solution to declutter your living space and amplify the overall finish of your home, but also contribute in terms of ease and comfort of use. Whenever you are in a hurry, you just need to open the cabinet and grab the pair of shoes that best matches your outfit!


Do not be afraid to mix and match your existing furniture with new ones. Choose designs that will complement your style and your needs. Keep your space clean and conducive. Beautifying your living room space doesn't have to be too complicated and expensive. Browse through Mega Furniture's online catalog for more tips and products!

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