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Ways to Create a Home Office Anywhere in Your Home - Megafurniture

Ways to Create a Home Office Anywhere in Your Home

It can be very challenging to reduce distractions and make your space as conducive as possible when working at home. The kids running around, the television playing in the background, the comfort of your bed, and the chores waiting for you to do can keep you from focusing on your work tasks. 

Having a specific home office can help you pick up your pace and focus again.

Not everyone has the luxury of setting up a dedicated space for their home office. But even if you're converting a small nook in your bedroom, living room, or kitchen to fit your workspace, there's no need to have a boring work-from-home setup. 

With remote work being the norm during the pandemic, having an inspiring home office is important to keeping you comfortable and igniting your creativity. Read on to pick up some inspiring home office setups you can do anywhere in your home.

Before you formulate your interior design check out these important pieces of furniture and equipment for a professional environment:

    How to Create a Home Office in Your Kitchen

    How to Create a Home Office in Your Kitchen

    Families and guests usually gather in the kitchen to share meals and conversations. But after eating and chatting for some time, this spot in your home is often left empty once we spread out to different corners of the house. The kitchen offers plenty of space, like the kitchen counter or dining area, which we don't often use after cooking and eating meals. If you work on a flexible schedule and don't need to stay long in one place to do your tasks, your kitchen can be a spacious solution to setting up your work area.

    Since your kitchen automatically comes with a dining table and chairs, all you need for your kitchen home office is a desk pad and a filing unit for your essentials to bring in and out of the area. Since the kitchen works as a mobile home office, it's vital to double-check how you organise your files to ensure you leave nothing in your kitchen once it's time to pack up after work.


    How to Create a Home Office in Your Living Room

    How to Create a Home Office in Your Living Room

    While building a workspace near your television is challenging, the living room offers plenty of space and nooks to create your home office.

    You need a slim desk for your laptop or an extra chair for a living room office. A standing desk will give you an ergonomic option where you can sit or stand while working. To set up a temporary work area, place a C-table with an ample work surface in front of your sofa. An L-shaped sofa with a power plug can make this setup more efficient. Remember to turn your television off to reduce distractions.

    How to Create a Home Office in Your Bedroom

    How to Create a Home Office in Your Bedroom

    While the bedroom is not ideal for a home office because of how comfortable it can get and how it can compromise your rest time, when you are short on square footage, your bedroom can still be turned into an efficient home office where you get private space to carry out your tasks.

    Among the rooms in your home, the bedroom is where you can build a dedicated area to work, especially when working full-time. To transform this room into a work area, place an office table in an empty corner of your room, along with an ergonomic chair. It's also good to have a storage unit dedicated solely to your office essentials. You may also choose a desk with built-in storage to save space.

    How to Convert a Spare Room into a Home Office

    How to Convert a Spare Room into a Home Office

    If you have a spare room in your flat that you can turn into a home office, you are lucky! Utilise this space by investing in a spacious office desk that will fit your spare room to make yourself more comfortable working at home.

    Love a corner office? Set up a proper workstation to give you privacy and enough space to focus inside your dedicated area. You can choose from an L-shaped desk with a double work surface, a desk with a hutch for extra storage, or a standing desk for a more ergonomic solution. Also, choose a suitable ergonomic chair to give you proper lumbar support.


    How to Create a Home Office on Other Parts of Your Flat

    How to Create a Home Office on Other Parts of Your Flat

    Aside from your main rooms, you can also create a home office in unexpected areas of your home. Examine your space and look for potential areas where you can enjoy your personal space and privacy when working. Here are some places to create your temporary home office during the day.

    Couple Co-working Desk Setup

    If both you and your partner work at home, you may want to take advantage of your available space by positioning two office desks next to each other. This arrangement will give you a sense of belonging, like working in a collaborative setup in a traditional office. When designing a co-working home office, it's still important to make two well-defined areas so you can stay focused while working.

    Mobile Standing Desk Setup

    Don't have enough space for your work area? A standing desk can help you create a home office anywhere in your home. With this, you can choose any convenient position you want to work in. Working at a standing desk will keep you alert, promoting a healthier work routine than sitting all day. One consideration when going mobile is to find a corner where you can reduce distractions.

    Carve Out a Nook

    Is there an awkward space in your home? Take advantage of areas where people in your home go less often, like an unused corner in your living room or an awkward nook without an existing purpose. Position a desk and a chair, and use your vertical space by installing hanging shelves for your office essentials.

    Designing a home office within your limited space might be challenging, especially if you only have a temporary spot to work in daily. You can start with simple modifications of your available space until you have enough area to set up a workspace with a table and a chair that is meant to be sat on for a longer time. Don't forget to give your home office some personal touches to make it an inspiring area you'd love to work in throughout the day.

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