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Tips for a Cool Sleep in Summer - Megafurniture

Tips for a Cool Sleep in Summer

For someone who lives in a hot place like Singapore, we can say sleeping on a sweaty and uncomfortable bed is not a new scenario.

While it's fun to go outside and enjoy the summer heat, having a shut-eye is more challenging during hotter seasons. If you keep on tossing and turning at night and can't seem to find a conducive position to snooze because it's too hot, it's time to make your room summer-proof.

Did you know that both your body heat and your surrounding's temperature affect the quality of your sleep? Read on to find out how you can improve the quality of your sleep amidst the summer heat.


Good to Know

Your body temperature changes during sleep. This affects how fast you fall asleep and how well you sleep. When you try to snooze, your body temperature drops from light sleep to deeper sleep. Generally, your body temperature drops 1 to 2 degrees when you fall into slumber. This process helps your body rest and stay rested. If your body temperature is high before you go to bed, sleeping after exercise, for example, you will have a hard time falling into slumber since your body senses a daytime temperature.

It's good to help yourself cool down before you sleep. It's also important to keep your surroundings cool enough to help you fall asleep faster. Here are some ways you can help yourself and your room cool down for a better night's rest.


How to Sleep Well When the Weather is Hot

Open Your Windows

Tips for a Cool Sleep in Summer - Open your Windows

Opening your windows might be a very simple way (not even a trick) to reduce the heat of your room at night, but doing so will make a big difference. During hot nights, you will notice that the air outside your room is cooler than what's inside. Take advantage of the natural breeze and let it enter your room. 

If you're using a box fan that blows hot air into your room, try positioning it toward your window. You may also set your fan near the window so it will blow cooler air from the outside into your room. The fresh air from the outside will somehow help improve the airflow inside, preventing your room from feeling stuffy. If you can’t afford an air conditioner, a good solution to cool your room down is a ceiling fan with a counterclockwise rotation feature to pull the hot air up instead of circulating it inside your room.

Another great tip is to place a bowl of ice cubes in front of your fan, so it will blow cooler air.

Hydrate Before Going to Bed

Tips for a Cool Sleep in Summer - Hydrate Before Going to Bed

As mentioned earlier, your body temperature affects the quality of your sleep. Drinking a glass of cold water before you go to sleep will help lower your body's temperature. Hydrating will also help you regain the fluids you lost during the hot day. But be sure not to overdrink water because you might end up in the comfort room longer than the hours you sleep.

Take a Warm Shower Before Going to Bed

Tips for a Cool Sleep in Summer - Take a Warm Shower Before Going to Bed

It's important to maintain good blood flow to achieve a goodnight's rest. Taking a warm shower before sleeping will improve your blood flow and lower your body temperature to a more comfortable level.

Turn Off Your Lights

Tips for a Cool Sleep in Summer - Turn Off Your Lights

Gadgets and light sources generate heat. If you keep the lights on, you'll experience a warmer environment, which might affect the quality of your sleep. Take advantage of the natural light during hotter days and keep minimal lighting like a lamp or candle at night to lessen the heat emitted by your general light sources.

Turn Off Your Electronics Too

Tips for a Cool Sleep in Summer - Turn Off Your Electronics

The same as your bulbs, electronics like your television and smartphone emit heat. It's good to turn off your television and put your smartphone away at least an hour before you go to sleep to make your room a more conducive place for a night's rest.

Keep Your Mattress Low

Tips for a Cool Sleep in Summer - Keep Your Mattress Low

Warm air goes up, and cool air goes down. When the temperature increases, you may try getting your mattress out of your bed frame and placing it on the floor.

Wear Loose Nightwear

Tips for a Cool Sleep in Summer - Wear Loose Nightwear

Wearing loose nightwear or pajamas will keep you more comfortable on hotter days. Loose clothes will help your body feel ventilated. A better solution is to choose cotton clothes for more breathability and to absorb sweat. 

Choose Cotton Bedding

Tips for a Cool Sleep in Summer - Choose Cotton Beddings

Cotton is a breathable fabric that absorbs sweat, helping your body receive more air. Choosing breathable cotton will make a big difference in improving your sleep quality by keeping you cool.

Aside from cotton, linen, lyocell, and bamboo bedding accessories are also notably comfortable. Bedding with TENCEL™ Lyocell fibres are highly breathable and efficient for a more relaxed sleep. 

Upgrade Your Mattress

Tips for a Cool Sleep in Summer - Upgrade Your Mattress

If you've been having sweaty and restless nights, it's time to reevaluate your mattress. Mattress materials like polyfoam and memory foam trap your natural body heat to contour your pressure points when you lie down. This gives you the feeling of being stuck while keeping you warm, which is not ideal during hotter seasons. When buying a cooler mattress, consider latexpocketed spring, and coconut fibre mattresses which are more breathable solutions for a bouncy and relaxing night's sleep.

Other mattresses have specialised cooling effects, like those with gel properties.

Upgrade Your Pillows

Tips for a Cool Sleep in Summer - Upgrade Your Pillows

Like your mattress and bedding, having breathable pillows and bolsters will also significantly improve your sleep quality, especially when the temperature increases. Latex and cotton pillows do not trap heat, thus providing better airflow during sleep. Pillows with open-cell structures are cooler for sleep.

A simple tip to keep your pillow cool is to flip it over when it gets warmer. Although this is not a long-term solution like buying a new pillow, flipping your pillow and bedding will help you improve the temperature of your surroundings.

Invest in an Air Cooling System

Tips for a Cool Sleep in Summer - Invest in an Air Cooling System

This is the most expensive option, but it will keep your room cool even on hotter days in the long run. If you have the means, it's good to invest in an efficient air conditioner or air cooler. 

While there are tons of causes of sleep deprivation, it's crucial to make your room a friendly place to rest and sleep. We hope the tips above will help you improve your bedroom and turn it into a sleep oasis.

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